Cosmicvent Software: Focused on Delivering Great Web Applications and Developing New Products

Khaja Moinuddin: Cosmicvent Software
Khaja Moinuddin: Cosmicvent Software
Khaja Moinuddin: A Business Leader with an Ability to Take the Initiative

It’s a no-brainer that a website’s potency portrait by its representation, appearance, and in the manner how is it designed. In the same way, a website design and developing company is aspiring to create great web applications, web designs, web hosting, and a cost-effective web development services, all in one roof and that is Cosmicvent Software (

Cosmicvent Software, a premium Software development company, situated at Hyderabad is envision to provide exclusive web development services from Custom Software Application to software product testing globally. It is a full-service website development company, specializes in delivering web applications and developing new products. Cosmicvent services assure reliable hosting services, spectacular designs, responsive website, and empathy to clients through its highly cost-effective and client approachable services. This Hyderabad-based company has a team of highly qualified passionate developers who love their craft and having an experience of eight-plus years in this business.

The company’s specialty to develop custom web application has helped many business organizations in many different Industries. With their cost-effective and value-added services, the company gains the faith of their clients around the globe. Cosmicvent Software Pvt. Ltd. has branches in U.A.E, U.K, Kuwait, U.S.A, Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Zimbabwe, and Vijayawada.

In this exclusive interview with Trade Flock, Khaja Moinuddin, Business Development Manager at Cosmicvent Software has shared some thoughtful struggles, ideas behind the establishment of Cosmicvent and has also highlighted the effectiveness of web and graphic designs in this digital world.

Please state some words that describe your role, responsibilities as an entrepreneur.

I am here as a Business Development Manager exhibiting my passion towards becoming an effective and committed Project Manager. My responsibilities are focused towards guiding my team and achieving the vision and mission of the company. We are into website designing and development like the static website, dynamic website, responsive website, all e-commerce websites where you can sell and purchase products, as well as we, host sites safely. The company believes in quality work so, we create customer responsive designs, and then turn designs into something that fits in the browser or enhance the appearance of a site. My role is, of course, to behead the team and guide my team to provide customer satisfaction services and achieving the company’s objectives.

What do you attribute to success?

I could only attribute my success to the consequent ease that we deliver to our client and company. As I am a working leader, can manage teams of various size and fields, so currently we have over 150 sites under our belt and have successfully delivered around 2,200 websites in which there are like 1,900 static, dynamic and responsive websites and few of them are e-commerce websites and some custom application where you can make online payment instantly. Our structural and methodological way of working is our key to success.

If you had one piece of advice to someone to rank up individual suggested business what would it be?

As the industry is going always and I have always believed in going into the business which has a scope in future and as you all know there are no shortcuts to success, so working hard will be the key to success.

“Cosmicvent’s mission is to deliver the cost-effective client approachable services globally by improvising every given aspect of web marketing solutions.”

When did you commence the business?

Well according to our company we have chartered the business in 2009 and never look back. I am having five years of fruitful relationship with Cosmicvent since I joined in 2009. Form the past five years I am shaping my own creation and delivering my enthusiasm of becoming a committed Product Manager. I believe in building strong relationships with the clients and turning the proposal into reality.

Do you work globally, nationally or locally?

We proudly work globally, since it is an IT company so it doesn’t matter like from where you work. Cosmicvent has an experience over a decade in delivering website development services. Our developers work online like on the cloud so it doesn’t matter where you work. Working online helps in connecting with customers and in comforting customer’s choice while enhancing business. As Hyderabad is a kind of IT Hub so you can easily find various website solution services.

Vision and Mission

Primarily, the vision is to achieve the goal and drive the team by mentoring new methods, designs, and techniques and to provide good incentives to them as quality and innovative ideas always require time to trigger any business. The group of dynamic entrepreneurs with creative and innovative teams led the company forward on the path of success. The mission is to accomplish this vision and delivering cost-effective client approachable services globally by improvising every given aspect of web marketing solutions.

Why do consumers choose your product over the competition?

As Cosmicvent has experienced, and responsive team and is really dedicated to their work having a good experience from the last eight-plus years in building websites and web-based applications. Our dedicated developers build websites with responsive designs and dynamic content which can easily fit in any accessing windows. From the past 10 years, our company has successfully completed the number of projects for a variety of business organizations, industries, business domain, including e-commerce, web hosting, Analytics, e-learning and many more.

What makes a good website beautiful and what makes it efficient and fast?

Having an intense experience in website designing and development, we deliver best in class cost-effective designs to facilitate your sales. Quality work with 100% client satisfaction services creates a beautiful site that can maximize company’s potential. We are experts in building custom web applications and in delivering e-commerce and database driven projects. Coming to Hyderabad, our consequent events and distinctive methodology can challenge that no one can give such a quality website in our prize.

Entrepreneurial experience does the current team have?

Our current team has experience of eight-plus years and they are a kind of passionate developers who always love their craft. Their experience has led us to a deep understanding of what makes our services and projects successful. Cosmicvent has teams who are experts in their respective fields. Our best developers and designers ensure that the entire client requirements will be met on time and within budget.

Qualities to be look in an employee by Mr. Moinuddin

He/she should serve the company best and must look for client approachable solution. Ability to take risks, understand other team members strength, team building, must capable to overcome his weakness and sustaining power are some of the qualities that I look for an employee.

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