Rishi Chadha

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Driving Healthcare Advancements Through Laboratory Automation

Rishi Chadha

Country Manager,


Automation in laboratories is crucial now more than ever. This shift is essential for revolutionising healthcare services, aligning with the Indian government’s goal of ‘Health for all.’ Integrating automation in labs is key to closing healthcare accessibility gaps, especially in remote regions.
At the helm of this transformative landscape stands Rishi Chadha, country manager at Stago. With a wealth of experience in laboratory automation, Rishi champions the cause of operational excellence within Stago’s offerings and services. Recognising the critical role automation plays in overcoming the prevailing skill gap in laboratory testing, Rishi envisions a future where cutting-edge automated systems streamline operations and enhance patient care.
Central to Stago’s mission is the commitment to address the shortage of trained resources by developing intuitive systems infused with expertise. Rishi’s strategic vision emphasises the seamless transition of laboratories from manual techniques to user-friendly automated solutions. This not only echoes the government’s healthcare agenda but also ensures comprehensive healthcare coverage, even in the remotest corners of India.
Complementing Stago’s technological advancements, Rishi places immense value on robust educational programs. These initiatives, ranging from continuing medical education (CME) to practical manuals and podcasts, underline the pivotal role of welltrained personnel in optimising patient management, aligning perfectly with Stago’s overarching goals. Moreover, Rishi’s focus extends beyond technology; it encompasses fostering a network of dedicated and welltrained distribution partners across India. By meticulously selecting partners who share Stago’s values and vision, Rishi ensures the seamless delivery of excellence in customer service and support.
Establishing a training centre in Gurugram stands as a testament to Rishi’s commitment to empowering partners and users alike, ensuring that Stago’s mission of healthcare accessibility through automation remains steadfast and impactful. TradeFlock interviewed Rishi to learn more about his initiatives as an expert and at Stago. 

Could you share the most impactful milestones or achievements from your time at Diagast, Span HealthCare Pvt. Ltd., and Medicons Inc.?

Embarking on my journey at Medicons Inc., I dove headfirst into the world of customer handling and fieldwork, laying the groundwork for understanding client dynamics. Stepping into Span HealthCare Pvt. Ltd. was a game-changer, where I championed the expansion of product ranges and introduced groundbreaking blood transfusion technologies to the vibrant Indian market. This leap not only widened my expertise but also grew my professional circle significantly. However, it was the thrilling stint at Diagast that truly set the stage on fire! Taking the helm of blood grouping initiatives and successfully bringing the innovative Diagast to India highlighted my commitment to pioneering advanced healthcare solutions. Each phase carved a unique path, shaping my role in the market and fueling my undying passion for revolutionising healthcare technologies.

In aligning the company's long-term goals with specific responsibilities as Country Manager, what strategies do you employ using your strategic thinking abilities?

As country manager, I’m all about strategic synergy. Joining forces with Stago wasn’t just about exceptional products—it was about a shared vision. Stago’s mission to elevate global health aligns perfectly with my goals for India. My strategic planning echoes Stago’s values of agility and entrepreneurship, while resource management fuels our team spirit. Patient focus? That’s my forte and aligns seamlessly with Stago’s vision for customer satisfaction and accountability. It’s not just about a role— it’s about propelling Stago towards its longterm goals with purpose and vision.

How do you plan to elevate your leadership, driving growth and expansion for the organisation in the future?

Moving forward, I’m set on aligning our organisations with government initiatives to enhance healthcare accessibility. We’ll persist in focusing on last-mile care and expanding education efforts. Addressing lab chain needs and leveraging Stago’s expertise is key. The market’s rapid expansion, especially with ‘Make in India,’ offers opportunities we’ll seize. Introducing new products to widen our offerings in India is on the cards. To drive these goals, I’m committed to developing our internal team’s expertise, ensuring we’re well-prepared to deliver alongside our partners. It’s an exciting future ahead!

How do your past experiences in clinical pathology guide your approach to expanding our presence in the market through business development initiatives?

In expanding our footprint in clinical pathology, my approach is twofold. Firstly, it’s about accessibility—navigating into India’s evolving healthcare landscape to reach those last-care miles, aligning with the government’s focus on healthcare accessibility. Secondly, education is paramount. It’s not just about routine tests; it’s about introducing specialised testing for complex conditions. We heavily invest in education, from comprehensive programmes to global collaborations, aiming to elevate our clinical pathology standards and deliver exceptional care.

How has your leadership style evolved, particularly in leading teams within clinical pathology and healthcare businesses?

My leadership style has undergone a transformation throughout my journey, especially within clinical pathology and healthcare-related businesses. At Medicons Inc., I adopted a directive approach, ensuring smooth customer handling and operations. Clear guidance was vital for effective client interactions. Moving to Span HealthCare Pvt. Ltd. expanded my role into introducing new blood transfusion technologies. This shift honed a more collaborative and strategic leadership style. Embracing innovation, I encouraged open communication, valuing diverse viewpoints to drive initiatives forward. Leading teams in clinical pathology and healthcare demanded a specialised approach. Balancing precision and adaptability became crucial. My evolving style now values expertise, encourages continuous learning, and navigates the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare technologies with agility.
















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