Sandeep Jain

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From Delhi Medicine Trade to Leading Akums Pharmaceuticals

Sandeep Jain

Joint Managing Director,

Akums Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Limited

India, recognized as the pharmacy of the world, taking lead in pharmaceutical production. Sustaining this eminent position demands innovation and commitment to quality —an epitomized by Sh. Sandeep Jain.
As the Co-founder and Jt. Managing director of Akums Drugs & Pharmaceuticals in 2004, he has demonstrated his vision into reality. With a strategic location in Haridwar to capitalize on tax benefits, Akums Drugs & Pharmaceuticals has evolved into a India Largest Pharmaceutical Manufacturer , with 12 state-of-the-art manufacturing plants. Under Sh. Sandeep’s leadership, the company flourishes with a workforce surpassing 10,000+ employees, emphasizing a steadfast commitment to quality and diversity in dosage forms.
Sh. Sandeep Jain is not merely a leader; he embodies a driving force actively shaping the industry’s growth. Uncover the intricacies of this transformative journey and leadership in our exclusive interview, providing a deep dive into the mind of Sh. Sandeep Jain and his impact on the pharmaceutical manufacturing. 

What motivated you to co-found Akums Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Limited?

The motivation to co-found Akums Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Limited was deeply rooted in the aspiration to establish a pharmaceutical entity dedicated to innovation, excellence, and service to humanity. As a co-founder and Joint Managing Director, our motivation stemmed from a family legacy of entrepreneurship in the pharmaceutical sector. Our family initiated a small medicine trading business in Bhagirath Palace, Delhi, with a 55-square-feet shop. Witnessing the potential and recognizing the need for a pharmaceutical powerhouse, the decision to co-found Akums was driven by a visionary outlook. Setting up an industry in Haridwar with potential tax benefits, though challenging, was a calculated risk that we, along with our family, were willing to take. The aim was to create a pharmaceutical facility of world-class standards, equipped with modern technology and machinery. This decision was not just about financial viability but also about contributing to the healthcare industry. Taking risks is inherent in entrepreneurship, and the motivation was to seize an anticipated opportunity, even in the face of uncertainties and challenges.

What have been some of the significant challenges you've faced, and how did you overcome them?

The journey of Akums was riddled with numerous challenges that required strategic thinking, resilience, and resourcefulness. One significant challenge was the establishment of the production unit in Haridwar. Obtaining land from SIDCUL and undue delays in financial assistance, but we persevered, eventually securing both after months of effort. Building on unproductive land without an approach road presented logistical challenges, requiring us to construct roads ourselves and generate power independently for a year and a half. Sourcing skilled technical experts and dealing with unskilled labor unfamiliar with factory discipline posed additional hurdles. The absence of industrial infrastructure, raw materials, and packing materials in Haridwar, coupled with transportation difficulties, made it an uphill battle. Overcoming these challenges required a blend of agility, calculated risktaking, and a collaborative approach to transform obstacles into opportunities.

How have you contributed to creating a positive impact?

Our contributions to creating a positive impact at Akums extend beyond operational excellence to a commitment to innovation and societal well-being. Under our collaborative approach, Akums has introduced over varied first-timein-India/first-in-world products, showcasing a dedication to innovation in pharmaceuticals. The focus on taste/odor masking, targeted drug release, and other innovative formulation capabilities underscores our commitment to improving patient experiences. In addition to product innovation, Akums has actively participated in various trade and commercial organizations, fostering collaborations that benefit the pharmaceutical sector. Our initiatives go beyond business success to contribute to the betterment of the industry and, ultimately, the well-being of society.

What strategies have you employed to ensure the growth and success of the company in the pharmaceutical sector?

Strategies employed to ensure the growth and success of Akums in the pharmaceutical sector revolve around a three-pronged approach: innovation, quality, and strategic positioning. We have strategically positioned ourselves as key players in the contract manufacturing domain, operating with 12 Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Units and 3 Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Units. Our emphasis on innovation is reflected in the development of many novel in-house technologies, contributing to our competitive edge. These include differentiated formulation capabilities such as tablet in tablet, bilayered tablets, and sustained-release syrups. The introduction of various novel products showcases our commitment to staying at the forefront of the pharmaceutical sector. Ensuring quality has been paramount, resulting in numerous awards and recognitions, including the Entrepreneurship Award from the Federation of Pharma Entrepreneurs and the Gold Medal for Management Order for Merit. These strategies collectively position Akums for sustained growth and success in the pharmaceutical sector.

How would you describe your leadership philosophy, and how does it contribute to the company's overall culture?

Our leadership philosophy is characterized by innovative ideation, practical leadership, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. We believe in leading by example, fostering a culture of continuous improvement, and empowering employees to contribute their best. Transparency, collaboration, and a focus on precision and quality are central tenets of our leadership approach. This philosophy contributes to Akums’ overall culture by establishing a benchmark for industry standards. It fosters an environment where employees are encouraged to think creatively, embrace challenges, and work collaboratively towards common goals. The emphasis on innovation and quality permeates the company culture, creating a dynamic and forward-thinking workplace.

What activities or interests do you pursue outside of work to relax and rejuvenate?

Outside work, we recognize the importance of relaxation and rejuvenation to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Engaging in activities that provide a mental break and promote overall well-being is crucial. Personally, we have a keen interest in trade and commercial organizations, where we actively facilitate collaborations that extend beyond business partnerships. Additionally, we find relaxation in pursuits that promote a balanced lifestyle, such as reading, meditation, and spending quality time with family. These activities not only contribute to personal rejuvenation but also enhance our ability to approach business challenges with a fresh perspective. Balancing professional responsibilities with personal well-being is a key aspect of sustaining long-term success and innovation.
















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