10 best business leaders in india 2024

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Over the last three decades, Indian business leadership, innovation, and corporate entities have undergone numerous changes. India’s upward development curve has initiated a transition, encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation, generating global business leaders, and institutionalising the ‘Jugaad’ phenomenon—an exclusive Indian trait that motivates individuals to persevere and prosper. Indian business leaders have implemented disruptive and innovative strategies across different business levels, which are inherently organic in nature. This approach serves as a method for Indian business leaders to address everyday challenges. In a densely populated and competitive market, it has not only allowed Indians to survive but also to innovate.

In its recent edition, titled “10 Best Business Leaders in India 2024,” TradeFlock acknowledges and celebrates the journeys of some of India’s most inspiring business leaders. These leaders have successfully navigated various challenges to run their businesses and promote sustainable growth. They are recognised for their innovation and ability to inspire others. The issue includes various inspiring and human interest stories, leadership lessons, sports features, and more. 

Menrva Technologies

Ashish Hemrajani
Ashish Hemrajani



Ashish strongly advocates embracing failure as a significant milestone in the entrepreneurial journey. His leadership style and the values of common sense, integrity, and social responsibility reflect the core principles of BookMyShow.

AUK Computing

Dillep Singh Tomaar

Business Head (India / Srilanka / Middle East Operations) and Global Delivery Head

ProV International

Dillep represents a combination of deep philosophies and practical leadership. His balanced approach combines a relentless pursuit of excellence with principled action, enhancing both his professional endeavours and the lives of those he leads.

Chropynska India

H Swaminathan

Associate Director- Business operations & Partnerships


Swaminathan’s journey stands as evidence of the effectiveness of resilience and proactive learning in successfully navigating between different domains, all the while making meaningful contributions to the goals of Shardeum.

Senior Director

Khilan Ramani

Managing Director

Smartway Wellness

Khilan’s story embodies adaptability, vision, and an unwavering dedication to enhancing healthcare accessibility for everyone. His mission extends far beyond profit margins. His commitment to social impact is the cornerstone of his leadership. 

Regional Sales Director

Pranshu Patni


Hello English

Pranshu’s inspirational story stands as a significant example of innovation and determination. As a Co-founder of Hello English,  Pranshu’s professional expedition reflects the transformative power of addressing real-life challenges. 

Energy & Utilities,

Sandeep Jain

Joint Managing Director

Akums Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Limited

Sandeep’s journey began in a small medicine trading business in Delhi. Fueled by a family legacy of entrepreneurship and a visionary outlook, he aimed to redefine industry norms through a pharmaceutical entity.

Co-Founder &

Sarvesh Shahi



Sarvesh’s experience with the transformative power of yoga aligns with society’s shift towards prioritising health. From founding Zorba to developing SARVA, his journey reflects entrepreneurial growth and a cultural evolution shaping the industry.

Head, Asia Pacificers

Shivam Maheshwari

Co-Founder & CTO


Shivam is deeply involved in the financial and marketing sectors. He has identified critical issues affecting brand strategies, particularly concerning unverified customer data and widespread spam and bot accounts in online channels and saw an opportunity for innovation.

Amzur Technologies

Sridhar Mitta

Founder & Managing Director


Dr. Sridhar Mitta boasts 50 years in the IT sector, with a focus on technology, business, and entrepreneurship. He spearheaded R&D for tailored microprocessor-based minicomputer systems in India and led a global team.