Navdeep Mehta

Nurturing Sustainable Agriculture and Empowering Rural Livelihoods

Navdeep Mehta

Chief Executive Officer,

Growero Technologies

The impact of the changing environment is immense on agriculture, necessitating technology and innovative solutions to address challenges posed by climate fluctuations, unpredictable weather patterns, and evolving ecological conditions. In this dynamic landscape, cutting-edge technologies are essential for the resilience and sustainability of farming. Innovation isn’t just a choice; it’s a necessity for farmers aiming to optimise yields, conserve resources, and secure livelihoods in a changing world.
At the forefront of this transformative journey is Navdeep Mehta, a visionary leader with over 24 years of experience in marketing, sales and entire business operations. In various roles, Navdeep has demonstrated success, showcasing a commitment to customer service and a connection to agriculture through field visits. With a deep understanding of farmers’ challenges and global experience, he leads Growero Technologies with dedication and passion.
As the CEO, Navdeep employs his extensive knowledge to drive innovation, aligning with the company’s mission to serve farmers with effective, sustainable crop solutions. His leadership emphasises focused research, distinguishing Growero Technologies and ensuring the development of unique, effective solutions for farmers’ ease and convenience. Through substantial investment in tailor-made crop solutions, Navdeep and his team pioneer advancements aligned with the evolving needs of agriculture globally.
TradeFlock interviewed Navdeep to learn more about his work. 

Briefly outline your journey leading to the CEO role at Growero Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Over the course of my 24-year journey in agriculture, my career began as a field assistant, where I gained invaluable insights into the challenges confronting farmers. Progressing through various roles, including sales and marketing, I garnered practical experience that fueled my passion for the industry. An instrumental turning point was a transition to the marketing team, opening doors to new opportunities and broadening my vision. Ascending through the ranks, I assumed roles in zonal marketing and eventually joined the corporate team at the headquarters, providing me with a comprehensive perspective on the industry, from customer relations to portfolio management. This journey continued as I assumed pivotal roles such as South Asia Head and contributed significantly to the Global Team at the Swiss headquarters. Managing diverse responsibilities in sales, marketing, branding, customer insights, campaign management, and business P&L reinforced my commitment to fostering innovation in agriculture. Now, as the CEO of Growero Technologies Pvt. Ltd., I leverage this extensive and varied experience to drive transformative initiatives and bring about positive change in the agricultural sector. My unwavering dedication to the well-being of farmers remains at the core of my leadership philosophy, guiding Growero Technologies towards pioneering solutions and sustainable advancements.

What experiences and achievements have shaped your agritech career trajectory significantly?

Throughout my agritech career in the agrochemical industry, I’ve been shaped by pivotal experiences and achievements. Specialising in herbicides and life cycle management, my global marketing assignments have been successful, driven by a profound understanding of diverse crops and international markets. In guiding product launches and scaling initiatives, my expertise in customer dynamics, both for farmers and channels, has been crucial. Notably, implementing effective off-patent strategies has consistently delivered profitable business outcomes. I’ve navigated industry complexities by fostering cross-functional collaboration and ensuring seamless integration. Enriching my journey are well-established connections within the industry, providing valuable insights. These experiences collectively define my agritech trajectory, enabling me to contribute innovative solutions and drive positive change in the dynamic landscape of agrochemicals.

What challenges have you faced at Growero Technologies, and how did you overcome them?

Leading Growero Technologies presented the challenge of expanding our business nationwide, requiring a strategic and rapid approach. Leveraging industry connections, I swiftly assembled a cohesive team of more than 200 members, covering essential functions within just four months. The meticulous appointment of 17 C&F (carrying and forwarding) agents and the streamlining of sales permissions were pivotal steps that facilitated the successful initiation of business operations in 19 states within five months. Certainly, we overcame all the challenges as one Growero team. This strategic manoeuvre demonstrated our commitment to operational agility and showcased the effectiveness of our growth strategy at Growero Technologies. Overcoming the challenges of geographical expansion through swift team building and strategic decision-making has been instrumental in positioning the company for success in the competitive agricultural technology landscape.

What advice do you have for aspiring and new leaders in the agritech domain?

For aspiring leaders in agritech, my advice is simple: acknowledge the hard work of farmers, make it your responsibility to serve them with sustainable solutions, and always transfer the right knowledge and recommendations with integrity. Each day is an opportunity to contribute towards building a stronger and more advanced agricultural sector in India for the benefit of all humankind. Be honest with yourself and your work; improve 1% of you, your business and the ecosystem around you every day.

How do you, as CEO, capitalise on the team's strengths and address weaknesses for optimal performance?

The core team at Growero Technologies comprises passionate, creative, and dedicated agricultural professionals with extensive experience at all levels of responsibility. Their collective strengths lie in their agricultural expertise, customer-centric approach, and seasoned capabilities across various functions. As a CEO, I drive the team by fostering a culture of continuous improvement and learning. I prioritise ongoing training programmes to enhance their competencies, ensuring they stay abreast of industry advancements. Recognising and leveraging their strengths, I encourage a collaborative environment that harnesses the team’s unstoppable creativity and dedication to drive success in the agrochemical sector. We believe everyone has areas for improvement that are addressed through targeted training, interaction, on-the-job coaching, one-on-one open discussions, mental support and development initiatives. We follow an open and close culture at Growero, where we are open to listen and close to each other for limitless assistance.

Under your leadership, what certifications and awards has the company received?

Recently, Growero Technologies received the “Great Place to Work” certification on March 5th. This achievement, within just nine months of operations, reflects the company’s commitment to creating a positive workplace and its emergence as a noteworthy player in the industry. The organisation and team are feeling proud of this feather on the cap. These recognitions underscore our dedication to excellence and success in the agrochemical sector.

How do you prioritise innovation and research for customised crop solutions?

At Growero Technologies, our commitment to innovation and research is grounded in our customer-centric approach. Regular interactions with farmers, where we visit their fields and understand their challenges, allow us to identify specific needs and anticipate future hurdles. We align our research efforts with these insights, focusing on delivering unique and ideal solutions tailored to farmers’ requirements for sustainable agriculture. The degree of challenge faced by farmers becomes a pivotal factor in prioritising our innovation initiatives. Our steadfast belief in introducing affordable, advanced solutions aims not only to address current challenges but also to uplift the overall lifestyle of farmers with integrity.

What are your key strengths as a business leader in the agritech sector?

As a business leader in the agritech sector, my key strengths revolve around a deep understanding of market dynamics, customer insights, and the overall industry landscape. I prioritise fostering a collaborative team approach, emphasising effective networking to establish strong industry connections. Guided by a strategic mindset, I make decisions with a clear end goal in sight, ensuring alignment with long-term objectives. Proficient in conflict management, I approach challenges with a solution-oriented methodology, fostering a positive and resilient organisational culture. Additionally, my readiness to travel reflects a hands-on and well-informed leadership style, allowing me to stay closely attuned to market trends, customers, team and opportunities. These collective strengths contribute to my effectiveness in navigating the dynamic and evolving terrain of the agritech sector, driving sustainable growth and innovation within the industry.

How do you ensure collaboration across company teams?

I ensure collaboration across company teams by co-creating common goals and inviting open input from diverse teams to foster ownership and unity. Clear communication channels, both formal and informal, promote transparency and inclusivity, encouraging cross-functional collaboration. Regular team-building activities and recognition of achievements strengthen interpersonal relationships and cultivate a positive, collaborative culture. This approach ensures that teams work cohesively towards shared objectives, driving the overall success and growth of the organisation as one team

How will Growero Technologies advance sustainable agriculture and rural livelihoods in India and beyond? What are the plans for the company?

Growero Technologies is dedicated to advancing sustainable agriculture and improving rural livelihoods. Our mission revolves around enhancing farmers’ lifestyles with innovative, affordable solutions and recognising their pivotal role in the country’s progress. In the next 5 years, our initiative, ECO BOOSTERS, will address farming with a unique approach, focusing on soil health, water conservation, organic carbon, and delivering a sustainable agricultural ecosystem.

Any expansion plans, and if yes, which geographies are targeted and why?

Yes, Growero Technologies does have expansion plans beyond its current presence in 19 states across India. The company is gearing up to extend its reach globally, aiming to make a significant impact with products adhering to high-quality standards synonymous with “Make in India.” The goal is to establish a global footprint, reaching a wider audience with affordable yet topnotch agricultural solutions. By expanding internationally, Growero aims to contribute to agricultural advancements on a global scale, delivering quality products that elevate farming practices worldwide.

What growth projections do you have for the company? How are you working towards it?

Growero Technologies envisions significant growth in the agrochemical space under the vision and journey of “Abhyuday.” the aim of achieving a remarkable >10x business size within the next five years. The company attributes its growth projections to a passionate and aligned team dedicated to creating history in the industry. The commitment extends to various strategic initiatives, including manufacturing and warehouse expansions, channel enlargement, diversification and inclusion, process streamlining and joint ventures; at the same time, it remains fully compliant. By leveraging the collective strength of its team and aligning resources for substantial business expansion, Growero Technologies is poised to realise its ambitious growth target and make a substantial impact on the agrochemical sector.

How has your family contributed to your personal and professional success?

My family, especially my mother, Mrs. Shakuntala Mehta and Archana, a caring wife and mother, adeptly manages our two children, Jatin and Sahiba, while also excelling in architecture and fitness. As I passionately serve farmers and extensively travel for business operations, their unwavering support becomes my strongest backbone. Their encouragement, love, and easy-going attitude empower me to pursue my work with dedication. My mother, a retired teacher, loves to travel and explore new places while at the same time staying connected with everyone in family. Archana, a caring wife and mother, adeptly manages our two children, Jatin and Sahiba, while also excelling in architecture and fitness. Jatin, pursuing product designing, has earned numerous certifications and awards. Sahiba, a sixth-grader, excels in dancing and singing; also added lots of feathers in her cap. Their support and understanding reinforce that family is the cornerstone of success, I am immensely blessed of having this family, their constant encouragement and love.