Neeraj Verma

Navigating the Uncharted

Neeraj Verma

CEO & Director,

Across Assist

Embarking on a transformative journey from the financial services industry to his current role as CEO & Director at Across Assist, Neeraj Verma’s narrative is a testament to adaptability and entrepreneurial prowess. With nearly two decades of experience in BFSI, encompassing leadership, risk management, and product development, Neeraj made a significant shift in 2021, founding Across Assist to address industry gaps with tailored solutions.
As an entrepreneur, Neeraj’s leadership qualities have evolved, emphasising the importance of visualising the future and foreseeing industry changes. His comfort lies in anticipating industry trends and the transformative impact of disruptive technologies, particularly AI, on advisory services. In his current role, Neeraj guides Across Assist towards sustained growth, profitability, and long-term viability. His leadership philosophy prioritises meticulous execution and collaborative team efforts. Success, for Neeraj, is not just initiating something new but executing it with precision.
What sets Neeraj apart is his passion for exploring both incremental and disruptive technologies, reflecting his commitment to reshaping consumer behaviours and economics in BFSI services. The journey extends beyond daily operations; it’s about building a business and a product capable of navigating challenges and leveraging unforeseen possibilities.
Motivated by the prospect of encountering new opportunities and obstacles, Neeraj finds invigoration in the process of building a business and crafting innovative products. His resilience, adaptability, and unwavering commitment shine through as he continues this journey, a focus of TradeFlock’s insightful interview. 

Share your academic and career paths, and was there childhood inspiration guiding your current role?

My journey commenced with a childhood aspiration for leadership, envisioning myself as a team representative at age 14. Fuelled by a desire to serve in the army, my concept of leadership evolved to emphasise conflict resolution through quality time. Post-education, I entered the financial sector, initiating my career with a focus on underwriting. Evolving through diverse roles, I navigated strategy, product and client relationships, managing risk functions. This comprehensive exposure equipped me with the skills necessary for excelling in financial management and asset oversight. Each step contributed to a wellrounded professional expedition, laying the foundation for my current role.

Expand on your experience overseeing diverse asset products and functions.

My extensive experience encompasses managing a diverse range of asset lending products, including home, mortgage, car/ auto, commercial, personal, education, and equipment loans. What distinguishes my journey is the comprehensive oversight of both products and critical functions such as risk, and business. Handling this entire spectrum is a unique achievement in the industry, providing me with versatile skills crucial for addressing multifaceted challenges in the financial space.

Share the major challenges in your professional and entrepreneurial journey and the lessons learned.

Embarking on entrepreneurship from established structures brought transformative challenges. Shifting from a defined role in a large organisation to steering the entire venture demanded a shift in mindset. The journey from inception, tackling operational intricacies, and delivering services was a crucible for growth. Navigating resource constraints and time pressures sharpened our resilience, providing profound lessons. This dynamic journey crystallised the understanding that success isn’t just about starting something new; it’s about executing it meticulously while nurturing a team that collectively defines the path to success.

What are your strengths and weaknesses as a leader?

My leadership journey entails a transformation from a manager to a visionary. While effective communication and emphasising the value of every employee as an asset contribute to my strength, decisionmaking challenges lie in balancing speed and understanding perspectives. Instilling a sense of belonging and alignment with the organisational vision is a continuous effort.

What sustainability strategies have you implemented as a CEO, and what do you consider crucial for long-term growth?

Our sustainability journey is marked by a dynamic, multi-faceted strategy embracing solution development, strategic partnerships, and continuous innovation. This adaptability positions us as leaders in a dynamic business landscape, emphasising vigilance in monitoring industry trends and fostering collaborative internal control. A pivotal aspect is our collaborative internal control, ensuring every team member aligns with organisational goals and fostering both growth and a customer-centric culture. At a micro-level, strengthening our distribution network enhances service delivery, a critical component of our strategy. Sustainability, to us, goes beyond services, emphasising consistent thought alignment and a long-term approach integral to our organisational ethos.

What motivates and inspires you as a CEO, and how do you extend this inspiration to your team?

The enormity of our responsibility and the awareness that our organisation influences countless livelihoods serve as constant motivators. This inspiration is integrated into our recruitment process, seeking individuals who are hustlers willing to surpass boundaries. Ensuring everyone is aligned with organisational goals involves sharing perspectives, providing updates, and fostering collaboration. The speed of execution takes precedence over everything for us, considering the dynamic nature of our industry. Emphasising a shared journey and continuously communicating the organisational vision creates a sense of ownership among employees, influencing their daily contributions to our collective success.

What are your future goals as a CEO, and how do you plan to enhance your role?

As I look ahead as a CEO, I’m focused on scaling the company, ensuring consistency, and embracing variability. Considering the nature of the industry we are in, it’s going to be a challenging journey, different from managing a singular product to multiproducts and also, B2B partnerships. My ongoing objective is to achieve scalability with uniform thought processes. Refining leadership qualities, guiding the team consistently, and documenting collective goals are key priorities. The emphasis is not just on what we achieve but also on how, blending visionary leadership with operational consistency. Navigating the intricate tapestry of challenges and growth opportunities ahead, my aim is to do so with agility and resilience, realising the dream of sustained success.