Pradip Kumar Mandal

Leading Futurlytic's Charge in the Data Analytics Arena

Pradip Kumar Mandal

Chief Executive Officer,


Data analytics is an indispensable tool in modern business, pivotal for converting data into revenue and enhancing customer satisfaction. At the helm of this transformation is Pradip Kumar Mandal, CEO of Futurlytic. With over two decades of experience in the telecom and IT sectors, Pradip brings unparalleled expertise to the field of data analytics, guiding Futurlytic to deliver state-of-the-art analytics solutions.
When asked what inspired him to start Futurlytic, Pradip says, “When I began my career, the telecom sector was booming due to privatisation, which offered immense opportunities. The rise of the internet and digital transformation brought a surge in data, highlighting the need for robust data analytics. This inspired me to establish Futurlytic, where our focus is on utilising data analytics to generate significant revenue and enhance customer satisfaction for our clients. Our journey has been marked by continuous innovation and a commitment to excellence.”
Founded in May 2017, Futurlytic specialises in leveraging advanced text analytics technology to convert vast amounts of unstructured text into structured, actionable insights. This technology, often combined with sophisticated data visualisation tools, helps businesses uncover trends, sentiments, and insights that drive strategic decisionmaking and operational efficiency.
Pradip’s extensive career prior to Futurlytic included senior roles at India’s leading telecom companies. At Tata Teleservices Ltd., he served as AVP and Head of IP Network Strategy and Planning, where he oversaw corporate technology planning, engineering, and optimisation of IP networks. As Chief Solution Architect at Tata Teleservices, he led a high-performing team in delivering innovative solutions and engaging with clients on cutting-edge technology advancements.
His career also features significant roles such as Sr. Global Programme Manager at Flextronics Design Pvt. Ltd., Global Programme Manager at Motorola India Private Limited, and earlier technical and managerial positions at Tejas Networks and Reliance Communications. Pradip’s core competencies include presales and network design, system integration, solution engineering, product strategy, business development, and programme management.
Pradip expanded further on his journey and strategies in an exclusive interview with TradeFlock. 

What have you learned over the past three decades, and how are you applying those lessons today?

Working the typical 9-to-6 corporate job leaves little room for personal innovation and entrepreneurship. Over the past three decades, I have climbed the corporate ladder at major brands like Tata, Reliance, Motorola, and Flextronics. During this time, I observed how these corporations excelled in customer service and brand development. These insights are now instrumental in shaping the DNA of Futurlytic, guiding our approach to innovation, customer service, and overall business strategy.

What are your main challenges, and how are you addressing them?

The rapidly evolving field of data analytics demands constant adaptation to new technologies, methodologies, and business requirements. To overcome these barriers, I foster a culture of adaptability at Futurlytic by encouraging continuous learning and skill development. This approach ensures that our team possesses the necessary skills to deliver high-quality results within the required timelines, ultimately aligning our capabilities with the dynamic demands of the industry.

Can you share a pivotal data analytics moment from your career?

One of the most pivotal projects in my career involved working on text analytics for a major e-commerce giant in the United States. This project revealed how each piece of customer feedback could pinpoint areas where the brand needed to take action. The power of sentiment analysis became clear to me, highlighting its critical role in data analytics. This experience was a significant factor in my decision to pursue a career focused on data analytics.

How will you use your expertise to customise data analytics solutions for clients in diverse industries?

In leveraging data analytics for clients across diverse industries, customisation is key. We recognise that each industry has unique requirements, and therefore, we tailor our solutions accordingly. This involves creating industry-specific templates and customising algorithms, data models, and analytics tools to address the specific needs and nuances of each sector. For instance, in healthcare, our solutions might focus on predicting patient outcomes and optimising resource allocation, whereas in retail, the emphasis might be on customer segmentation and personalised marketing strategies. By understanding the intricacies of each industry, we can deliver tailored data analytics solutions that drive meaningful results for our clients.

How do you plan to leverage data analytics opportunities with your expertise in new product strategy and lifecycle management?

Data analytics presents significant opportunities throughout the product lifecycle for our client. From understanding product performance and usage patterns to gauging customer satisfaction, data analytics plays a crucial role. At Futurlytic, we leverage the data coming from social media networks and the data from surveys to capture the voice of the customer and sentiment analysis around product and services. By harnessing this data, we identify opportunities for product optimisation, feature enhancements, and strategies to extend the product lifecycle. Our focus on data-driven insights ensures that we continuously predict the impact on product and services to deliver enhanced value to our clients.

As CEO, what's Futurlytic's roadmap for the next five years?

Futurlytic is poised for substantial growth and expansion. Over the past two financial years, we have achieved significant revenue doubling. Looking ahead, our roadmap for the next five years is ambitious yet achievable. We aim to diversify into multiple areas within the data analytics space, expanding our client base and market reach. Our ultimate goal is to elevate Futurlytic into a mid-size company, solidifying our position as a leader in the industry and driving continued success and innovation.