10 Best CFOs from Asia 2023

10 Best CFOs from Asia 2023
10 Best CFOs from Asia 2023


In today’s economy, the move toward sustainable finance marks a crucial turning point, sparking a major change in how the world approaches financial strategies. This shift recognises the vital need to align financial choices with both profit and the health of our environment and society. Asia boasts trailblazers and innovators who welcome technological changes and market trends, crafting financial plans that go beyond borders. Their leadership goes beyond just numbers; they encourage partnerships that span industries and continents, strengthening their market position while promoting cultural exchange. These collaborations don’t just bolster business—they set the stage for lasting, sustainable growth. In its latest and exclusive issue – “10 Best CFOs From Asia 2023”, TradeFlock honours visionary CFOs who aren’t just navigating through the challenges of the evolving Asian market but also defining the future. Delve into the valuable insights and lessons we filtered through the conversation with them, along with exploring existing stories and features aligned with the Asian financial landscape. 

Menrva Technologies

Aaron Fryer

Asia Regional CFO


Over more than twenty years, Aaron gained in-depth knowledge and skills in financial services. Through his foresight and adaptability, he is not just surviving through the storm but also reshaping the future of the Asian insurance market, setting the benchmark for sustainable growth and customer-centric innovation. 

AUK Computing

Gayan Wellala

Chief Executive Officer

Bio Foods (Pvt) Ltd

Gayan embodies a fusion of traits essential for steering Bio Foods towards innovation and growth. His journey intertwines exceptional analytical finesse, honed through years of financial mastery, with a deep understanding of business intricacies beyond conventional numerical evaluations.

Chropynska India

Jef Lacson

Regional/ Group Deputy CFO, Controller (Asia)

Pacific Cross

Jef’s career began at KPMG Advisory, offering exposure to high-profile engagements across Asia. He holds several certifications and accreditations, such as CPA, CIA, CISA, CLSSGB, FICD, CII (Award), and ACPA, along with a master’s in business economics from the University of Asia and the Pacific, with a thesis focusing on InsurTech. 

Senior Director

Jose Petronio D. Espanol



What sets Jose Petronio apart is his ability to meld his supply chain management, inventory, and finance expertise into a cohesive strategic vision. His multifaceted background propels him beyond conventional finance-focused decision-making, enabling him to approach challenges through an organisational lens, emphasising long-term benefits.

Regional Sales Director

Rahmat Budiardjo

Group CFO

Kopi Kenangan

With over 14 years of invaluable experience in management consulting and leading multinational corporations across the globe, from the corporate landscapes of Germany and Singapore to the vibrant markets of Indonesia, China, South Korea, Thailand, and Malaysia, Rahmat possesses a wealth of expertise that transcends borders. 

Energy & Utilities,

Sohil Tiwari

Chief Financial Officer, Asia Pacific


Sohil Tiwari stands as a beacon of strategic financial leadership. His multifaceted role encompasses an array of critical responsibilities, including overseeing corporate planning, financial analysis, new markets and investments, accounting, controls, and regional finance. Sohil’s strategic acumen and financial stewardship play a pivotal role in shaping Mastercard’s trajectory. 

Head, Asia Pacificers

Subhashish Datta

Chief Financial Officer

PT Kaltim Prima Coal

Subhashish Datta emerged as a stalwart captain, steering his company with wisdom and innovation. Subhashish’s coal industry journey began at Thiess Minecs and led to his pivotal role as CFO at KPC, representing Tata Power’s 30% stake. His expertise was honed through  positions in esteemed companies like Coastal Gujarat Power Limite, Thiess Minecs and TRF. 

Amzur Technologies

Yiong Yim Ming

Group Chief Financial Officer

City Developments Limited

An expert in the field of global real estate finance, Yiong’s role within the UN Global Compact’s CFO Taskforce for the SDGs is a testament to the critical importance of sustainable finance. She navigates the integration of sustainability into financial strategies, emphasising that profitability need not come at the expense of environmental degradation or social inequality.
















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