Supratik Roy

Charting the Course: Transitioning from Operational Excellence to Strategic Vision

Supratik Roy

Chief Executive Officer,

Cosmo Ferrites Ltd

As a leader in the electronics industry, Supratik Roy, Chief Executive Officer at Cosmo Ferrites, firmly believes in the power and potential of this ever-growing field. His professional career, deeply rooted in electronics, has provided firsthand insights into its incredible impact on daily lives. The escalating content of electronic products and technology emphasises the need for leaders committed to driving growth and innovation.
In the electronics industry, a growth leader needs a strategic mindset to develop an effective organisational strategy considering the internal and external environment. While operational excellence is crucial, it’s insufficient to ensure long-term growth. This highlights the significance of a leader with a strategic mindset, particularly in the current era of collaboration and global ventures through vertical integration.
A strategic growth leader, adhering to the philosophy of swimming in the blue ocean, identifies market segments for pursuit and exit, recognising that the essence of strategy lies in knowing what not to do. Supratik, at Cosmo Ferrites, is dedicated to guiding the organisation with this principle. He focuses on exploring new growth and innovation opportunities in the dynamic electronics industry. Acknowledging the industry’s ever-evolving nature, he emphasises the importance of leaders possessing a forward-thinking and strategic approach. Supratik expresses confidence that by embracing a growth mindset and strategic leadership, the organisation can sustain success and innovation.
Amid industry challenges like the semiconductor crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic, Supratik demonstrated resilience. He effectively steered supply chains, managed disruptions, and led teams with determination. TradeFlock recently engaged in a conversation with Supratik, exploring his journey as a reflection of resilience, innovation, and leadership in the electronics sector. 

How enriching has been your journey in Lumax?

Reflecting on my journey at Lumax, I am grateful for the valuable learning opportunities and personal growth I’ve experienced. Leading the design and manufacturing team from inception to a 700+ member powerhouse has been a challenging yet rewarding task. Witnessing the team’s growth and recognition as the preferred vendor in automotive electronics is immensely satisfying.
Our journey involved overcoming challenges and achieving triumphs, earning the trust of esteemed clients such as Mahindra, Honda, MSIL, Bajaj, and Hero. We successfully navigated rigorous audits, consistently providing innovative solutions to address vehicle-level issues and reduce overall costs. Working alongside my team to achieve these milestones has been a privilege.
This experience not only refined my professional skills but also exposed me to the intricacies of working in a joint venture environment and embracing Japanese culture. The establishment of a 5-acre greenfield plant signifies the dedication and hard work that propelled our journey from good to great.
I take pride in our team’s role as a leader in automotive electronics, contributing to various aspects of technology from lighting to gear shifting, telematics, and EVs. Each accomplishment reflects collaborative effort and a commitment to innovation. 

How did you handle industry challenges during the semiconductor crisis and the COVID-19 era as a leader?

As a leader facing the semiconductor crisis and the COVID-19 era, I prioritised agile supply chain management to navigate disruptions, rising prices, and market unpredictability. Balancing stakeholder needs and reassuring customers was crucial. The pandemic brought new challenges, prompting a recalibration of operational strategies to manage inventory shortages, prioritise workforce well-being, and adapt to market fluctuations.
This testing time emphasised the importance of crisis management, strategic foresight, and resilient supply chains. Planning became a key factor in addressing challenges, highlighting the significance of semiconductors in the electronics ecosystem. The experience reinforced the value of non-cancellable and non-reschedulable agreements in ensuring stability.
Moving forward, the industry must embrace these lessons, giving due importance to planning and maintaining an emphasis on agile supply chain management and proactive mitigation strategies. By doing so, we can build a more resilient and dynamic electronics industry capable of anticipating and efficiently navigating challenges. 

Can you elaborate on your methods for nurturing leadership within your organisation?

Nurturing leadership within my organisation is a top priority, and I employ a comprehensive approach. I actively engage my team in learning opportunities, sharing tools like Porter’s Five Forces, and fostering strategic thinking. Embracing a culture of continuous learning and innovation is vital for developing leadership qualities. To prepare for future leadership needs, I’ve devised a strategic plan focused on grooming the next generation of leaders. This plan ensures a seamless transition during key retirements while prioritising skill development and growth opportunities for emerging leaders. In essence, my approach aims to balance continuity with evolution, fortifying our team for sustainable success.

What future aspirations do you hold, both professionally and personally, given your extensive career and experiences?

Reflecting on my extensive career, my future aspirations encompass both professional and personal dimensions. Professionally, I aim to solidify my position as a trusted CEO in the electronics industry, leveraging my expertise and passion. While open to exploring other sectors, my heart lies in making a meaningful impact through my knowledge of electronics and strategic management.
Looking forward, a significant aspiration is to transition into academia in the later stages of my career. Collaborating with business schools as a visiting faculty member appeal to me, believing in the value of bridging practical experience and academia for aspiring professionals.
On a personal level, my commitment to growth extends to the field of behavioural sciences. I aspire to deepen my understanding of human behaviour, leadership dynamics, and decision-making.
In summary, my aspirations include contributing significantly to the industry, sharing knowledge, and inspiring others. I look forward to the journey ahead with excitement and anticipation.