Vikrant Singh

Architect of Adaptive Leadership in Business Dynamics

Vikrant Singh

COO & Business Head,

Procon RMC Plants

The evolution of the Chief Business Officer (CBO) role signifies a profound paradigm shift within contemporary business leadership. This transformation heralds a new era defined by strategic acumen, seamless cross-functional collaboration, and an unyielding capacity for adaptation. The modern CBO operates within an expanded framework, transcending conventional boundaries, thereby necessitating a nuanced equilibrium between visionary foresight and operational dexterity in the face of emerging complexities within the business landscape.
Within this evolving leadership framework lies Vikrant Singh, distinguished as the COO and Business Head at Procon RMC Plants, an embodiment of the redefined CBO archetype. His tenure at the helm of Procon RMC Plants epitomises this transformation. As the CBO role evolves, Vikrant’s strategic expertise and proactive approach serve as guiding lights, effectively steering the organisation through the ever-evolving currents of the business milieu.
Vikrant’s leadership mirrors the intricate demands of the evolving CBO role. His capacity to amalgamate innovative strategies with operational efficacy positions Procon RMC Plants at the forefront of industry progression. Embracing advanced skills and cutting-edge technologies proactively fortifies the organisation against disruptive forces, establishing a benchmark for adaptive leadership within the perpetually changing business landscape.
In an exclusive interaction with TradeFlock, Vikrant discusses the changing dynamics of his role that transcend conventional paradigms. 

Share key roles and experiences that shaped your construction industry expertise in your career journey.

My career journey began as an LRMC coordinator at Lafarge A&C (I) Pvt. Ltd. in 2010, where I learned the fundamentals of the RMC industry. Transitioning to VTP Group’s Steel Division, I focused on sales and logistics in Pune. In 2015, I joined Knasai Nerolac Paints as a territory sales officer in Mumbai, expanding my customer base and industry exposure. From 2016 to 2019, I led sales & marketing and Operations at TNA Readymix India Pvt. Ltd. in Mumbai, overseeing substantial concrete orders for key projects, including the underground metro.
Since 2019, I’ve served as the Chief Operating Officer at Procon RMC Plants Pvt. Ltd., managing operations, sales, collections, QA/QC, and procurement. My efforts in operation and collections planning drove savings and improved cash flow by optimising resource utilization and customer payment terms. Each role has honed my expertise across sales, operations, and strategic management in the construction industry. 

What strategies drove business targets and increased company turnover in your role as COO and Business Head?

As the COO and Business Head, I’ve led multifaceted strategies to meet business targets and elevate company turnover. These encompass streamlined operations, strategic market expansion, revamped sales and marketing initiatives, customercentric approaches, performance metrics implementation, strategic partnerships, and a culture fostering continuous improvement. Notably, PROCON RMC’s milestone achievement of a Rs 178 crore topline in four years underscores the collective dedication of our team. These strategies, meticulously executed, have propelled our growth, solidifying our position and affirming our commitment to sustained success in the construction industry.

What is your pivotal challenge, and how do you manage it to minimise its impact?

My most critical challenge as a COO and business head revolves around preserving operational efficiency in the face of swift market changes. To counter this, our key mitigation strategies revolve around agility, streamlined processes, talent nurturing, datacentric decision-making, adaptable strategies, and a robust customer-centric focus. These measures empower us to swiftly adapt, foster innovation, and maintain competitiveness within ever-evolving business landscapes.

How do you handle customer complaints and prevent recurring issues?

Addressing customer complaints promptly is pivotal to our approach, emphasising empathetic resolution and preventive measures. Our strategy includes swift communication channels, empowering our team to resolve issues promptly, conducting root cause analyses, adapting internal processes based on feedback, fostering a continuous feedback loop, and regularly enhancing staff problem-solving skills through training initiatives. These actions aim to not only resolve issues effectively but also proactively prevent their recurrence, ensuring sustained customer satisfaction and loyalty.

What achievements do you cherish most in your current role, and how have they benefited your organisation?

In 2019, securing our inaugural prestigious Metro Lines-6 project propelled our organisation’s confidence and customer trust, driving rapid growth. In 2021, backed by superior concrete quality and supported by key stakeholders, including our MD & CEO and my esteemed mentor Nitin Vijayakar, Chairman Ajit Singh Kohli, and Director Gagandeep Singh, we clinched two significant projects. Notably, securing the HSRP (Bullet Train) project, exceeding 5.5 lakh cubic metres, proved pivotal despite the challenges posed by the COVID era.
Additionally, accomplishments in operational efficiency in achieving a 20% productivity increase and cost reduction, market expansion resulting in 30% revenue growth, a remarkable 25% increase in customer satisfaction, a 15% reduction in expenses through cost-saving measures, and a notable 40% rise in employee satisfaction have collectively propelled our organisation’s growth, profitability, and positioning within the industry. 

How do you foster leadership within your organisation? Do you actively mentor young professionals?

At PROCON RMC, fostering leadership is integral to our ethos. We empower our teams by delegating responsibilities to cultivate leadership qualities and encourage open communication, welcoming ideas from all levels. Through tailored training programmes and workshops, we provide avenues for leadership development. Recognising and rewarding leadership behaviours and achievements further reinforces this culture. Additionally, personally engaging with and mentoring young professionals plays a pivotal role in nurturing their skills and guiding their growth, ensuring a continuous pipeline of capable leaders within our organisation.
















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