Ashish Kumar

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Behind the Gavel

Ashish Kumar

Chief Legal Counsel & Group Company Secretary,

Dixon Technologies

Ashish Kumar boasts an impressive 22- year career specialising in corporate legal affairs, commercial agreements, and global company secretarial functions. Today, he leads Dixon Technologies as its Chief Legal Counsel and Group Company Secretary. However, his professional journey extends far beyond these roles; he serves as a strategic advisor to top-tier management, ensuring unwavering procedural compliance and a relentless commitment to legal and regulatory standards.
Ashish’s path in law was guided by a profound belief in corporate governance and the paramount importance of adhering to legal principles. At the outset of his career, corporate governance was not as ubiquitous as it is today. His affiliation with the Institute of Company Secretaries of India, along with his academic pursuits in law, including a master’s degree and an executive MBA from IIM Calcutta, reinforced his dedication to corporate law. His professional journey aligns seamlessly with his commitment to being a responsible corporate citizen and contributing to the corporate world by upholding the rule of law. Throughout his career, Ashish encountered challenges, particularly during the early 2000s, when he commenced his professional odyssey. At that time, India was still evolving in terms of corporate opportunities and compensation structures. The financial remuneration for students and interns posed concerns about career growth prospects. Moreover, the limited availability of guidance and mentorship in India’s burgeoning legal and corporate landscape presented an additional hurdle. Nevertheless, these challenges didn’t deter him; they underscored the paramount importance of continuous learning in the ever-expansive realm of laws and regulations.
His professional trajectory serves as a testament to his resilience, unwavering dedication, and steadfast commitment to upholding the tenets of corporate governance. Ashish’s career is marked by unceasing growth and an unshakeable belief in the transformative power of law to shape a more robust corporate world. TradeFlock had the privilege of conducting an in-depth interview with him. We delve into his insights, strategies, and plans, unveiling the secrets behind his extraordinary success. 

How do you stay informed about relevant laws and regulations for your organisation's compliance and ensure your team remains updated?

Ensuring compliance with laws and regulations is a top priority. I stay wellinformed by actively monitoring government websites, particularly the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, and regularly subscribing to legal journals. These resources provide me with up-to-date information on legal changes and developments.
For my team, we have established internal mechanisms to track critical dates and compliance requirements. This includes utilising tools for contract management and litigation management. These tools help us stay organised and ensure we meet all our obligations.
Moreover, we foster a culture of continuous learning within the team. We conduct weekly discussions where we share insights and updates on relevant legal changes. This collaborative approach keeps the team motivated and well-informed about the everevolving legal landscape. 

How do you maintain error-free operations in your department, and do you have mentors guiding you through challenges?

Maintaining error-free operations within our department is a fundamental priority. We achieve this through a structured approach. We begin with meticulous planning, assigning responsibilities, and setting priorities. Regular reviews and checks are conducted to ensure accuracy and compliance with established procedures.
I strongly believe in empowering my team to make decisions independently while also acknowledging that mistakes can occur. However, it is crucial that we learn from these mistakes and avoid repeating them. This principle of accountability and continuous improvement guides our operations.
Mentorship has been invaluable in my career, and I encourage my team members to seek guidance when facing challenges. While I provide leadership and support, I also recognise the significance of learning from experienced mentors who can offer valuable insights and perspectives. 

How do you envision your future growth as a legal officer, and are you currently pursuing skill enhancements?

In the future, I see myself taking on a more prominent role in strategic decisionmaking within the organisation, particularly concerning significant transactions. My aim is to contribute to the organisation’s growth and success by providing strategic legal guidance.
Regarding my skills, I am committed to continuous improvement and adaptability. In the ever-evolving landscape of legal requirements and technologies, it is essential to stay updated and proficient. Therefore, I am open to pursuing further skill enhancements and knowledge updates as necessary to meet the dynamic demands of the legal profession. 

Do you use AI and technology to aid your work, and how do you strike a balance between human intelligence and technological tools?

Technology, including AI, plays a valuable role in optimising efficiency in our work. We leverage technological tools to streamline repetitive or clerical tasks, enhancing productivity. However, it’s crucial to emphasise that human intelligence remains irreplaceable, particularly in the realm of legal affairs.
While technology can assist with specific tasks, the critical aspects of legal decision-making demand human intervention and judgement. Legal matters involve nuanced complexities that require human expertise to navigate effectively. Therefore, our approach involves striking a balance between the smart utilisation of technology and the preservation of the essential role of human intelligence in providing legal counsel and making informed decisions. 

How do you motivate individuals in society and your team to pursue legal careers and aspire to leadership within the field?

By emphasising key principles. These principles include the power of common sense in problemsolving, the importance of going the extra mile for exceptional results, staying true to oneself while continuously seeking improvement, embracing change and learning, and recognising that leadership is attainable through hard work, selfawareness, and adaptability
















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