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Crafting Brilliance in the Legal Space

Narayan Kedia

Vice President Legal,

Indiabulls Group

I n the dynamic housing and consumer finance industry, having a sharp legal mind is not just crucial—it’s the cornerstone of success. But what truly sets an exceptional legal expert apart? It’s not just about knowing the law; it’s about embodying qualities like adaptability, a sense of responsibility, and an unyielding commitment to ethical standards. In this challenging arena, Narayan Kedia, the Vice President of Legal at Indiabulls Group, doesn’t just meet these criteria; he exceeds them. His expertise goes beyond legal acumen; it’s marked by a passion for excellence and a dedication to upholding the highest ethical standards.
With 14 years of expertise in securities and investment laws, Narayan is a strategic force skilled in navigating complex legal landscapes. His hallmark lies in seamlessly traversing diverse legal domains, tailoring counsel to each client’s unique needs. Narayan’s commitment to delivering favourable outcomes goes beyond traditional legal advice; he becomes a steadfast guardian of his clients’ interests. His illustrious career includes roles at esteemed law firms such as Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas & Co., J. Sagar Associates, and BMR Legal. In addition to his corporate achievements, Narayan founded Lex Familia India, an innovative educational platform that mentors law students. In just a year, it trained over 300 students and earned recognition from ‘The Global Hues.’ He also serves as an idea originator, advisor, and investor at BizzSetu, showcasing his dedication to driving innovation and fostering growth across industries.
Narayan personifies adaptability, responsibility, and ethical commitment within the realm of housing and consumer finance. His remarkable journey serves as a testament to his unwavering dedication to legal education and innovation— forces that are instrumental in catalysing transformative changes in industries and reshaping the legal landscape in India. TradeFlock interviewed this legal virtuoso to learn more about his journey, strategies, and future plans. 

Could you briefly outline your professional journey and explain how your experience at prestigious legal firms aids your role as Vice President of Legal at Indiabulls Group?

I embarked on my legal career 14 years ago after graduating from ILS Law College, Pune University. My journey began as a junior associate at J. Sagar Associates, where I honed skills crucial for senior roles, such as meticulous attention to detail and navigating complex legal transactions and compliances.
During my six years at JSA, I progressed to a senior associate position, building expertise in capital markets, fund-raising transactions, banking, finance, mergers and acquisitions, corporate structuring, and general corporate advisory. This foundation enabled my transition to more significant roles.
Subsequently, I served as a principal associate at Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas for three years, enhancing my skills in multifaceted legal scenarios. This experience prepared me for the challenges faced at Indiabulls, where I currently serve as Vice President Legal. Here, I have had the privilege to work on intricate securitization, assignment transactions, and complex corporate transactions.
My background equips me to foresee potential legal challenges and address them proactively. The high-stakes matters I handled in the past have aptly prepared me to navigate the complexities inherent in our work at Indiabulls. 

Tell us about your entrepreneurial journey, related challenges, and how you addressed them.

My entrepreneurial journey took flight during the COVID break when I noticed the ease with which today’s generation embraces online learning. Recognising the persistent gap in the legal sector’s practical learning, I founded ‘Lex Familia India,’ an online learning platform designed to provide in-depth practical knowledge to law students. Fueled by my passion for education, this realisation led to the creation of LFI.
Our primary challenge was establishing trust and recognition among legal students. We opted for a soft ‘word of mouth’ marketing strategy, relying on testimonials and success stories shared by our students. Currently, our focus is on delivering top-quality education. While we continue to work on refining our marketing strategies and content creation, our students’ positive experiences remain our strongest asset. 

What are your future plans, and where do you see yourself after five years?

What are your future plans, and where do you see yourself after five years?In the coming five years, my aim is to hold a leadership role, driving our company’s legal strategies to ensure impeccable compliance, minimise risks, and foster substantial financial growth. I intend to position us as a benchmark for legal compliance in the banking and finance sectors, upholding the highest standards.
Simultaneously, as the founder of a legal education platform, my commitment lies in its growth and evolution. I envision our platform becoming the go-to destination for both legal students and professionals. Through collaborations with law schools, firms, and global industry experts, I plan to offer a comprehensive blend of theoretical and practical knowledge, making legal education more accessible and engaging. Furthermore, I plan to utilise my position at Indiabulls to create valuable internship and training opportunities, bridging the divide between education and industry. 
















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