Rajeev Goswami

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Adaptable, Strategic Thinker & Multifaceted Legal Pro

Rajeev Goswami

Head - Corporate Legal,

Ather Energy

The world of corporate affairs is guided by legal corridors that play a pivotal role in acting as the compass guiding businesses through a maze of regulations, negotiations, and strategic manoeuvres. Success here demands a fusion of expertise, foresight, and an astute understanding of multifaceted industries. Traits such as adaptability, strategic thinking, and a comprehensive grasp of legal complexities are the keystones that pave the way for excellence in this dynamic arena.
At Ather Energy Private Limited, Rajeev Goswami acts as the luminary who embodies these essential traits and more. In his journey through the corporate legal sphere and with a diverse backdrop spanning power, aluminium, IT, and manufacturing sectors, Rajeev has honed an acute understanding of the legal dynamics intrinsic to each industry’s landscape. What sets Rajeev apart is not just his extensive experience but his innate ability to decipher the legal puzzles that often perplex organisations. As an in-house counsel, he has been the guiding force behind pivotal decisions, offering strategic legal counsel and steering businesses through the maze of contracts, compliance, and risk management. His academic prowess, boasting qualifications from prestigious institutions in India and the UK, underscores a commitment to excellence and a deep-seated understanding of the intersections between law and business. Recognition hasn’t eluded Rajeev, with notable accolades like the ‘Inspiring Legal Falcon’ award at the 2023 LexTalk World Legal & IP Conference in Dubai and the esteemed acknowledgement of Ather Energy’s legal team as the ‘Best Automotive Sector InHouse Legal Team 2023’ by APAC Insider.
Beyond his corporate endeavours, Rajeev’s passion for sharing knowledge and shaping legal minds is evident through his role as a guest faculty member at esteemed institutes and his past contributions as an ex-member of the Law Advisory Committee at IMS Law College, NCR. TradeFlock interviewed Rajeev to learn more about his experience, leadership style, and advice for young legal experts. 

Could you describe your corporate governance experience and your advisory role to senior management and the board on legal affairs?

As a company secretary within major listed organisations, I’ve significantly bolstered corporate governance. I’ve Rajeev Goswami Head – Corporate Legal, Ather Energy Adaptable, Strategic Thinker & Multifaceted Legal Pro 10 Best Chief Legal Officers in India 2023 42 cultivated a governance culture by aligning senior management and the board with organisational values. My role involved elucidating their fiduciary duties and ensuring that actions were in the organisation’s best interest. Experience in law firms and conglomerates enabled the optimisation of high-quality, cost-effective legal services, whether in-house or external. This blend of roles and expertise harmonises legal strategies with business objectives, which is crucial for ethical governance and effective legal practices within complex corporate landscapes.

How do you manage international corporate legal matters amidst global regulations and compliance complexities?

Navigating international corporate legal matters involves multifaceted challenges, especially within multinational entities like Motorola, HCL Technologies Ltd., Vedanta Ltd., and even in case of the global expansion of Ather Energy. Establishing a robust framework involves a strategic approach. I focus on building a network of trusted local counsels and advisors, ensuring swift and accurate guidance on diverse global regulations. Managing dispute resolution within international transactions is pivotal. Additionally, I emphasise educating and training employees and partners on legal and ethical standards. Fostering a culture of compliance and integrity within the organisation ensures adherence to global regulations, steering the company towards ethical and legal excellence amidst international complexities.

How do emerging legal trends and tech advancements impact corporate law, and how do you prepare your legal department for these changes?

Anticipating the impact of emerging legal trends and technological advancements in corporate law, I foresee a demand surge for efficient, accessible legal services spanning contracts, compliance, litigation, and corporate transactions. This shift creates a landscape ripe for leveraging technology: automation, AI, cloud-native solutions, virtual assistants, and fortifying areas like data privacy and cybersecurity. Preparing the legal department involves a strategic roadmap for digital transformation, prioritising processes ripe for tech integration, and selecting optimal legal tech solutions. Fostering an innovative culture and promoting continual learning within the department are crucial steps towards adapting and thriving amidst these transformative shifts.

Is there a talent shortage in the legal sector? If so, how would you address this gap?

The legal sector faces a conspicuous talent gap owing to a deficiency in multifaceted skills beyond academic legal expertise. Today, roles like in-house counsel and independent counsel demand a broader skill set encompassing management, business development, digital literacy, and innovation. Bridging this gap necessitates investment in current staff development, enhancing recruitment methods to attract diverse talent, integrating legal tech solutions, and fostering a culture of innovation and continuous learning within legal teams. Embracing these strategies can not only address the talent deficit but also equip legal professionals to thrive in an evolving legal landscape, ensuring holistic proficiency beyond traditional legal skills.

What advice do you have for law students or new legal professionals starting their careers?

I’d begin with a caution: the legal profession isn’t just a career; it’s a lifelong commitment to learning and evolution. The law evolves rapidly, demanding proactive, curious, diligent, and ethical individuals willing to commit to perpetual learning. For law students and budding legal professionals, I advocate a lifelong commitment to learning. Stay proactive, curious, diligent, and ethical—embrace the traits of a committed lifelong student. Understanding technology, business, and finance is paramount. Invest time in comprehending these areas and their interconnectedness with law; it enriches your legal acumen significantly. Remember, technology isn’t a threat; it’s an enabler. Embrace it judiciously—it will enhance effectiveness and proficiency in the future legal landscape. Strive to be not just a lawyer but a well-rounded, innovative, and adaptable legal professional.
















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