10 Best Chief Legal Officers in India 2023

10 Best Chief Legal Officers in India 2023
10 Best Chief Legal Officers in India 2023


In general, when we talk about changes in the legal industry, we often focus solely on how it affects the profession itself. For a long time, legal experts and professionals have had complete control over every aspect of the industry—from education and training to providing what they label as “legal services,” managing the judicial process, and setting the rules. They’ve also been the ones shaping the story of the industry. However, things are shifting now—businesses are redefining the legal function’s culture, mindset, role, scope, and goals. In its issue, TradeFlock acknowledges – 10 Best Chief Legal Officers in India 2023  who effectively navigate businesses through the evolution of law and its complexities. The edition covers their views, challenges, strategies, and experiences of these leaders, exclusive stories, and info boosters, overall, worth for anyone. Happy Reading!

Amzur Technologies

Nitesh Bakshi

Senior Director - Legal, Compliance & Quality

Novo Nordisk

A seasoned professional who has orchestrated the legal and compliance functions of esteemed organisations with remarkable Finesse, Nitesh is a result-oriented visionary who has honed his expertise over the years. 

Menrva Technologies

Ashish Kumar

Chief Legal Counsel & Group Company Secretary

Dixon Technologies

Ashish Kumar boasts an impressive 22-year career specialising in corporate legal affairs, commercial agreements, and global company secretarial functions. His professional journey extends far beyond these roles; he serves as a strategic advisor to top-tier management. 

AUK Computing

Kapil Singh

Vice President(Legal)


Kapil made significant contributions to the corporate legal departments of renowned corporate houses. He honed his skills in contract creation, vetting, and litigation management, international law, and arbitration, and he negotiates with lawyers and corporations. 

Chropynska India

Lakshmi S Nayak

Director - Legal Affairs

Yield Engineering Systems

With over a decade and a half years of experience in the legal domain, Lakshmi embodies the essence of a legal strategist, adeptly navigating the multifaceted challenges of the manufacturing domain. Her journey is a testament to her passion for the law and her unwavering commitment to the industry. 

Senior Director

Narayan Kedia

Vice President Legal

Indiabulls Group

With 14 years of expertise in securities and investment laws, Narayan is a strategic force skilled in navigating complex legal landscapes. His hallmark lies in seamlessly traversing diverse legal domains, tailoring counsel to each client’s unique needs. 

Regional Sales Director

Nishant Gupta

Head-Legal & Company Secretary

Alshaya India

Nishant’s journey reflects resilience, strategic thinking, expertise, a commitment to learning, and problem-solving abilities in the field of corporate law and governance, making him ann esteemed professional in his field.

Energy & Utilities,

Puneet Suri

Legal Director

Infinite Computer Solutions

Commencing his career with an ardent passion for the legal sector, Puneet has an intricate understanding of legal processes and industry-specific terminologies. With a proactive approach, he delved into legal literature and was involved in legal counseling. 

Head, Asia Pacificers

Suni Augustine

Associate Vice President Head Legal- Land Acquisition

Adani Electricity

Dr. Suni has made significant contributions to various organisations and held key positions at Goldshield Group PLC, Wind World India Ltd., Jet Airways, Genom Biotech, Reliance Group and Leela Hotels Group.
















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