10 Best Chief Product Officers in India 2022

Gaurav Sharma

Assistant Vice President –

New product Development

Cadila Pharmaceuticals


Building or launching a new product or product line in the pharmaceutical industry is no cakewalk. It requires an understanding of several complex things working together, which may arise not just when creating the product but also when marketing or selling it. Gaurav Sharma, AVP – New Product Development, Cadila Pharmaceuticals, leverages his over 18 years of experience in the global pharma, biotech, and consulting industry across North American and South Asian markets to anchor the company’s products perfectly. What adds to his arsenal is his experience in the medical communication industry (Vox Medica, Philadelphia).

10 Best Chief Product Officers in India 2022

The role of a CPO has become more incremental than ever. But not many companies understand it and hence fail in experiencing growth. Companies who create a product and then search for a market while being adamant to accept making changes as per the market/consumer needs do not survive for long. It is important to understand the nerve of the customer’s need and to do so, organisations need
an expert – a CPO.

A CPO has the power to transform the big books of the company. S/he brings analytical, decision-making, consumer connections, design, and development into a product’s lifecycle. However, bringing these insights need years of experience and foresight. This comes coupled with failures, learnings, and reiterations followed by successes.

TradeFlock’s current issue ‘10 Best CPOs in India 2022’ brings to our audience a guidebook
that highlights the success mantras of some eminent CPOs in India. The issue brings their journey, challenges, strategies, and life lessons too. It highlights their advice for young professionals who strive to become successful CPOs in their careers someday.

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