Agnelo Miranda


The Man Behind ‘Many Firsts’

Agnelo Miranda

Founder & COO,

Not many are credited with achieving numerous industry firsts throughout their careers, but Agnelo Miranda stands as a testament to pioneering spirit and innovation. With a remarkable journey spanning over 25 years, Agnelo has left an indelible mark on various sectors, redefining standards and reshaping industries. His trailblazing venture began with the introduction of cutting-edge quality processes, where he implemented ISO and Total Quality Management (TQM) in a manufacturing unit, becoming one of the pioneers in the nation. He not only achieved the ISO 9000 certification but also adapted to the evolving standards, securing certifications like ISO 9001 for logistics support.
In the e-commerce and logistics space, Agnelo’s vision soared to new heights. He ventured into personal and loyalty programme businesses, being the first to pick up parcels from Flipkart’s office in Bangalore and implementing automated air waybill systems, revolutionising logistics. His entrepreneurial spirit further led him to establish a 200-seater call centre, diving into BFSI processes and insurance renewals, showcasing his versatile expertise.
One of Agnelo’s most significant milestones was co-founding Scootsy, a logistics delivery company that transcended traditional boundaries. Under his guidance, Scootsy not only delivered restaurant food but also diverse products, including games, cigarettes, and emergency supplies. This innovative endeavour caught the attention of industry giants, culminating in its acquisition by Swiggy in 2018.
Currently, as the founder and COO of Kaam. com, Agnelo continues to shape the future of the hospitality industry. With unmatched dedication, he oversees operations, from shaping demand to curating supply and introducing groundbreaking innovations in the on-demand job space. Agnelo’s commitment extends beyond mere business transactions; he envisions an organisation that is transparent, beneficial to all stakeholders, and a beacon of innovation.
In the hands of Agnelo, industries transform, norms evolve, and unprecedented milestones are achieved, promising a future where the boundaries of possibility are constantly stretched, creating unparalleled value for both employers and employees alike. TradeFlock interviewed Agnelo to learn more about his journey and achievements.

What have been the key learnings during your professional career?

My journey in HR began in the late 1990s, after I graduated from school. I secured a job opportunity at NIRLEP, one of the largest steel manufacturing plants in southern Maharashtra. This experience instilled in me the importance of keeping an open mind for opportunities and learning from every aspect of the job, setting the foundation for my future endeavours.
Implementing quality processes, especially during the introduction of ISO certification, posed significant challenges. Despite my initial lack of experience, I led a team through the implementation of Total Quality Management (TQM) processes. Adapting to these new standards was crucial, and we not only achieved the ISO 9000 certification but also secured certifications like ISO 9001 for logistics support. This period taught me resilience and the importance of continuous improvement.
In the consumer durables industry, my focus shifted towards transforming traditional distribution methods. During my tenure with Nirlep Cookwares, a nonstick cookware company, I identified inefficiencies in their existing system. Introducing professional distribution methods and exploring new avenues like corporate sales and e-commerce became my mission. We became pioneers in selling consumer durables online, revolutionising sales strategies. This experience emphasised the significance of innovation and adaptability, shaping my approach to business in an ever-changing landscape.
My journey in logistics and e-commerce began with a startup, Expressit Logistic, that competed with giants like Blue Dart and FedEx. Adapting to market demands, we ventured into loyalty programmes, serving sectors like airlines and e-commerce companies. Embracing innovation, we introduced automated systems, which played a pivotal role in shaping the logistics industry’s landscape.

What are your professional and personal aspirations for the next five years?

Professionally, I aspire to elevate our company’s reputation, attract investors, and ensure client satisfaction. I aim for us to be renowned for innovation and a client-focused approach. Personally, I plan to expand our family business, establish cafes, and enter the Middle East market. I strive for a balance between professional success and personal fulfilment, anticipating new entrepreneurial ventures and moments of relaxation by the beach at sunset.

Can you share the key lessons you've learned about decisionmaking, motivation, and maintaining a positive attitude in a nutshell?

Over the years, I’ve learned three key lessons. First and foremost, it’s essential to be receptive and open-minded, especially when making decisions. Understanding the context and making informed choices is vital. Secondly, motivation is a significant factor, but it’s not always about money. As an entrepreneur, self-motivation becomes crucial, especially when financial resources are limited. Lastly, always maintaining a positive attitude and a smile, regardless of the challenges faced, is vital. A positive demeanour not only influences personal well-being but also positively impacts team dynamics and client relationships.

As a leader, how do you handle challenges in managing people, finances, and client relationships?

Managing people poses a daily challenge that I address through open communication and a flat organisational structure. To handle financial matters, I adopt a strategic approach, maintaining lean operations, rigorous accounting, and realtime cash flow monitoring. Building strong client relationships demands constant communication, understanding, proactive problem-solving, and finding the right balance between assertiveness and empathy. Overcoming these challenges is essential to my role, and these methods have proven effective in my experience.

How has technology, including AI, ML, and robotics, supported your operations, and what are your plans for integrating future technologies into your business?

Technology, including AI, ML, and robotics, has revolutionised our operations. We’ve employed AI algorithms for efficient jobcandidate matching, while ML automates tasks, boosting productivity. Robotics handles mundane chores, freeing up human resources. In the future, we intend to deepen our integration of AI and ML. We’re considering AI-driven chatbots for customer interactions and predictive analytics for talent acquisition. These innovations aim to further streamline our operations, enhancing responsiveness and efficiency.
















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