Gomathi Perumal


Redefining Leadership in India's Tech Landscape

Gomathi Perumal

Vice President - Operations,

AgnoShin Technologies

Venturing beyond the comfort zone can be a game changer in one’s career, Gomathi Perumal, AgnoShin Technologies’ Vice President of Operations, embodies this truth. Her journey began at SPIC as a trainee, where she quickly outgrew the predictable and embraced challenges outside her comfort zone. Exploring diverse roles, including new business incubation and solution delivery, she gained a comprehensive understanding of key business functions.
Gomathi’s passion for pushing boundaries became evident at AgnoShin Technologies. Utilising her expertise in talent management and client relationships, she streamlined operational strategies. Her initiatives allowed technical leaders to focus on customer relationships, enhancing the company’s reputation. In roles like budget analysis and process improvement, Gomathi’s commitment to exploring the unfamiliar not only streamlined operations but also shaped the organisation’s future. Her story underscores the transformative power of leaving one’s comfort zone, potentially leading to unparalleled growth and success.
To know what her plans and strategies for the future are, TradeFlock did a detailed conversation with Gomathi.

Can you outline your leadership approach and its impact on your company's operations team?

My leadership philosophy is rooted in trust and empowerment. We seek individuals at AgnoShin who exhibit a strong sense of responsibility and accountability, even if their skills aren’t a complete match. I prioritise empowerment over control because I recognise its pivotal role in our journey to build a standout tech company in the contact centre industry.
By trusting our team members and empowering them to make decisions, we have created an environment where innovation and creativity thrive. This approach has enabled our operations team to become agile and responsive, essential qualities in our competitive landscape. Emphasising empowerment over control not only nurtures individual growth but also fosters a collaborative and dynamic workplace, contributing significantly to our success.

Could you share insights into your entrepreneurial journey, highlighting the challenges you faced and the strategies you employed to overcome them?

My entrepreneurial journey began with the stark realisation that it wouldn’t be easy. Uncertainties loomed large, from business challenges and funding issues to resource constraints and project complexities. Despite the odds, we had a fragile safety net, offering a modicum of reassurance amid the storm.
However, being on our own meant that the safety net was thin, and we had to provide security not just for ourselves but for the people who placed their trust in us. In response, our team of promoters resolved to capitalise on our core strengths and address our areas for improvement, especially in managing costs. I personally took on multiple roles, handling operations, sales, and, at times, even project management. It was undeniably tough.
Throughout this process, we were committed to fostering a learning environment. We recognised the immense potential of women, particularly their ability to showcase their skills even after a maternity break. We firmly believed in providing them with the time and supportive atmosphere to settle back into the workforce. This belief translated into action: today, over 60 percent of our workforce comprises women, and some of our satellite centres boast nearly 90 percent female staff.
Our entrepreneurial journey has been marked by challenges, but it’s also a testament to our team’s resilience, adaptability, and belief in the power of diversity and continuous learning.

How have you enhanced operational efficiency, reduced costs, and streamlined processes in your customer experience management platform?

To enhance operational efficiency and reduce costs within our customer experience management platform, we employ meticulous milestone tracking, fostering transparency and proactive problem-solving. Regular crossfunctional huddles facilitate open communication about challenges, ensuring their swift resolution. Key functions like talent acquisition, finance, and operations are strategically planned in advance, thereby enabling efficient decision-making and implementation.

What ethical principles influence your leadership decisions, and how do you promote ethical conduct within your team and operations?

My leadership is guided by strong ethical principles centered on integrity, honesty, and fairness. At AgnoShin, we understand the potential of our diverse team, many of whom are first-generation graduates from tier 2 or 3 towns. We believe in their inherent honesty and dedication to making a positive impact on our customers.
We maintain a culture of complete honesty within the organisation, emphasising transparency and accountability. We adhere to a strict philosophy: every dollar of our funds should either benefit our customers or suppliers. We staunchly refuse to engage in any unethical practices aimed at gaining an extra dollar. This commitment ensures that ethical conduct is ingrained within our team and operations, fostering trust among employees, customers, and stakeholders alike.

Can you discuss your strengths, weaknesses, motivation, and sources of inspiration?

My key strengths lie in my ability to communicate effectively. I am vocal, articulate, and often straightforward. I am an avid reader, surrounding myself with individuals who are well-read, achievers, and those who have ventured out of their comfort zones and taken risks. This exposure enriches my perspective and keeps me motivated.
My motivation comes from diverse sources. I find inspiration in leaders from various fields, including academia, sports, and defense. Additionally, achievers from the differently abled community fascinate me with their resilience and determination, serving as a testament to human spirit and capability. Their stories drive me to push boundaries and strive for excellence in all that I do.
Moreover, my friends and I are deeply committed to helping underprivileged children access education. We have touched the lives of nearly 500 kids, enabling many of them to pursue higher education and break societal boundaries. These children, who have overcome challenges, serve as a constant reminder of the impact of determination and education, reinforcing my commitment to making a difference in the lives of others.
















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