Jimmy Sah


Transforming Operations with a Growth Mindset

Jimmy Sah

Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Infinite Solutions

To discover the remarkable journey of Jimmy Sah, the founder and Chief Operating Officer of Infinite Solutions, TradeFlock interviewed him. He navigates the complexities of the operations realm in a rapidly evolving business landscape. From overcoming unforeseen roadblocks in a niche sector dependent on international relations to formulating winning strategies, Jimmy has emerged as a distinguished COO in India.
Jimmy skilfully manages costs, client expectations, and unpredictable industry disruptions. His comprehensive understanding of various departments fosters transparency and trust. Embracing change and personal growth, he exemplifies the transformative potential of operational expertise, technology integration, and a growth mindset. Read on to learn more about Jimmy and his operational strengths.

As a COO, what have been some of the biggest roadblocks you faced, and how did you overcome them?

Being the operations guy is a tough job. You have to handle the cost of the service, meet clients’ expectations, and stay updated with new guidelines. As the COO, my main challenge is that our niche sector relies heavily on international relations, which can be unpredictable. Events like Donald Trump’s triumph, Joe Biden’s Presidency, and the Russia-Ukraine war can disrupt our operations instantly. These unforeseen situations are difficult to predict.
However, as the COO, I consider all possibilities when making business decisions, whether they involve internal management or dealing with external stakeholders. I understand the need for quick changes and ensuring that the quality of our deliverables remains unaffected in this complex domain.

Can you highlight the most interesting aspects of your current role as the Founder and COO of Infinite Solutions?

The most interesting aspect of my role is balancing organisational, analytical, and people skills simultaneously. To manage organisational tasks, I stay updated with daily responsibilities such as business development, project execution, and client interaction.
My analytical skills are frequently tested when employees approach me with complex projects, which have strict deadlines and new guidelines to follow.
In terms of people management, my approach is clear: foster relationships where honesty and transparency are valued. I communicate openly with clients, and my colleagues feel comfortable in speaking honestly with me. For instance, if an employee wants time off to attend a friend’s wedding or for a leisure trip, they don’t need to use sick leave as an excuse. They can provide the real reason for their leave, and it will be granted. I apply same philosophy with clients as well. I believe in upfront telling them the actual realtime picture.

How are you evolving as a professional with each passing day? Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Life is a journey of continuous change and growth. Each stage brings its own accomplishments, but we must keep evolving. I embrace this philosophy, understanding that while my personality traits may remain fairly stable, my perceptions, worldview, and exposure to diverse environments and cultures constantly shape my perspective on life. Change is not just important; it is the essence of life itself.

What have been your winning strategies as a COO? How are you evolving them with the changing times?

My winning strategy involves periodically pausing to focus on the business’s long-term goals and direction. I then break down these goals into daily tactical decisions and tasks. As a COO, I used to be involved in everything but later shifted to developing procedures that allow my team to execute the company’s vision. My role includes finding solutions for client consultations and implementing them into our projects.
To be an effective COO, I realised the importance of understanding business, people management, and the industry as a whole. I have worked closely with all departments, including marketing, trading, operations, people management, partnerships, and customer service. As the COO, I interact with people at all levels, valuing their feedback and suggestions to improve our organisation’s culture and processes. The same approach applies to our clients, resulting in low attrition rates and repeat business.
I bring in strong technical expertise, while my partners bring other core strengths. We respect and complement each other; recognising our individual strengths and weaknesses.

How do you make technology and people work hand-in-hand for the success of your organisation? Any bottlenecks, and if yes, how do you mitigate them?

Incorporating technology not only improves the user experience but also makes financial and operational sense. Automation is a key focus for us, as it frees up individual’s time by taking care of routine tasks. I personally use and encourage the use of technologies like the Internet of Things, software, ChatGPT, smartphones, and chatbots to transform how we work and communicate.
By leveraging automation and advanced collaboration technologies, we achieve higher productivity and efficiency. AI can also enhance labour productivity. These technologies enable employees to engage in higher-value, more stimulating activities, leading to increased job satisfaction. Furthermore, advanced technology facilitates data-driven decision-making, thereby allowing employees to measure, analyse, predict, and collaborate effectively.
As an example, we have recently developed our own software for calculating carbon emissions. This enables quick and easy data input from clients without the need for dedicated human resources.

Tell us the USP that you have crafted for Infinite?

We would like to reach a stage where we are able to make an impact and help companies achieve their climate related goals
















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