10 Best COOs in India 2023

10 Best COOs in India 2023
10 Best COOs in India 2023


Indian businesses have grown increasingly operationally complex, owing to the diverse market, regulatory challenges, and intricate cultural nuances. Despite being traditionally overshadowed by CEOs, Chief Operating Officers (COOs) now play a pivotal role in Indian corporate organisations. They are instrumental in streamlining operations, ensuring optimal efficiency, and optimising processes to navigate these complexities effectively. Their significance can be attributed to their multifaceted roles in managing operational complexities, driving technological advancements, optimising supply chains, ensuring financial stewardship, nurturing talent, contributing to strategic decision-making, and ensuring regulatory compliance. TradeFlock acknowledges the remarkable professional journey of some of India’s most inspiring operational visionaries in its latest issue – “10 Best COOs in India 2023.”

Amzur Technologies

Alisha Dennis

Chief Operating Officer

Admissiongyan Education Consultancy

Alisha is a visionary leader whose journey inspires and whose goals promise continued growth and success for Admissiongyan Education Consultancy—her leadership philosophy centres on operational excellence to guide students towards their educational dreams.

Menrva Technologies

Adarsh Kumar

Chief Operating Officer


Adarsh Kumar, MD & COO at iEnergizer, has an illustrious professional journey. He has overseen various business verticals and delivered year-on-year growth. His expertise spans operations, sales, and finance, showcasing his exceptional leadership skills and strategic acumen.

AUK Computing

Agnelo Miranda

Founder & Chief Operating Officer


With a remarkable journey spanning over 25 years, Agnelo has left an indelible mark on various sectors, redefining standards and reshaping industries. With unmatched dedication,  Agnelo continues to shape the future of the hospitality industry.

Chropynska India

Amit Taneja

Chief Operating Officer

Parksons Packaging

A leader with almost two decades of industry experience, Amit deftly leads Parksons Packaging towards operational excellence. He is armed with engineering expertise, strategic decision-making skills and meticulous attention to detail.

Senior Director

Anil Sharma

Chief Operating Officer

Ferns N Petals

Anil Sharma has an experience of nearly 25 years and has been a part of FNP since 2004. He is an analytical decision-maker, and for the last 12 years, he has been leading the Retail and Franchise development of the company as Vice President.

Regional Sales Director

Dhritiman Chakraborty

Director Operations

Ingram Micro

As an esteemed operational leader, Dhritiman has become synonymous with driving organisational success through his exceptional expertise. He has the exceptional ability to optimise operational processes and a profound understanding of the intricacies involved in translating strategic vision into tangible results.

Energy & Utilities,

Jimmy Sah

Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Infinite Solutions

One of the distinguished COOs in India, Jimmy leads the operations at Infinite Solutions. He skillfully manages costs, client expectations, and unpredictable industry disruptions—his comprehensive understanding of various departments fosters transparency and trust.

Head, Asia Pacificers

M.M. Singh

Chief Operating Officer

Maruti Suzuki India

MM Singh leads the production vertical at Maruti Suzuki India Limited. He is responsible for rolling out 1.2 million cars from the Maruti stable every year with assets under control of $ 5 billion. He leads a team of 20,000 people at ten plants with over 150 departments.