10 Best COOs in India – What Makes The Most Successful COOs?

A chief operating officer plays a multifaceted role in an organisation. Not only do they monitor the day-to-day administrative and operational processes in the organisation but also bring the vision and interpersonal skills to the table to inspire the organisation’s workforce. While picking up the 10 best COOs in India 2022, we had a few words with different corporate leaders to determine the measures and characteristics to identify the Top COOs in India. The traits of the best chief operating officers are mentioned below. 

They balance the visionary tendency with practical follow-through 

10 best COOs in India 2022, break down the plans of their CEOs into actionable steps and ensure their flawless and effective execution. As the founders are always thrilled by big ideas, they use their visionary mindset to analyse their ideas on the ground of reality. On a C-suite table, a COO is one who goes behind the statistics, while others are excited about a revolutionary idea. In our journey to find the 10 best COOs in India, we dig deep into their ability to balance the visionary tenderable with a practical approach. Top COOs in India signifies data-driven and fact-based decision-making. They are always flexible enough to adopt a change and let everyone know that it is the manifoldness of their role that they do what exactly needs to be done in the favour of the organisation. 

Have an eye to identifying key issues 

Regardless of the achievements, there is always room for improvement in every corporation. Top COOs in India 2022, always try to find issues within the organisation and its various departments by raising the appropriate questions and meeting with people in the organisation at every level. This also helps in getting the insights for informed decision-making. While we at TradeFlock shortlist ‘the 10 best COOs in India 2022’, we evaluate COOs based on how they categorise the information to better understand the department–wise issues and conflicts and how they rely on data to depict a challenge or issue and follow the fact-based approach to make improvements and eliminate all the negative emotions. 

Constant focus on alignment 

Leaders in operational management always signify and value the alignment in organisational structure, behaviour, payouts, and business objectives. Top COOs in India are the ones on the board who ensure that all the leaders have the same vision, values, and objectives for the growth of the organisation. They determine an organisational structure to ensure smooth internal communication and alliance between the different teams and departments. The best Chief operating officers understand that clear compensation plans are essential to ensure that there are no moral hazards in the teams. TradeFlock shortlists the ‘10 best COOs in India 2022’ on the basis of their focus on aligning operations, communications and structure with the organisation’s goal. 

Improve everything they touch 

The best chief operating officers utilise the feedback and reviews in every process to ensure constant growth and improvement. They have an eye to pinpoint the unnecessary work to reduce the burden of resources and improve their efficiency and quality of outcomes. Top COOs in India keep tracking the metrics to evaluate if their strategies have helped achieve the business goals and if there is an improvement in operations. They are mentors who bridge the gap between leadership and the workforce. Therefore, they are effective collaborators and communicators as well. In the course of finding the ‘10 best COOs in India 2022, TradeFlock assesses the ability of COOs to fill the leadership gaps, resolve significant issues and implement the core strategies in concert. 

Seasoned in growing a business 

One of the significant qualities of top COOs in India is they have the expertise and experience of expanding the business and it is their actual role in the organisation. They hold years of experience in taking an average business to the leading positions in the market. The right mindset and approach to align the key strategies with business goals is something that helps them achieve success in what they do. This reflects in the commercial impact of their decision-making on the business. TradeFlock curates its list of the ‘10 best COOs in India’ by analysing COOs’ ability to accelerate and ensure growth in an organisation’s business. 

Awareness of the limitations and openness 

The best chief operating officers have a better understanding of the boundaries and restrictions, and they are also known for the fact that their organisation requires more from them than they can give. Given that fact, they make optimum efforts to fill the deficiencies in administration, management, and sales. Additionally, there is no difference in what they think and what they speak. They avoid being unnecessarily polite and speak of reality in favour of the organisation’s benefits without considering what others feel. Understanding of own limitations and openness is something that TradeFlock considers while shortlisting ‘the 10 best COOs in India 2022’. 

Selfless professionals 

The thing that brought a professional in operations to TradeFlock’s list of the 10 best COOs in India 2022 is selflessness. The best chief operating officer gives the credit for ups to the entire team and takes the responsibility down personally. That means top COOs in India do everything for the organisation’s growth and benefits, and the betterment of the workforce and priorities it over personal advantages. This is what makes them the people’s leaders. 

The above-mentioned attributes and abilities are what make the top COOs in India and TradeFlock follows this standard to curate its list of the 10 best COOs in India in 2022.

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