Gaurav Kumar Wankar

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An Ambassador of Transformation

Gaurav Kumar Wankar

Director Advisory Board, OneSS Infra

Chief Product and Technology Officer, Nameit Homeit, Rise Flow Ecommerce

I n the enthralling realm of organizational health, Gaurav Kumar Wankar stands elevated as a Business Doctor, and an International Business Legal Strategist mending and revitalizing bleeding-edge businesses with his ingenious vision and trailblazing strategies. Like an Agile Coaching Maestro, Gaurav’s reputation as an Ambassador of Transformation, a trusted advisor to the C-Suite precedes him. His blend of engineering brilliance, artistic vision, and diplomatic strategies elevates organizations to new heights towards holistic business model innovation, fearlessly embracing transformation in this VUCA world. In terms of his academic bastion, Gaurav is a Global Doctor of Business Administration scholar, along with LL.M, M.Tech, double M.B.A, double PG, and 5 Executive Programmes from the University of Cambridge, UK; Golden Gate University, California; Swiss School of Business and Management, Switzerland; National University of Singapore; IIM Kozhikode; IIM Nagpur; IIM Trichy; IIM Indore; University of Hyderabad; and JNTU Hyderabad, in addition to 400+ International Certifications. As a Seasoned Thought Leader, he has been leading 28 teams across 24 geographical locations, revolutionizing the Semiconductor, Electronics, IT, Telecom, Aerospace, Automotive, FinTech, AgriTech, E-Commerce, Q-Commerce, HPC, Real Estate, Construction, Mass Media, and Film Production industries, embarking on a journey of Global Enterprise Agility. Gaurav’s transformational leadership is a beacon of resilience and inspiration for organizations seeking growth and adaptability with unparalleled excellence. His influence as a People Leader goes beyond the boardroom; he fosters inclusive and collaborative environment where diverse teams flourish. His leadership not only leaves a lasting impression driving business success but also has a positive impact on society, illuminating the path to a brighter future. TradeFlock interviewed Gaurav, to delve deep into his enthralling journey and vision for the future.

Gaurav, how has your transformative approach to digitalization, spanning 16 organizations, revolutionized business perceptions?

Every organization requires strategists to drive transformation. Strategizing a corporate plan has its spectrum of challenges, necessitating the Director, along with being a CPO, CTO, and VP, to integrate the organizational vision, goals, and objectives, in accordance with legal compliances across International Jurisdictions. As a Visionary Change Management Professional, a SAFe Product Owner/ Product Manager, ICAgile Certified Agile Coach, Certified Scrum Product Owner, Agile Certified Practitioner, and Six-Sigma Black Belt Professional, I have been co-creating the program vision, offering technology leadership, product ownership, identifying the pain areas, driving end-to-end PLM, and exploring Next-Generation PaaS / SaaS / IaaS / AIaaS productized services driving Web 3.0 and Industry 5.0 Hyper-Personalization. In the grand symphony of transformation, I have been spearheading a unified E-commerce and Q-commerce platform along with launching various Cognitive AI on-the-Edge Spatial Analytics solutions with immersive AI accelerated Digital-Twins, enhancing the user experience in the Metaverse environment by replacing the 4 “P’s” of marketing with the 4 “E’s”, making our lives easier by allowing decision-making based on digital reality. In the grand symphony of transformation, I have been merging various entities under one umbrella, transforming obstacles into opportunities, and motivating people to embrace change and accomplish success.

How is OneSS Infra streamlining the Real Estate industry?

OneSS Infra, awarded as the Best Construction Company in Indore, is revolutionizing the Real Estate industry with our unified one-stop solution, unleashing the potential of DigitalTwins and PropTech. Our comprehensive services include Design Consultancy, Civil Construction, Commercial Buildings, Green Buildings, Project Management, ERP, AI-driven Floor Planning, AI-enhanced Architecture Planning, and various other infra solutions, ensuring an efficient and seamless customer experience.

How is NH.AI impacting the Business Ecosystem?

NH.AI stands out with its mission to curb food wastage and empower India’s 4 crore microbusinesses. Currently, negligent practices lead to a staggering loss of 34% of edible fruits and 44% of edible vegetables annually, costing the Indian economy Rs.63,000 crore. Our unified, one-stop solution Digital Transformation business place streamlines the food value chain. We aim to transform the existing supply-push model to a demand-pull approach, reducing food wastage through digitization. Our focus on sustainability, ethical consumption, and environmental responsibility contributes to the social and economic development of communities.

Any words of wisdom for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Life is an adventurous journey filled with roadblocks, skeptics, and setbacks as we pursue our dreams. However, the sky is not the limit, when we have the zeal to work towards our passion, persist, and have faith in ourselves. As a Resilient Change Evangelist working across 16 organizations as a Director Advisory Board, CPO, CTO, VP of Product, Product Manager, Manager of AI, Digital Transformation Consultant, and Senior Product Consultant, I have been connecting the dots and realized that “The Reward is the Journey.” It has always been my passion to break barriers, push the boundaries, and move out of my comfort zone towards the learning zone, exploring the growth zone with the joy and excitement of chasing the unknown. Transitioning from the corporate world to a startup taught me the value of embracing change and experiencing a colorful array of challenges and triumphs. These experiences have shaped me into a better version of myself, inspiring me to raise my game, transcending and reforming society. Remember, every step in this thrilling journey counts — cherish the pain, savor the joy, and evolve into a better version of yourself. Embrace the adventure, and may it lead you to success beyond imagination.
















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