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Rajesh Singh

Country Manager - India & South Asia,


Many journeys are classic, but only a few are masterclasses, driven by strategic prowess and relentless dedication. Rajesh Singh’s journey from a service engineer to Country Manager (India & South Asia) at Lumenis, is a masterclass in ambition and achievement. His multifaceted journey through diverse roles underscores his transformative impact on the industry. Within Lumenis, Rajesh’s tenure as operations head (presales & service) showcased his ability to orchestrate seamless operations. As director of services, his commitment to excellence fortified Lumenis’ service vertical.
On the other hand, his stewardship as business manager for service projects across the Asia Pacific region further underscores his skill in steering large-scale initiatives. Beyond Lumenis, Rajesh’s tenure at GE Healthcare cemented his reputation as a seasoned leader. His evolution from a service specialist to roles as service manager, remote service leader, and dealer manager reflects his acumen in service delivery, team leadership, and strategic partnerships.
However, Rajesh’s journey is more than accolades; it’s a philosophy of embracing challenges and leveraging them for growth. His unwavering focus on continual learning and skill enhancement has been pivotal to his success, as evident in his consistent delivery of results. Rajesh’s strategic acumen spans a spectrum of functions, from P&L management and sales to marketing and quality assurance. With an emphasis on effective time management, commitment, and high standards, he exemplifies the path to success.
TradeFlock interviewed Rajesh to understand his strategies, expertise, and plans. 

The beauty-tech industry is extremely competitive. As a country manager, what steps do you take to keep your company ahead of competitors and maintain a strong market position?

In the dynamic beauty-tech arena, our success formula hinges on visionary leadership and unyielding self-confidence. Converting concepts into reality is our hallmark, fueled by a constructive mindset that spotlights novel prospects. Central to our ethos is customer trust, the cornerstone underpinning both initial and recurring sales. Our compass aligns with hypergrowth and solution-centric strategies, fortified by robust customer relationships rooted in comprehension and value generation. We adapt swiftly to ever-shifting market dynamics, guided by our four foundational pillars: Customers, Technology, People, and Service. This holistic approach secures our premier standing within the industry’s vanguard.

What are some of your biggest challenges, and how are you leveraging your previous learnings to address them?

Every challenge that arises is a stepping stone to greater achievements, from my perspective. Fostering the right behaviour and cultivating a robust organisational culture remains a pivotal yet complex undertaking, profoundly influencing our overall productivity and advancement. Drawing from past experiences, I recognise that establishing well-defined SOPs and streamlined processes ensures meticulous adherence to a quality management system. Preserving integrity stands as an unwavering cornerstone, an elemental prerequisite that shall never waver. While individual brilliance can secure a few victories, championship glory necessitates collective team excellence. Hence, instituting a rigorous review mechanism emerges as essential. This proactive approach identifies gaps, fosters corrective measures, and propels all departments towards harmonised alignment with the organisation’s goals and objectives—an enduring path to success. Empowerment, a potent tool, fuels team motivation and skill amplification, preparing them for elevated responsibilities. Nurturing daily operation competency within the team curtails my direct involvement, freeing me to focus on overarching strategic tasks. In essence, these insights crystallised from my journey equip me to confront contemporary challenges, empowering us to triumph over adversities and script a victorious trajectory.

How do you encourage creativity and fresh ideas within your team?

Igniting innovation within my team isn’t about dictating directions; it’s about kindling the flames of aspiration, learning, and action. By leading by example, I galvanise others to not just follow instructions, but to dare to dream and explore uncharted territories. Harnessing our domain expertise, we fortify our business with a competitive edge, navigating risks while propelling growth. Embracing a network-centric approach, we ignite cross-organisational engagement, birthing fresh concepts that drive evolution. When challenges loom, we thrive on creative solutions, pushing boundaries to success. Our environment thrives on openness—a haven where ideas and opinions flow unabated. The banner of continuous improvement unfurls across our organisation, setting the tone for collective enhancement. Guiding our path is an actionable strategy, flanked by granular operational plans that steer our focus towards paramount objectives, liberating our journey from impediments. Crucially, we unveil the intricate tapestry linking each team member’s role to the overarching business strategy. This connectivity fuels a profound sense of importance, reinforcing their pivotal contribution to organisational growth. In these ways, the flame of creativity roars, fuelling our team’s pursuit of innovative brilliance.

What are your long-term career goals, and how does your current role align with them?

My career ambitions center on crafting a top-tier organization marked by customer satisfaction and excellence. My diverse roles have honed my skills in technical, management, leadership, and more, spanning India, South Asia, and the Asia Pacific. My vision is to establish a selfdriven ecosystem that champions equal opportunities, develops future leaders, and ensures sustainable, high-margin growth. I aim to elevate our brand as the ultimate Solution Partner, collaborating closely with customers to shape their initiatives. My present role as Country Manager seamlessly aligns with these goals. It allows me to drive quality, customer satisfaction, and hypergrowth, thereby contributing directly to my long-term aspirations.

What role do you believe mentorship and networking play in a successful career, and how have these factors impacted your own journey?

Mentorship and networking serve as cornerstones for a successful career, especially in its nascent stages. A mentor provides the roadmap to guide aspirations, shaping both domain expertise and overall personality growth. Equally vital is networking, which propels vertical advancement within the organisation. In my journey, mentorship illuminated the path forward, instilling insights that transcended technical proficiency. Networking, meanwhile, played a pivotal role in both my internal and external interactions. This not only fostered rapport but also garnered 360-degree feedback, which is essential for assuming managerial and leadership roles. The synergy of mentorship and networking has been transformative, fueling my career growth and shaping my trajectory towards achievement.
















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