Rohan Bellikatti

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A Competent Professional Untapping New Growth Areas

Rohan Bellikatti

Country Head-New Business Development (India,Middle East & Srilanka),

Lamilux India Pvt Ltd

Business development leaders are the key driving force behind all industries, often at the frontline of an organisation’s growth. As a result, there are a lot of pressures on professionals in this area, but smartly handling all these pressures is Rohan Bellikatti, Country Head-New Business Development (India,Middle East & Srilanka), at Lamilux India Pvt Ltd. A firm believer of innovation, Rohan foresaw that today’s competitive landscape will rely just on innovation to drive sustainable and inclusive growth. Leveraging creativity and innovation simultaneously, he believes in assessing the challenges and facing them head-on. TradeFlock interviewed him to get insights into his growthoriented approach, his actions toward short & long term horizon and commitment to the society.

Please briefly introduce LAMILUX and which of your strategies helped the company access ample business opportunities in India.

LAMILUX has a rich history, standing strong for over a century as a family-operated business. With a vast 70 years of expertise in crafting fiber-reinforced composites, we prioritise our customers above all. This commitment to our customers reflects in our core philosophy which we term as “Customised Intelligence.” This philosophy champions:
A leader in quality – optimum benefit for customers
A leader in innovation – at the cutting edge of technology
A leader in service – fast, uncomplicated, reliable and friendly
A leader in expertise – optimum sales and technical advisory services
A leader in solving problems – individual, tailored solutions
My previous learnings helped me quickly identify the potential business growth areas for Lamilux India Pvt Ltd and formulate an efficacious strategy. Recognising that our customers are the heart of our enterprise, I’ve always placed their needs and expectations first. At Lamilux India, me and my team have made it clear to our customer that we are just a phone call away. To further the cause, We as a team spearheaded an awareness campaign to enlighten customers about the manifold benefits of Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic/ Polymer, which many were unfamiliar with. Recognising the importance of a technical team, I and my team made sure to establish a robust technical unit to adeptly tackle both technical and practical customer challenges. This well-rounded approach ensured that LAMILUX could tap into numerous business opportunities in India. 

Collaboration is often crucial in business development. Can you describe your approach to building and maintaining relationships with internal teams and external partners?

Collaboration is the key to succeed in today’s competitive and evolving business environment. With the belief that “teamwork makes the dream work,” I enable a cohesive environment and ensure everyone in my internal team is on the same page and have a good understanding, this includes our German team as well. We regularly hold brainstorming sessions, allowing every member to contribute ideas and insights, promoting a culture of inclusivity and mutual respect. This approach has built a foundation of trust, as seen by the support from our German team and the overall high morale of our group. In terms of external partners, they recognise the unique value and innovative solutions we offer, positioning both our businesses at the forefront of market excellence.

What’s your go-to negotiation strategy since it is critical to new business development? Or do you tailor your strategy based on whom you are dealing with?

In response to your question about my go-to negotiation strategy I will say that my journey has taught me that the art of negotiating is paramount. I believe that negotiation is about establishing bonds and strengthening relationships while getting the most for your business. In the dynamic world of sales today, there are no go-to negotiation strategies. It’s essential to recognise that each individual is unique, and thus the approach should be tailored accordingly. Even seasoned leaders can sometimes feel uncertain or anxious before closing a deal. I have my own way in this kind of discussions and negotiations, and to quickly sum up I will mention a quote “I don’t believe in taking Right Decisions, I take decisions and then make them Right”.

What are your upcoming plans to expand the LAMILUX business and yourself? How do you plan to accomplish them?

LAMILUX is working on various new segments beyond Automotive, Cold Rooms or Tank Container Claddings. As a Country Head – New Business Development, I am accountable for driving those segments and implementing product launch strategies and it will happen in a few months as many of them are in final tests and few are on their way. Talking about the plans for LAMILUX, we have recently added Fire shield (Fireretardant), Antibac (Anti-bacterial surface), Carbon-Fiber, Lami Panels (Sandwiched honeycomb GRP thermoplastic panels), and many more products in pipeline to cater to the future needs. Lamilux Believes in Innovation and will keep innovating new products in the coming years.

While everyone is running after cleaner and greener energy, where do you see India in the coming 10 years?

In the next 10 years, India is poised to be a significant player in the shift towards greener energy. As the upcoming manufacturing hub following China, India is rapidly transitioning to electrical vehicles, backed by newly identified lithium reserves in J&K for EV battery production. Additionally, while India showcases advancements in medicine and vaccination, its focus on the automotive sector and EVs is evident. However, timely governmental actions for improved infrastructure are crucial for a seamless transition from petroleum & CNG vehicles.

What is your success mantra that keeps you growing?

I always believe “Success is Never Owned, it is rented and the Rent is due Everyday” Which is self-explanatory that there are no shortcuts in achieving goals. We have to be disciplined and focused. Never lose sight of your goal, but most importantly believe in yourself and your abilities. Our society loves ease. In our all-or-nothing, quick-fix, one-and-done world, success stems not from the path of least resistance, but from the day-in-day-out application of habits and disciplined actions. Sorry if that bursts your bubble, but it’s true. If you want to be truly successful in life, you have to be willing to commit to the long haul and sustain the hunger to grow and become better than what you were yesterday.
















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