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Sukumar Kolli

Managing Director & CEO,


Just like empires, companies wax and wane over time. Yet it is the potent force of leadership that keeps businesses intact. In a world with rapid technology advancements, great leadership is more pressing than ever, especially in the engineering industry to fill the gap between technical and managerial skills. One such great leader steering the ship with innovation and keen strategic foresight is Sukumar Kolli.
Sukumar is Country Manager / Director at TYPSA, and under his leadership, the company has witnessed monumental success. In an exclusive conversation with Sukumar, we delved deep into his unique leadership methodology, strategies for team cohesion and commendable initiatives in societal contribution. Immerse yourself in this insightful discourse and uncover Sukumar’s secret sauce to success. 

What personal qualities do you believe are essential for effective leadership, especially in the engineering industry?

I will say that in the world of engineering, effective leadership is more than just crunching numbers and drawing blueprints. It’s about inspiring your team, fostering innovation, and adapting to the everevolving landscape. Being a good listener, open to new ideas, and encouraging diverse perspectives can’t be overlooked. A dash of resilience goes a long way too, as projects often hit roadblocks. And let’s not forget the knack for strategic decision-making, steering projects toward success. So, if I were to sum it up, a mix of communication, adaptability, resilience, and strategic vision – that’s the secret sauce for engineering leadership done right.

How do you ensure effective communication and collaboration across different teams and projects to keep things aligned and hiccup-free?

I am in an industry where cross department communication and collaboration is like oxygen and undeniably vital to achieve common goals. My strategy is to keep the gears oiled and the cogs turning smoothly. I make sure to have regular check-ins that are more like friendly chats than formal meetings. This keeps everyone in the loop and encourages an open exchange of ideas. Technologies such as collaboration tools and platforms are our tried and tested sidekick that let teams connect effortlessly. And, of course, fostering a culture where questions are welcomed, and knowledge sharing is second nature. It’s like orchestrating a symphony – each instrument plays a vital role, and when they’re in sync, the result is pure harmony.

What are some of your go-to strategies for setting and achieving personal goals effectively?

When it comes to conquering personal goals, I apply my trekker’s spirit – embracing challenges with both endurance and boldness. First off, I set clear targets, like picking a summit to conquer. Having a detailed roadmap keeps me on track. Just as I plan routes for treks, I break goals into smaller milestones, celebrating each victory. Just like weather changes on a trek, I adapt to obstacles with flexibility, learning from setbacks. Passion is my compass, propelling me forward. Lastly, a dash of calculated risk-taking adds thrill, much like choosing an unexplored trail. The trail may be tough, but the view from the top is always worth it.

How do you handle feedback and criticism from your team or superiors, and how do you use it to improve your leadership approach?

I always advocate constructive feedback and it has been a cornerstone of my growth. When my team or seniors including C-suite leaders share their insights, I see it as a chance to enhance my leadership approach. I genuinely value open dialogue, even if it includes challenges. Encouraging such an environment, where everyone can voice their thoughts, lets us collectively refine communication and strategies. It’s all about collaboration and continuous improvement, as we work together to shape a more promising future for our infrastructure endeavours.

What do you consider to be your greatest personal achievement, and what did you learn from the experience?

Leading an Indian Subsidiary of an MNC in the capacity of Managing Director, with only a few grey hairs on head, tops my list. It’s a testament to relentless dedication and a pinch of audacity. I learned that age isn’t a barrier when you’re armed with passion and a hunger to learn. Embracing challenges head-on and building a team that believes in the vision has been the key. The journey taught me that seizing opportunities, even if unconventional, pays off. Every day is a learning curve – nurturing talent, fostering innovation, and steering the ship. This achievement fuels my belief that age is just a number on the path to success.

What legacy or impact would you like to leave behind for others, both personally and professionally?

Leaving a legacy isn’t just a thought; it’s a compass guiding every step I take. Personally, I aspire to be remembered as a catalyst for positive change, touching lives through acts of kindness. Professionally, I want my footprint to be etched as someone who transformed businesses, leading them to new heights. The path I walk is one where creating meaningful job opportunities and reaching ambitious targets intertwine. I believe in fostering growth not just for myself, but for all who join the journey. A legacy built on empowerment, progress, and leaving behind a trail of better tomorrows.
















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