Dattatreya Ghosh

Leading Sustainable Innovation in India's Construction Sector

Dattatreya Ghosh

Country Head – SAARC,


I n today’s construction arena, curing systems are redefining the landscape. With cuttingedge technologies that streamline construction processes while minimising environmental impact, ROTHO, under the leadership of Dattatreya Ghosh, is leaving an indelible mark. As the Country Head for SAARC, Dattatreya brings over twenty years of expertise in engineering, manufacturing, and customer service to drive industrial innovation to new heights. Dattatreya’s visionary leadership and strategic acumen have propelled ROTHO to unprecedented levels of success, fundamentally altering the execution of construction projects across India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. His journey with ROTHO commenced in 2014, during a pivotal phase of the company’s expansion in India. Tasked with spearheading market development and operational efficiency, Dattatreya embarked on a mission to establish ROTHO as a dominant force in the region. Under his stewardship, ROTHO has experienced remarkable growth, with machine installations surging from a mere 5–6 to an impressive 28 across multiple territories. Prior to ROTHO, Dattatreya honed his leadership skills at prestigious organisations such as Technicom-Chemie (India) Ltd. and G&D India Pvt. Ltd., where he drove growth and innovation.
Recognised for his dynamic leadership and ability to transform challenges into opportunities, Dattatreya emerges as a driving force within the curing system industry. His relentless dedication to innovation and vision is reshaping the future of construction. Join us as we explore the transformative journey of a leader whose impact transcends conventional construction practices.

What were your most significant achievements in these 10 years, and what changes have you brought to the company?

In the past decade, I’ve excelled at navigating India’s price-sensitive market, competing with domestic manufacturers despite challenges like customs duties. Emphasising our product quality, our curing systems provide an ecofriendly solution, reducing pollution by eliminating steam or water usage. By efficiently circulating cement heat within closed chambers, our systems enable concrete production in just 24 hours, a vast improvement over the standard 21-day curing period. As Country Head for the SAARC region, I’ve led the sale of over 28 machines, driving significant business growth and establishing our leadership. This journey reflects my dedication to innovation and excellence.

How have your past experiences influenced your strategies here?

Leveraging construction sector knowledge, I implemented targeted tactics to enhance market presence. Utilising German construction methods, I capitalised on major industry exhibitions like Excon and Bauma Conexpo to acquire clients. By diversifying lead sources beyond exhibitions, I broadened my outreach. Employing a streamlined approach, typically taking three months from lead to closure, maximised past insights for successful navigation of the Indian market.

What is your vision for corporate leadership in India, and how does your role at ROTHO contribute to it?

My vision is to prioritise employee wellbeing, innovation, and sustainability. At ROTHO, I ensure colleagues’ welfare and supply environmentally friendly products that conserve water and minimise pollution. This fosters a corporate culture centred on employee care and sustainability, setting a positive leadership example in India.

What would be your advice for the salespeople selling here in India?

In India, salespeople should thoroughly
understand their product before engaging
customers. Despite price sensitivity,
highlighting its value beyond cost can clinch
deals. Articulating unique benefits shows
how it meets customer needs and improves
operations, enhancing sales success.

How did you tackle major challenges?

Navigating India’s price-sensitive market and delivery challenges demanded strategic initiatives. Customer education programmes showcased our products’ long-term benefits, easing cost worries. Improved delivery processes ensured timely orders, building trust. Enhanced marketing emphasises technology’s efficacy and sustainability, fostering a quality-driven mindset. Prioritising customer education, operational efficiency, and proactive marketing, we tackled complexities like price sensitivity and customs duties, strengthening our market presence. Ongoing efforts are crucial for sustained growth and solidifying our position in this evolving landscape.

How do your strengths benefit the company?

Leveraging strategic client engagement and sustainable solutions, I bolster our foothold in the Indian market. Aligning German products with superior choices meets client needs effectively. Emphasising eco-friendly solutions enhances our competitiveness, attracts clients and nurtures long-term relationships. This drives our growth and success in India’s dynamic market environment.

How do you anticipate the role of partnerships in your business's success?

Our business model and operational strategies are meticulously crafted for independent success. We prioritise internal efficiencies, leveraging our strengths, and retaining full control over decisions. This ensures agility, adaptability, and alignment with our long-term vision and values. While we value collaboration, our current direction optimally serves our company and stakeholders. Committed to our goals, we pursue success confidently through our efforts and capabilities, unwavering in dedication and determination.

What are your future objectives?

Expanding our reach, we aim to introduce advanced curing systems to all concrete manufacturers in the SAARC region. Our systems optimise the curing process without steam or water, improving product quality and promoting sustainability. Committed to the industry revolution, we offer ecoconscious solutions, minimising water waste and carbon emissions. ROTHO envisions a future where quality and sustainability intersect, fostering positive change for both industry and the environment.
















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