Navdeep Singh Bhati

Turning Crisis into Success

Navdeep Singh Bhati

Director & Country Head - India,

Global Gases Group

Global Gases Group faced a formidable challenge during the Helium Shortage 4.0, where volatile prices and disrupted supply chains threatened their operations and market stability. The scarcity of helium led to skyrocketing costs and a significant strain on their ability to meet customer demands. This critical situation demanded a multifaceted approach to mitigate the impact and ensure business continuity.
Navdeep Singh Bhati, Director and Country Head, India, brought his exceptional expertise and strategic vision to navigate this crisis. Navdeep’s comprehensive strategy included diversifying supply sources to reduce dependency on a few suppliers, implementing advanced inventory management to optimise stock levels, and developing innovative customer solutions such as optimising helium usage and offering alternative gas mixtures. Leveraging technology and data analytics allowed him to make swift, informed decisions, while strengthening internal collaboration ensured that his team remained aligned and responsive. This approach not only stabilised the company but also strengthened its market position.
With his nearly two decades of experience, this dynamic and visionary leader, known for his innovative ideas and sharp execution skills, has addressed such more complex challenges with resilience. He has a proven track record of driving top-line growth, enhancing profitability, and leading large, diverse teams with a global outlook. His extensive expertise spans sales and marketing, business analytics, project management, and financial management, making him adept at steering businesses towards success.
Throughout his career, Navdeep has excelled in retail operations, sales and marketing, business development, logistics, marketing operations management, general administration, commercial affairs, contractual management, and resource management. His passion for people and teamwork, combined with robust communication skills and clear decision-making under pressure, has driven remarkable results and business turnarounds.
Navdeep’s unwavering commitment to values and ethics, coupled with his resilience and strategic vision, makes him a standout leader in the industry. His ability to inspire confidence and drive excellence in a rapidly changing environment continues to propel Global Gases Group to new heights. How he does this, let us explore in this exclusive interview.M/p>

How has your hdiverse career shaped your approach to corporate leadership and innovation?

My career across diverse industries— industrial gases, energy solutions, and logistics—has profoundly shaped my approach to corporate leadership and innovation. This exposure has provided me with a comprehensive understanding of business dynamics, customer needs, and market trends. It has instilled the importance of adaptability and resilience, allowing me to lead effectively in VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity) environments. Additionally, it has fostered a culture of continuous improvement and cross-functional collaboration. By integrating best practices from various sectors, I align strategic vision with execution excellence, driving

How does technology drive business growth and manage risks in your leadership strategy?

Technology is central to my leadership strategy at Global Gases Group, acting as a catalyst for business growth and effective risk management. Leveraging advanced data analytics enables us to make swift, datadriven decisions that optimise operations and seize market opportunities. Automation enhances supply chain efficiency, mitigating operational risks like disruptions or delays. Technological innovation allows us to quickly develop and launch new products, maintaining competitiveness and meeting customer needs effectively. Furthermore, robust cybersecurity measures and compliance tools protect our operations against potential threats, enhancing overall resilience. Technology also facilitates seamless communication and collaboration across our diverse teams, fostering alignment and maximising productivity. In essence, technology not only drives innovation but also empowers us to navigate complexities, manage risks, and achieve sustainable growth goals at Global Gases Group.

Which experience best prepared you for your role as Director, India, at Global Gases Group?

My role as business manager at Linde India was instrumental in preparing me for my current position as director of India at Global Gases Group. While managing the North India Packaged Gases business unit, I gained invaluable experience in strategic planning, operations, and customer relationship management. I led initiatives that optimised processes, introduced technological innovations, and achieved substantial cost savings, underscoring the importance of efficiency and continuous improvement. Additionally, developing and executing detailed business plans, fostering a customer-centric approach, and navigating complex market conditions equipped me with the skills needed for resilient leadership. This comprehensive experience in managing a large, diverse team and driving significant business growth laid a solid foundation for my current role

Who has inspired your values and ethics in the corporate world?

My greatest inspiration in shaping my values and ethical stance in the corporate world has been my mentors. Their guidance and example have instilled in me principles of integrity, transparency, and respect for all stakeholders. Through their mentorship, I’ve learned the importance of making decisions based on ethical considerations, even in challenging circumstances. They emphasised fostering a culture of trust, accountability, and social responsibility within organizations. Their commitment to high standards of conduct and prioritising the welfare of employees, customers, and communities has deeply influenced my leadership approach. By embodying these values, they demonstrated how ethical leadership not only drives business success but also builds enduring relationships and contributes positively to society.

What activities or hobbies help you recharge and stay creative?

Engaging in various activities helps me recharge and maintain creativity. Gym workouts boost my energy and clear my mind, while playing football allows me to unwind and enjoy team dynamics. Music, whether listening or playing, stimulates my creativity, and reading offers new perspectives and inspiration. Visiting spiritual places provides introspection and tranquilly, essential for balance in a dynamic corporate environment. These activities collectively ensure I approach challenges with a refreshed mind and renewed creativity.
















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