Ravikanth Mankala

From Adversity to Leadership Excellence

Ravikanth Mankala

Country Manager, India,


Despite facing numerous adversities, Ravikanth Mankala’s unwavering determination has propelled him to the role of Country Manager for VOIANT in India. Coming from a humble background with limited access to quality education, Ravikanth’s early aspirations were modest. However, his entry into the research industry in 2010 became a defining moment. Recognizing the vast potential within the industry, he embraced every learning opportunity, swiftly gaining expertise and making a significant impact.
Initially, Ravikanth aspired to a career in biotechnology. Family constraints necessitated a shift in his career path, which he took as a challenge rather than a setback. Over the past 14 years, he has developed profound knowledge and skills in the imaging industry, continually pushing the boundaries of technological advancements and innovation. His remarkable success not only silenced his critics but also earned him immense respect and recognition within the industry.
Ravikanth’s leadership is a powerful blend of scientific precision and creative innovation. He sets a clear example, providing his team with the resources and guidance needed to excel. His empathetic approach fosters a supportive and dynamic work environment, ensuring his team thrives. Beyond his professional life, Ravikanth’s passions for music, socializing, and farming reflect his holistic approach to life. These interests keep him grounded and motivated, reinforcing his commitment to societal contributions. As someone who can easily build personal connections, he firmly believes in hard work and respecting one’s job.
TradeFlock spoke to this revered leader to learn more about his journey and work.

What's the most significant challenge you've turned into an opportunity in your clinical research career?

By nature, I tend to challenge myself, choose challenges and try to convert them into opportunities. However, to describe one, during the initial days of my career, I faced a challenging situation with senior team members who seemed threatened by my abilities, knowledge, and performance. They assigned me to demanding projects with minimal support, seemingly hoping I would stumble and lose confidence. Instead of being deterred, I embraced the challenge with dedication and efficiency. I used the opportunity to deepen my expertise and excel in my work, quickly becoming the go-to person for troubleshooting and handling complex issues. This experience not only shaped my professional growth but also instilled a lasting commitment to maintaining high standards and efficiency in all aspects of my work.

How do you envision the future of medical imaging and scientific services, and how is VOIANT preparing for these changes?

I anticipate substantial growth and innovation over the next decade. With advancements in AI and imaging technology, medical imaging will play an increasingly pivotal role in clinical trials, offering more precise data outcomes.
At VOIANT, we’re investing heavily in AI and technology to enhance accuracy and efficiency on our platforms. We’re also expanding our expert team to maintain our leadership in this evolving field. VOIANT is poised to capitalize on these advancements to drive excellence in medical imaging and scientific services moving forward.

What legacy do you hope to leave in the clinical research industry?

I aim to be recognized as someone who entered the CRO industry with limited clinical research knowledge and grew through unwavering dedication, exceptional work quality, and a deep passion for my job. Through the guidance of mentors and handson experience, I’ve accumulated extensive expertise and made a meaningful impact in both company settings and the broader industry. My journey stands as a testament that regardless of educational background or resources, success is attainable with respect, loyalty, and genuine enthusiasm for one’s work. I strive to inspire others to pursue their ambitions relentlessly, emphasizing that true success stems from loving what you do and consistently meeting your potential.

How do you balance scientific accuracy in medical imaging with creative leadership innovation?

I maintain a clear separation between ensuring scientific accuracy in medical imaging and fostering innovative leadership approaches. For scientific tasks, I focus intensely on both individual contributions and teamwork, dedicating specific, structured time to ensure quality and precision in every study. As for leadership responsibilities, which have been a natural inclination since my school days, I allocate dedicated time to oversee team performance, address issues, collaborate with management, offer guidance, strategize, and introduce innovative improvements to existing processes. This dual approach allows me to excel in both realms, leveraging my strengths in scientific rigor and dynamic leadership effectively.

Can you share a tough decision you've had to make as a leader and how you handled it?

One challenging decision I faced involved restructuring our team, which required letting go of some members. Despite the tough circumstances, I ensured transparency and offered personal support to those affected, emphasizing our commitment to their wellbeing beyond their tenure with us. The experience underscored the importance of integrity and compassion in leadership during difficult transitions.

What are your passions outside of clinical research, and how do they influence your professional life?

Outside of clinical research, I am passionate about farming and nature, as well as social service for the elderly, orphans, and those in need. In the coming years, I plan to dedicate my time to growing organic vegetables and fruits and setting up an organization to serve old, orphan and needy people.
















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