Sambit Dash

Innovating IT Services & Cultural Excellence

Sambit Dash

Country General Manager and

Managing Director, Computacenter

Renowned for its innovative IT transformation strategies, Computacenter stands at the forefront of the global IT services industry, with Sambit Dash leading as Country General Manager and Managing Director of Computacenter India since December 2019. In just 4.5 years, Sambit has driven significant growth, expanding the team from 15 members to a robust workforce of 1,800 professionals.
Under Sambit’s leadership, Computacenter has redefined industry norms by implementing cutting-edge methodologies and broadening its service capabilities. This proactive approach not only accelerates IT modernization but also enhances operational efficiencies, empowering global enterprises to navigate intricate digital landscapes with agility and innovation.
In addition to pioneering IT solutions, Computacenter is celebrated for its strong workplace culture, earning distinctions like Great Place to Work in 2023 and ranking among the Top 50 Happy Companies to Work for by the World HRD Congress. Looking ahead, Computacenter India aims to expand its impact by increasing its presence across multiple states and doubling its workforce in the medium term. Sambit’s visionary leadership continues to propel Computacenter’s mission of setting benchmarks for IT innovation and customer satisfaction worldwide.
In an exclusive interview with TradeFlock, Sambit explains what makes Computacenter a leader in its space.

How do you live Computacenter's 'winning together' values in your leadership?

I embody ‘Winning Together’ as fundamental to my leadership. Our culture, established over 43 years, is woven into every facet of our operations, emphasising customer-centricity, ambition, and prioritising our people. Our daily actions are shaped by values such as collaboration, inclusivity, open-mindedness, innovation, and coaching leadership.
I ensure our culture isn’t merely a slogan but a lived experience. We foster an open, nonhierarchical environment where every team member, regardless of role, is treated with equality and respect. I personally engage with the team at all levels, promoting an ecosystem where everyone interacts on equal footing. This approach not only exemplifies our commitment to ‘Winning Together’ but also differentiates our culture, ensuring its pervasive influence throughout Computacenter’s daily operations. It’s this collective spirit that drives our success and strengthens our bond as a unified team dedicated to achieving common goals.

What unique value does Computacenter's technology sourcing bring to clients, and how are you advancing it?

Computacenter’s approach to technology sourcing offers unparalleled international coverage through leading integration centres worldwide, effectively supporting our global customer base. Our strategic partnerships with top technology vendors further enhance our role as a trusted advisor and provider of scalable technology solutions. Beyond sourcing, our comprehensive portfolio enables us to guide clients through the entire technology lifecycle—from procurement and deployment to transformation, management, and recovery. This end-to-end expertise ensures our clients benefit from transformative IT solutions with reliability and trust. In India, we are continually expanding our capabilities across all service lines to better serve our customers’ evolving needs.

What are Computacenter's strategic goals for the next decade, and how will you achieve them?

We are clear about who our target market is. Our target market focus enables us to develop our business in line with customer needs and build long-term trust.
Building scale links closely with serving the needs of our customers, and our expanding presence in India is a key component of this. We build scale to create efficiency in what we do, and to provide consistent, high-quality outcomes for our customers. We have a continued programme of investment in creating scale, which helps us to increase productivity while driving service improvement, too.
The third area of focus – empowering our people – is underpinned by our values and our culture. Our focus on empowering our people is supported by our values and culture. Our strong Group Operating Model and governance empower our people to meet customer needs quickly. Delivering operational excellence is crucial for enabling speed and agility.

How does Computacenter align its purpose across all organisational levels?

To resonate with Computacenter’s purpose across all levels, we foster a co-creation mindset focused on driving customer impact. Transparent communication and continuous engagement align our global team from recruitment through career development. Our ‘Winning Together’ ethos accelerates our pursuit of ambitious goals, emphasising excellence and innovation. This approach ensures that every member, from top management to frontline employees, contributes meaningfully to our shared success, reinforcing our commitment to delivering impactful outcomes.

What are Computacenter's key industry challenges, and how do you tackle them?

Computacenter addresses a spectrum of industry challenges with a focus on speed, security, sustainability, and user experience enhancement. Our customer-centric approach, guided by Winning Together values, prioritises a deep understanding of client needs. We offer end-to-end solutions spanning IT infrastructure sourcing, transformation, and management across workplaces, networks, data centres, the cloud, and security.
Our success hinges on integrated people, places, platforms, and processes that enable us to deliver agile, secure, and sustainable solutions globally. In India, we play a pivotal role in Computacenter’s Group Operating Model, providing essential localised and global support. This strategic alignment drives accelerated growth in India, crucial to our group’s location strategy, while fostering a unified service culture. Through consistent execution and innovation, Computacenter empowers customers to excel in an ever-evolving digital landscape, ensuring high-quality outcomes and continuous value delivery.

Which initiatives at Computacenter inspire your passion for building a positive work and corporate culture?

We prioritise building a positive work and corporate culture through engaging initiatives that foster teamwork and well-being. From innovative projects to sports, art, CSR, and DE&I efforts, we encourage active participation and collaboration across all levels. These initiatives create a unified team spirit and strengthen our collective sense of purpose. I am particularly passionate about these activities, as they energise our workplace environment and promote a culture where every individual’s contribution is valued. By connecting faceto-face and celebrating together, we cultivate a vibrant atmosphere that embodies our commitment to ‘Winning Together’ and continuously shapes our future workplace strategies based on valuable employee feedback.
















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