Suneil Rajagopal

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Suneil Rajagopal

Country Manager, India,

Dukane India

As the business world becomes more complex, organisations need leaders like Suneil Rajagopal to navigate these complexities and drive transformative change. With over 29 years of diverse industry experience spanning sectors such as oil and gas, aerospace, automotive, and more, Suneil has honed a leadership style that blends strategic foresight with operational excellence.
Suneil’s career journey is distinguished by pivotal roles that have shaped his exceptional leadership acumen. As General Manager of the Industrial Division in the Middle East, he spearheaded substantial growth within the oil and gas sector. His tenure as Director of Sales for GE Oil & Gas overseeing India and Southeast Asia was marked by impactful new product introductions, refined market strategies, and expanded business footprints across diverse geographies.
Since assuming the role of Country Manager at Dukane India in 2019, Suneil has continued to lead with a strategic vision aimed at propelling the organisation to new heights. His initiatives have included innovative product launches and strategic market penetrations, underscoring his commitment to driving sustainable growth.
Notably, Suneil excels in managing complex transitions and fostering organisational synergy, skills highlighted during his tenure as Business Integration Leader for Baker Hughes in India. His expertise ensured the seamless integration of major entities, optimising operational efficiencies and maximising synergies. His hands-on approach to change management consistently surpasses strategic objectives, positioning teams and organisations for long-term success.
Furthermore, Suneil is distinguished by his inspirational leadership style, which empowers teams to innovate and excel. His extensive international experience contributes to his global perspective and cultural sensitivity, enriching his leadership approach. This enables him to navigate diverse market landscapes with agility and effectiveness, ensuring organisations not only adapt but thrive in dynamic environments. In an exclusive interview with TradeFlock, Suneil discusses his journey and work.

With your diverse experience across various sectors, what achievement stands out most in shaping industry standards?

Upon returning to India, I observed a prevailing inclination towards comfort zones among individuals. My approach has been to inspire my team to push boundaries, foster creativity, and embrace innovation. At Dukane, we initiated recognition programmes aimed at encouraging proactive contributions from staff. Consequently, my teams have successfully executed several pioneering projects, marking significant advancements in our industry standards.

Can you describe a time when your innovative thinking advanced Dukane India's mission?

At Dukane India, our stronghold has traditionally been the automotive industry. However, fierce competition has led to a pricing battleground among rivals. To counter this challenge, we adopted a proactive strategy of exploring new markets and introducing targeted incentives. This shift enabled us to significantly increase our market share in segments like medical and electronics, which are not only strategically important but also offer higher profitability.
Our approach focuses not just on selling equipment but on providing comprehensive solutions. This strategic pivot has allowed us to tap into new market niches and expand our footprint effectively. It’s not without its challenges, but by encouraging our team to embrace risk-taking and expand their expertise, we’ve fostered a culture of innovation and continuous improvement. This initiative underscores our commitment to staying ahead of market trends and driving sustainable growth in Dukane India.

What are your aspirations, and can we anticipate new plans or initiatives?

At Dukane India, our journey has been transformative. Transitioning from a different industry after 25 years was challenging, but leveraging past lessons, we charted a new course forward. My aspiration is for every Dukane India employee to find fulfilment as we expand. This commitment drives both our strategic objectives and my personal endeavours. We’ve already doubled our manufacturing space and expanded our market reach significantly. Looking ahead, anticipate new initiatives aimed at further enhancing our capabilities and industry impact. We are poised for dynamic growth and eager to capitalise on emerging opportunities for our team and stakeholders

How has your diverse experience influenced your strategic leadership at Dukane India?

My strategic leadership at Dukane India is shaped by my diverse experience across sectors and regions. This background has taught me the importance of swiftly addressing employee needs and aligning them with organisational goals. I believe in empowering my team to achieve their highest potential, as their success directly contributes to the overall success of the organization. Effective leadership, in my view, hinges on understanding and fostering strong team alignment towards common objectives. This approach guides my decisions, ensuring that we drive sustainable growth and excellence at Dukane India through collaborative and goal-oriented leadership.

How do you balance being a country manager with your personal life, and what are your hobbies outside of work?

Over my 30-year career in diverse roles and regions, I’ve learned to prioritise personal wellbeing alongside professional demands. A pivotal moment came after realising the toll on health and family, prompting a year-long break to refocus. This period underscored the importance of delegation for sustained performance and reigniting personal passions for stress relief.
One such passion, biking, which had been dormant for 25 years, was revived by weekly rides. I also dedicate weekends to cooking, soap making, and cherished time with loved ones. Balancing these activities with my role as Country Manager at Dukane India ensures a fulfilling life both personally and professionally, promoting overall well-being and sustained success.
















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