10 Best CSOs in India 2022

Rajesh Cherukuri

Business Head (Strategy)



Most people desire opportunities to come in handy. However, very few people seize incidents and turn them into opportunities for millions of people to be inspired and follow suit. Rajesh Cherukuri’s journey is nothing sort of a masala Bollywood movie, but no less than it. A countryside boy with millions of dreams of making it big in the corporate world, he walked the ladder from being a software testing engineer at XTRAKT to being the Business Head – Strategy (CEO’s Office) of a leading co-living company, Zolo Stays Solutions Pvt Ltd.

His passion for Intrapreneurship helped him to build and scale companies he worked for through Radical and Incremental innovations. He credits his success to a few people who have been a part of his success journey and have inspired him to break all boundaries to achieve what he desires. TradeFlock spoke to Rajesh to find out about his inspirations and his success mantra.

10 Best CSOs In India

From helping to formulate, facilitate and communicate an organisation’s strategic initiatives and future goals to working along with the management team to develop the organisation’s long-term and short-term strategic initiatives and guiding the firm through the planning business processes, the role of a CSO is ever evolving and highly dynamic. To perform these responsibilities, a CSO must have strong leadership skills, negotiation adroitness, a deep understanding of marketing and corporate communication and looking beyond the haze.

One of HBR’s articles mentions, “the strategy chief is often the one person in the room who is in the best position to put the moose on the table to challenge thinking and discuss the subjects no one else wants to touch so that these issues no longer serve as barriers to agreement and action”. This precisely explains the challenge a CSO has when framing the strategy and ensuring its successful implementation. This is why many companies have started investing in the CSO position to help them create timely strategies in turbulent times.

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