Jatin Kashyap

Pioneering Sustainability & Strategic Excellence in the Apparel Industry Redefining Fintech

Jatin Kashyap

Head of Business Strategy,

Sourcenet Global

A remarkable blend of strengths and accomplishments that left an indelible mark on the business landscape is what defines Jatin Kashyap, Head of Business Strategy, Sourcenet Global. With an impressive legacy spanning two decades, Jatin emerges as a dynamic force in the apparel and fashion industry. At the helm of several multimillion-dollar enterprises, Jatin’s proven track record resonates through the corridors of the industry. Adept in deciphering customer insights, trend analysis, and negotiation, his strategic finesse has been honed over years of hands-on experience. This expertise is complemented by a master’s degree in international business and marketing, elevating his acumen to navigate complex global markets.
Jatin’s commitment to progress goes beyond business as usual. He has been actively engaged in initiatives aimed at upscaling artisans, championing digital transformation, and embracing sustainability. His collaborations with industry experts and government bodies reflect a deep-rooted drive to shape a more responsible and innovative industry future. His ability to transform strategic vision into tangible outcomes is truly commendable. Jatin’s approach encompasses mentoring expansive teams and driving robust financial performance while keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront.
Perhaps most notably, his entrepreneurial spirit shines through the establishment of Sourcenet Global, a testament to his dedication to fostering innovation and forging impactful partnerships. In his role as Head of Business Strategy and co-founder of Sourcenet Global, Jatin embodies a commitment to sustainable growth, operational excellence, and transformative solutions that continue to shape the apparel industry’s trajectory. TradeFlock interacted with Jatin as his leadership remains instrumental in driving strategic evolution and catalysing positive change within the dynamic world of fashion and business. 

Being a strategy leader, how do you define the role of strategic planning in achieving the organisation's long-term goals?

I perceive strategic planning as the pivotal framework that steers our organisation towards its long-term aspirations. It functions as a compass, aligning our resources, actions, and decisions with our core mission. Through a systematic analysis of the landscape, precise goal setting, and effective strategy formulation, strategic planning guides us through the complexities of uncertainty while driving focused advancement. This practise stands as the cornerstone of well-informed decision-making, ensuring that each step taken contributes substantively to our desired future. It fosters cohesion among teams, facilitating a collective force that seamlessly propels us towards our objectives. Additionally, strategic planning endows us with the acumen to purposefully adapt to evolving circumstances, thus maintaining our trajectory in alignment with our overarching goals.

What methodologies or frameworks do you use to develop and evaluate the effectiveness of the strategic plans?

A mixed blend of methodologies for strategic development and evaluation is my secret sauce. At Sourcenet Global, we leverage the Balanced Scorecard to align key performance indicators with our strategic objectives. Design thinking further aids in innovation for our B2B design-to-delivery service. Delving into the intricate nuances of our industry, we diligently undertake PESTEL and SWOT analyses to distil actionable insights from broader market trends and our internal capabilities. We regularly conduct customer journey mapping for enhanced service delivery. Our operational adaptability and focused execution lie in the synergy between Agile methodologies and Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). Continuous feedback loops and data-driven insights validate our strategies’ effectiveness, allowing agile refinement. This holistic approach empowers us to evolve our offerings while consistently meeting customer needs in the dynamic B2B landscape.

CSOs frequently grapple with the challenge of juggling expansive responsibilities with limited resources. How do we navigate this terrain?

We stay focused on what we are really good at—our core strengths. Even when we have to manage a lot of different tasks with limited resources, we make sure to prioritise what our customers really need. We team up with others to help us do more, and we use technology to make things work better. We are always learning and getting better, and we help our teams and partners do the same. We also have to be smarter about using our resources by getting help from outside for things that aren’t our main focus. And through all of this, we keep our customers at the centre of what we do, even when things are a bit challenging.

How do you approach your strategic decisions and operations in the context of sustainability and ethical practises?

At Sourcenet Global, our core principle is leading the way in sustainable and ethical business practises, aiming to create a better world for all. We take great pride in championing environment friendly materials and implementing energy-efficient methods at every step of our products journey, from design to delivery. Upholding ethical sourcing and fair labour standards play a crucial role in shaping our responsible supply chain. Every choice we make is rigorously assessed for its impact on the environment and its alignment with our social responsibilities. Our collaborations with like-minded partners transcend being just a preference; they are an absolute necessity. Our unwavering commitment extends to crafting innovative solutions that not only cater to customer needs but also leave a positive mark on both the environment and society as a whole.

What are your long-term career goals, and how do you envision your impact on the fashion industry in the years to come?

My long-term career goal is to lead Sourcenet Global to become a global beacon of sustainable innovation in the fashion industry. With two decades of experience, I envision our impact expanding further. I aim to redefine fashion industry by integrating technology, ethical practises, and smart processes. Through collaborative partnerships and strategic insights, I see us fostering positive change by promoting efficiency, sustainability, and offering agile and traceable fashion. Ultimately, I aspire to inspire a transformation that extends beyond our business, shaping the future of fashion towards a more responsible and impactful direction.
















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