Kamal Naidu

A Visionary Strategy Leader Redefining Fintech

Kamal Naidu

Global Head - Strategy & Insights,

PXP Financial

A concoction of operations, analytics, and strategy is what Kamal Kishore Naidu is made up of. A true leader with a remarkable talent for managing business operations with data intelligence, Kamal currently is PXP Financial’s global head of strategy and insights. With a formidable force in strategy planning, he tackles challenges with creativity and precision.
A constant learner with an insatiable appetite for knowledge, Kamal sees strategy as a crucial element in any company’s vision. To him, being a skilled strategist means forging a connection with customers and identifying their pain points. He firmly believes that opportunities to fill market gaps and discover niches abound for those who are attentive and discerning. Understanding customer needs and crafting cost-effective, straightforward solutions are at the heart of his approach for creating value for investors and staying relevant in the ever-evolving business landscape.
Recognising the significance of data and analytics, Kamal knows that companies rely on these tools for virtually every aspect of their operations. Embracing self-service and automation and harnessing the power of cloud technology over on-premises models, he paves the way for scalability and growth. Additionally, Kamal advocates a shift from reporting to consulting and a quick adaptation to ML and AI, recognising these as the keys to the future. He believes Data companies and AI will converge very quickly in the future and will lead the technology landscape in the years to come where data will be monetised in every digital service that we currently consume.
Believing in the power of mentorship, Kamal is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of leaders. Through empowering and encouraging creative thinking and innovative ideas, he envisions a future where businesses can overcome any obstacle with ingenuity. He genuinely believes that aspiring leaders should have a clear focus on their businesses’ core strengths, avoid overdiversification, stay passionate, and remain adaptable in the ever-changing landscape of their industry. 
TradeFlock interviewed Kamal to check on how he is charting a course towards success and innovation, guided by a visionary strategy leader unlike others.

How do you balance short-term goals and long-term vision in strategic planning?

Our company has a clear 3- and 5-year roadmap aligned with our vision. We also set short-term objectives to achieve smaller milestones that lead to our larger vision. Success lies in delivering on these smaller objectives, which require strict mechanisms, measurement systems, and controls to stay on track. Recently, we revisited our vision, collaborated across functions, and redefined core objectives and KPIs. We implemented controls to ensure we meet the minimum threshold to achieve our core objectives.

How do analytics and business intelligence influence the company's overall strategy and decision-making in the context of data intelligence?

In today’s data-driven business landscape, our B2B payments company plays a vital role by collecting and processing vast amounts of data. We excel at analysing this data to gain valuable insights into customer behaviour and trends. Many companies lack the resources and expertise to handle such extensive data, but we specialise in unlocking the potential of our clients by providing valuable recommendations based on comprehensive data analysis. Our belief in the power of analytics drives us to create a strong value proposition for our clients.

Looking ahead, what are your goals and aspirations for the future as a business leader?

I am a firm believer in India’s growth story, and fintech is playing a big role in the macroeconomics of our country. Indian fintechs have found solution(s) to efficiently manage scale and remain cost-effective. I would be interested in and aspire to contribute to this growth by helping channel some of these fintech products outside of India.

What are your key responsibilities at PXP Financial as the Global Head of Strategy & Insights?

As the Global Head of Strategy & Insights at PXP Financial, my key responsibilities involve staying ahead in the competitive payments space by identifying valuable market propositions and investing in cutting-edge technologies like blockchain, AI, and Open banking. Whether through in-house development or acquisitions, we aim to be the first in the market, offering seamless integration into our platform at competitive prices. Additionally, my team plays a crucial role in utilising analytics to inform strategic decisions and provide valuable insights to both internal and external stakeholders. Bridging the gap between traditional banking and technology, we provide a state-of-the-art global payments platform across geographies and industries.

How do data privacy and security factor into your strategic planning, considering evolving regulations and customer expectations?

As a fintech company, we handle private and financial information, necessitating full compliance with diverse regulatory requirements and privacy policies across jurisdictions. As a principal member of Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and Diners, PCI compliance is vital for card storage and processing. Additionally, GDPR and EBA guidelines are followed for data privacy. Compliance is integrated into our strategic roadmap and controls, which are vital to avoiding heavy fines and licence losses. Our risk committee conducts periodic assessments, addressing any control gaps with remediation plans.