Shubham Pareek

From Unexpected Turns to Impactful Ventures

Shubham Pareek

Head of Strategy & Partnerships,


Shubham Pareek’s journey embodies the essence of Steve Jobs’ wisdom: “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.” His path has been a testament to seizing unexpected opportunities and channelling them into a force for good. Originally inclined towards a career in the Air Force, Shubham’s trajectory took a different turn when his fascination with machines and robotics emerged during his engineering studies. Excelling both academically and in practical projects, he found his true calling in this field.
While transitioning into research & development might have seemed like a logical progression, Shubham soon realised his yearning for a deeper purpose. Fate intervened when he was granted the prestigious Chief Minister’s Fellowship, immersing him in the complexities of government operations at BMC, Asia’s largest civic body. Here, he wholeheartedly engaged in policymaking, project management, and groundbreaking initiatives, driven by an unwavering desire to make a lasting impact.
The unexpected arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic tested Shubham’s mettle, as he played a pivotal role in the Mumbai COVID War Room, championing data-driven decision-making and orchestrating diverse teams to combat the crisis. He was awarded “Warrior of Change” by the Hon’ Governor of Maharashtra for his contributions to the fight against COVID 19 at Impact Creators Awards 2021. Recognising the struggles of the tourism industry during the pandemic, Shubham collaborated with Maharashtra’s tourism body, utilising data and technology to chart a path towards revival.
Today, Shubham’s mission centres on tackling the pressing issue of cybercrime, a 21st-century challenge with significant financial ramifications. His journey thus far has been marked by continual learning, mentorship, and an unwavering commitment to driving transformative change. As he reflects on his path, Shubham remains dedicated to making a positive impact on society through innovative strategies and purposeful partnerships.
In Shubham’s story, we find a tangible demonstration of how reflecting on one’s past experiences can reveal the extraordinary nature of life’s journey. We explore more about him in this exclusive interview. 

How has your experience working with companies across geographies shaped your approach to strategy and partnerships?

I am a collection of my learnings, and these experiences have taught me some important principles. In challenging times, I have learned the value of efficiency and collaboration rather than reinventing solutions. Partnering with existing experts and repurposing their resources has proven highly effective, speeding up results. Collaborative efforts tap into collective knowledge and combine team strengths, achieving more together. For instance, during my time at the Mumbai COVID War Room, partnering with Uber allowed us to utilise their platform for BMC, running 500 ambulances efficiently. This strategic collaboration not only provided critical medical support but also showcased the impact of leveraging existing resources. Partner selection is key, prioritising trust, track record, and execution capabilities for successful outcomes.

How has the concept of IKIGAI influenced your career choices and your focus on making a positive impact in the world?

The concept of IKIGAI has profoundly influenced my career journey, emphasising my commitment to creating a positive impact. While my path may not have been meticulously planned, it has unfolded organically, with hindsight allowing me to connect the dots. The discovery of IKIGAI’S essence, long before it gained fame, deeply affected me. Realising I could operate within the overlap of three circles (excluding the solely financial one) fuelled my sense of purpose. Initially, as an engineer, I followed a typical professional path. However, life’s unpredictability prompted me to question why I should wait until an older age to make a meaningful difference. The recent pandemic reinforced the urgency of acting. Today, driven by IKIGAI, I make career choices aligned with my passions, skills, and societal needs, striving to contribute significantly to the betterment of society.

Can you discuss your work ethic and commitment to delivering exceptional results?

My work philosophy is grounded in honesty, fairness, and a steadfast belief in the significance of my work. I maintain the discipline to stay focused and productive while avoiding overwork. Loyalty and leadership are core values, and I take ownership of my work, consistently exceeding expectations. I’m committed to going beyond the minimum requirements, driven by a purpose to make a positive impact rather than seeking personal recognition.

What is your success mantra?

My success mantra is built upon a foundation of authenticity, trust, and a focus on the bigger picture. I value genuine interactions and humility, believing they foster positive relationships and work environments. Trust is paramount, and I prioritise transparency and reliability in all my interactions. I take a holistic view, looking beyond immediate challenges to align my decisions with long-term goals. Pausing to reflect and problem-solving is at the core of my approach, as I believe addressing root issues leads to lasting success. I embrace patience and persistence, trusting that consistent efforts will yield results. Surrounding myself with excellence is another key aspect of my mantra, recognising the influence of those we associate with on our growth and success. These principles guide my leadership and problem-solving, aiming to achieve not just personal success but also positive contributions to organisations and the people I work with.

What are your future aspirations and areas of focus as the Head of Strategy and Partnerships?

My future aspirations are driven by a clear vision and an aim to establish a robust cybersecurity ecosystem while fostering impactful global collaborations. My ultimate goal is to make a significant, life-saving impact on the world. I am dedicated to elevating DeepCytes into a globally recognised Cyber Intelligence brand, positioning us as leaders in Cyber Innovation. I embrace the challenge of navigating the ever-evolving digital landscape. Contrary to the belief that business success and impactful contributions are mutually exclusive, I am determined to challenge this notion. Through strategic planning, dedication, and forward thinking, I believe we can excel in both domains simultaneously. In summary, my focus is on innovation, collaboration, and societal transformation. I am committed to leading DeepCytes towards a future where we excel in business while leaving a lasting, positive legacy in the world.
















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