10 Best CSOs in India 2023


“The real challenge in crafting strategy lies in detecting subtle discontinuities that may undermine a business in the future. And for that, there is no technique, no program, just a sharp mind in touch with the situation.” Chief Strategy Officers (CSOs) are a different breed of C-level executives, untapping exponential growth by aligning strategic objectives with operational capabilities. Exploiting the power of CIOs, CTOs, CISOs, CPOs and COOs, Chief Strategy Officers are accountable for bringing visions and plans into motion. 

In its exclusive edition – “10 Best CSOs in India 2023, TradeFlock interviewed India’s most influential strategy leaders to acknowledge their professional expedition, challenges, strategies and upcoming plans to get insights into their strategic roadmaps.

Amzur Technologies

Rohan Bansal

Managing Partner

Rays Financial

Armed with extensive industry knowledge and a compassionate approach, Rohan has an exceptional talent for bridging the gap between complexity and simplicity, solidifying his position as a visionary in the financial realm and leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

Menrva Technologies

Archit Srivastava

Vice President - Strategy & Growth​


A seasoned strategy leader with 13+ years of experience, Archit has been instrumental in developing growth strategies for business development, sustainability, and environmental consultancy. 

AUK Computing

Dhruv Kaushik
Dhruv Kaushik



Dhruv is an investor and entrepreneur with a decorated professional journey of 15+ years.  Seasoned in product & adoption strategy, he has ample experience in managing the network and technology teams. 

Chropynska India

Jatin Kashyap

Head of Business Strategy

Sourcenet Global

With an impressive legacy spanning two decades, Jatin emerges as a dynamic force in the apparel and fashion industry. He has actively engaged in initiatives to champion digital transformation and embrace sustainability.

Senior Director

Kamal Naidu

Global Head - Strategy & Insights

PXP Financial

Kamal is an inspiring strategy leader with hands-on experience in managing operations and data intelligence. His deep expertise in the application of analytics, statistics, and business intelligence makes him a skilled strategist. 

Regional Sales Director

Karn Gulati

Director of Strategy | Transformation Leader


With a foundation built on over ten years of experience at Ernst & Young, Karn is a startup enthusiast with problem-solving skills and a result-oriented approach that brings a unique entrepreneurial edge. 

Energy & Utilities,

Shubham Pareek

Head of Strategy and Partnerships


Shubham, an ex-Chief Minister’s Fellow, is renowned for spearheading large-scale, impactful projects, especially in the COVID War Room. Awarded the Warrior of Change honor by Maharashtra’s Governor, his diverse experience fuels innovation and change.

Head, Asia Pacificers

Surya Jaisankar

Director-Strategic Initiatives

MoEngage Inc

With exceptional vision and unwavering commitment, Surya has carved a niche for himself as a trailblazer in strategic initiatives. His remarkable journey exemplifies the power of passion, innovation, and an unwavering determination to create a lasting impact.