Sanjay Bhansali

A Multifaceted Leader Unfolding New Growth Channels with Innovation

Sanjay Bhansali


Captain Steel India

The steel industry, one of the oldest and most significant sectors in the global market, has faced long-standing challenges that stem from the inherent rigidity of its processes and the often-harsh operating environments it encounters. Technical officers, or better say, transformation officers, driving the steel industry often face an array of challenges to upkeep rapidly evolving technologies, maintain the robustness of systems, smooth functions, and find the right talent to spur growth. With more than three decades of experience, Sanjay Bhansali is fuelling transformation—both strategic and technical—by providing mass opportunities for businesses to grow and adapt to the tectonic shifts in the world. As the Chief Technical Officer at Captain Steel Limited, Sanjay has transformed and infused a sense of innovation despite all these complexities. TradeFlock interviewed Sanjay to get insights into his decades-long professional journey, challenges, strategies, and upcoming plans to transform the steel industry.

Can you give an overview of your professional journey and the challenges you faced?

I started my career in 1987 in the chemical industry and later moved to Bharat Forge Ltd. as a senior engineer. While leading the Forge Modernisation Department there, I got the opportunity to work on new projects and solve technical concerns across various industries. In 1993, I transitioned to the steel industry with green field project at Lloyds Steel Industries Limited, where I was exposed to numerous challenges, including manpower planning, mechanical maintenance, product quality, and process monitoring. These complexities have been exacerbated by evolving technology. Despite these hurdles, I’ve used my learnings from my tenure, when I took on high-risk opportunities, and my leadership skills to face these challenges and drive innovation and growth, which has resulted many successes with respect to plant operations in the rolling mill division.

What are your main responsibilities as Chief Technical Officer at Captain Steel India Ltd.?

As the Chief Technical Officer at Captain Steel India Ltd., my main responsibilities include overseeing the entire operations and project activities of the company. Drawing on my extensive experience, including roles in maintenance, operations, and commercial logistics at Jindal Steel & Power Ltd., as well as business development during overseas assignments with Global Steel Holding Limited, I bring a versatile perspective to my current position. This diverse background enables me to effectively lead and manage both the technical and commercial aspects of our operations, ensuring that we meet our organisational goals.

How do you balance operational efficiencies and strategy implementation?

Infrastructure is the biggest concern when it comes to addressing operational inefficiency. At Captain Steel India, we’ve implemented standard operating procedures to streamline daily tasks and improve productivity, which leads to balanced operational efficiencies and strategy implementation. Additionally, we’ve put standard maintenance practices in place for our machinery to minimise downtime. These tactical steps align with our broader business strategy, ensuring a smooth and efficient path towards our long-term goals.

What motivated you to pursue the Advance Management and Leadership Programme at IIM Calcutta, and how does it help you be a better technology leader?

Well, the main motivation to pursue the Advanced Management and Leadership Programme at IIM Calcutta came from its strong focus on key operational areas. While working at Jindal Steel & Power Limited, I was among 30 professionals chosen for this programme, sharing space with IPS, IAS officers, and industry leaders. The programme enriched my expertise in five pivotal areas: operations, retailer relationships, project management, commercials, and finance. As a technology leader, I consistently apply these skills to navigate complex challenges, whether it’s optimising operations or making data-driven decisions, which has significantly enhanced my ability to align technological solutions with business objectives, making me a more effective and versatile leader.

Can you please share some strategies you implemented to address rising concerns and what impact they had on your organisation?

In previous organisations, I’ve had many opportunities to implement a range of strategies that effectively addressed rising concerns. At Lloyds Steel Industries Limited, where I oversaw all internal activities, I restructured our approach and processes to drive growth. Specifically, I improved our technical capabilities by implementing new operational policies and leveraging advanced techniques. This led to a more streamlined workflow and increased efficiency across various departments with the best Costing. Always tried to work on the mantra – “resources are limited but creativity is unlimited”. Additionally, during a project at Welspun Corp Plate Mill, I tackled a major design issue that had been causing significant technical malfunctions in the plant. The key strategy was revamping the equipment and technology, particularly the flawed hydraulic system/main drive Spindle/25MM Rotary Shear for Plate Side trimmer. I redesigned the entire issues related to hydraulic circuit and Mechanical failures to resolve the problem. In both settings, I also employed advanced inspection techniques like destructive testing and remote monitoring of equipment. These measures helped us in the early detection of structural issues and corrosion, enabling proactive maintenance. The overall impact on the organisations was substantial—improved system reliability, reduced downtime, and increased operational efficiency.

What landmark achievements or milestones in your career are you particularly proud of?

I’m proud of several key milestones in my career. One of the standout achievements was the modification of a hydraulic circuit and redesigning of major equipment at Stackle Mill, which resulted in significant cost savings for the company, amounting to crores. This project demonstrated my technical expertise and directly impacted the company’s bottom line. Also improved product quality by implementing the best operational practices. In my tenure with Jindal Steel & Power Limited, I’ve had the opportunity to serve in various leadership roles, including Head of Projects, Head of Operations for a rolling mill, and Head of Technical Services and Head of Central Services Tech and PPC/ MKT Coordination/Logistics Railroad. During my time at JSPL, one of my notable accomplishments was the successful upgrade of the plate mill, among many other projects. I’ve also taken a lead role in technocommercial activities related to business development. These experiences have been incredibly rewarding and equipped me with a multifaceted skill set that I continually apply to meet new challenges.
















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