Susmit Lavania

The Architect of Ethical Technological Transformation

Susmit Lavania

Co-Founder & CTO,


Ethics is what drives true entrepreneurs, serving as the moral compass guiding their decisions and actions in the dynamic business environment. Only entrepreneurs who prioritise ethics recognise the imperative of aligning their ventures with principles that uphold the greater good. Visionary entrepreneurs like Susmit Lavania, co-founder and CTO of Huddle01, understand that the impact of technology transcends mere functionality. It permeates society, affecting individuals, communities, and entire nations. Susmit’s entrepreneurial journey embodies this ethos. For him, ethics are not constraints but guiding principles that amplify the positive influence of technology. His commitment to opensource programming and community mentorship exemplifies a dedication to democratising access to knowledge and resources. This dedication, rooted in ethical considerations, fuelled his resilience amidst challenges.
One of the defining moments in Susmit’s path was his decision to walk away from well-funded projects for ethical reasons. This pivotal choice underscored his unwavering commitment to principles over profit, emphasising the fundamental belief that technology should be a force for inclusivity, accessibility, and fairness. This conviction laid the groundwork for Huddle01, a company that thrives on the ethos of neutrality, borderlessness, decentralisation, and community-driven innovation. Susmit’s story illuminates the transformative power of ethical entrepreneurship. His accolades as a Google mentor for open-source programmes and victories in global hackathons are not just markers of technical expertise; they are validations of his ethical choices.
In a candid conversation with TradeFlock, Susmit discussed more about ethics, policies, and his baby, Huddle01. 

How does your technology break communication barriers, address challenges, and utilise WebRTC to transform real-time Internet communication?

WebRTC, short for Web Real-Time Communication, plays a significant role in this transformation. It enables peer-to-peer connections directly within web browsers and mobile apps, ensuring secure audio and video communication simultaneously. Unlike the traditional client-server setup, WebRTC supports real-time, bidirectional interactions, enhancing user experiences in virtual meetings and online collaborations. Its seamless integration into web platforms signifies a paradigm shift, creating a more immersive and engaging digital environment. WebRTC’s significance lies in fostering direct, secure, and real-time communication, transforming the way we connect online. Our technology serves a crucial role in overcoming communication barriers by facilitating real-time, two-way Internet communication. Challenges arise from traditional internet architecture, originally designed for one-way interactions. The opportunity lies in transforming this into seamless, global, real-time interaction. Achieving this involves addressing technical complexities, ensuring security, and decentralising control, empowering users for effortless worldwide communication.

How does Huddle01's decentralised approach differ from Zoom, and how does it empower individuals and communities?

Huddle01’s decentralised approach sets it apart from centralised platforms such as Zoom. Unlike centralised systems where control is concentrated in a few hands, Huddle01 empowers individuals and communities by enabling anyone to host nodes, integrating them into the network infrastructure. These nodes actively contribute to the system’s operation, and participants are rewarded for their contributions. This model not only promotes community engagement but also establishes a more secure, peerto-peer communication network, enhancing privacy and user empowerment significantly. Huddle01’s decentralised framework ensures a more inclusive and democratic digital space where users actively shape their communication environment.

How would you explain your technology using a simple, relatable analogy?

Imagine Zoom as a high-end hotel with restricted access and management control, while Huddle01 is like a lively neighbourhood where anyone can welcome others into their homes. In the hotel, guests have limited say, and decisions are made centrally. In the neighbourhood, everyone can join, share resources, and benefit from their involvement. Huddle01 turns the internet into a community-driven area where interactions are personal, secure, and fulfilling—similar to living in a tight-knit neighbourhood where everyone knows and supports each other.

Where do you see yourself professionally and personally in the next decade, and what drives your future aspirations?

Looking ahead, my professional aspiration involves Huddle01 becoming a unicorn, not only in terms of valuation but also in its transformative impact on the community. I am dedicated to enhancing India’s technical landscape and fostering a new generation of empowered individuals. On a personal level, my journey encompasses delving deeper into spirituality, pursuing enlightenment, and inner peace. I am committed to my fitness journey, exploring new horizons in physical endurance. Additionally, my fascination with space technology fuels my curiosity about nuclear fusion and satellite constellations, offering limitless opportunities for exploration and personal growth.

How has your spiritual journey influenced your personal growth and your vision for creating impact in the world?

My spiritual exploration has profoundly influenced my approach to personal growth and my vision for making a positive impact in the world. It has cultivated a profound sense of interconnectedness with the universe and all living beings, fuelling my desire to contribute meaningfully to society. Emphasising self-awareness, empathy, and compassion, my goal is to develop technology that enriches lives and promotes harmony among diverse communities. Spiritual enlightenment serves as my guiding light, ensuring that my endeavours are driven by a collective upliftment of humanity, transcending personal gain. These disciplines have played a pivotal role in cultivating inner peace and mental clarity. During a deep meditation session, I experienced a transformative moment of unity with nature and all living beings, highlighting the interconnectedness of existence. This profound insight has become a cornerstone of my perspective, shaping my commitment to technology that embodies harmony and inclusivity. Integrating these spiritual experiences into my work, I strive to create technologies that foster unity and collective well-being, aligning my contributions with the interconnected tapestry of life.
















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