10 Best CTOs in India 2023

10 Best CTOs in India 2023
10 Best CTOs in India 2023


From revitalising supply chains with predictive analytics to leveraging machine learning for hyper-personalised customer experiences, CTOs are the maestros orchestrating a symphony of digital transformation. In their hands, traditional industries have transformed into agile, tech-infused powerhouses. They are not just technologists; they are the harbingers of change and architects of the future, transforming businesses into agile, data-driven entities that thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Their vision and prowess aren’t just shaping industries; they’re sculpting the future of the Indian economy itself, propelling it toward unprecedented growth and global relevance. The impact of CTOs extends beyond mere modernisation as they weave intricate networks, fostering ecosystems that fuel growth and disruption. In its newest issue- “10 Best CTOs in India 2023”- TradeFlock has featured and interviewed India’s leading and inspiring visionary architects who are using welding technology as their paintbrush to craft a masterpiece of growth and innovation.

Amzur Technologies

Amit Kumar Sharma
Amit Kumar Sharma

Chief Technology Officer

Hubble Connected

With a career spanning 18 years, Amit’s trajectory in the technology space has been nothing short of transformative. As the CTO, he oversees global technology teams across multiple R&D centres, orchestrating groundbreaking advancements in the tech sphere. His dedication to pushing the boundaries of innovation continues to shape the future of technology.

Menrva Technologies

Arun Gautam

Chief Technology Officer


Arun’s expertise in technology strategy and operational excellence forms a solid foundation to address data management complexities and seamless technological integration. His leadership finesse, evident in various organisational roles, signals an ability to drive innovation and guide teams through technological transformations.

AUK Computing

Chirag Boonlia

Group CTO

Embassy Group

Driven by an innate entrepreneurial spirit and an insatiable hunger for innovation, Chirag has navigated diverse roles across various domains. His journey traverses the realms of business transformation, spanning multiple technologies and industries, from established corporations to institutional-backed startups.

Chropynska India

Kartik Bhutani

Co-Founder & CTO

Blossom Social

As a visionary entrepreneur and CTO, Kartik co-founded Blossom Social, the investors’ social network. He is an experienced software engineer with a passion for investments and has expertise in designing, developing, and deploying applications.

Senior Director

Mahesh P

Chief Technology Officer

Stixis Technologies

With a proven track record in various domains, Mahesh’s methodical approach and adaptability to emerging technologies drive Stixis Technologies’ accomplishments. He excels in development, cloud infrastructure, critical thinking, and time management, propelling projects to unprecedented success.

Regional Sales Director

Ranjit Sapra

Director Of Information Technology


As a Director of Information Technology at Karam, Ranjit champions initiatives for upskilling and reskilling employees in the manufacturing industry. His strategies aim to foster digital fluency within the workforce, aligning with the ongoing labour scarcity in the manufacturing industry.

Director - AI

Sanjay Bhansali

Chief Technical Officer

Captain Steel India

With more than three decades of experience, Sanjay Bhansali is fuelling transformation, both strategic and technical, by providing mass opportunities for businesses to grow and adapt to the tectonic shifts in the world. He is credited for transforming and infusing a sense of innovation in the steel industry.

Energy & Utilities,

Sankar Dasiga

Chief Technology Officer


Sankar’s experience extends beyond technological innovation; his work serves as a bridge between tradition and modernity, fostering an inclusive and adaptable approach to yoga. Beyond revolutionising yoga practice, Wellnesys and Sankar reshape its societal perception, positioning it in harmony with our ever-evolving world.

Head, Asia Pacificers

Thrivikram Gadam

Chief Technology Officer


Thrivikram’s journey epitomises the evolution of tech leadership, where expertise spans beyond technical confines, embodying a holistic vision for a brighter, technologically advanced future. His achievements, ranging from groundbreaking product creation to executing pivotal projects across diverse domains, reflect a steadfast commitment to problem-solving through emerging technologies.