Ayush Goyal

Unwavering Commitment to Excellent Customer Satisfaction

Ayush Goyal

Director of Customer Success,


Customer is King” – a resounding adage that continues to resonate in the modern business landscape. Fostering enduring relationships with both internal and external “Kings” becomes paramount for organisations that strive for excellence. Crafting a seamless and gratifying experience for customers is the secret sauce. Ayush Goyal, the Director of Customer Success at Zooper, is a strong advocate of this philosophy.
Strongly committed to establishing mutually beneficial, long-term partnerships with clients, Ayush has an unwavering focus on excellence. He steers the company towards delivering uninterrupted and exceptional experiences at every stage of their engagement with Zooper. The result is an atmosphere where customer satisfaction reigns supreme, elevating the organisation to new heights of success.
In an exclusive conversation with TradeFlock, Ayush delves deeper into his strategies and the volunteer work he does.

How do you measure and track customer satisfaction, and how do you ensure continuous improvement in this area?

I work with a prestigious clientele that includes enterprise heads, COOs, CXOs, and department heads. In managing such a network, I prioritise building long-term relationships rather than focusing solely on measures and steps. In my view, for any CXO to succeed, they must develop a three-stage relationship: one with the person, one with their role, and one with the company. By fostering strong, mutually beneficial relationships and being there for clients when they need support, not just when it’s convenient, we cultivate trust and loyalty. Ultimately, this approach leads to a steady flow of business and enduring success.

Can you share an example of a customer-centric product improvement driven by customer feedback?

Indeed, there have been numerous successful problem-solving initiatives. One example that stands out is our shift from company routes to identifying nodal points based on employee locations. This change significantly improved employee satisfaction, streamlined operations, and proved to be a win-win solution for everyone involved.
At our core, we prioritise relevance in problem-solving. If a solution addresses a fundamental issue, it becomes the goto approach for all. It’s not limited to just one customer; we also offer valuable improvements and use cases to our community, fostering a collaborative and supportive environment. We focus on delivering practical and effective solutions that benefit both our customers and the broader community.

How do you apply Gail Devers' quote, "Keep your dreams alive," in your daily life and decision-making?

It’s common for people to lose sight of their initial motivations or the intensity of their desires. Dreams can fade quickly, either because they are fulfilled and no longer relevant or because they are abandoned due to life’s challenges. However, I remain focused on what truly matters and maintain my long-term vision. I have inner support that keeps my determination burning bright. I protect my long-term vision from life’s distractions and stay true to my path. Each day, I approach it with the intention that it could be the best day yet. I embrace the possibilities it holds and strive to make today better than yesterday. My unwavering drive keeps me moving forward, ensuring that my fire never dims.

The professional field has changed over the past couple of years. Today, it’s hybrid and/or remote. How did this help you in your professional growth?

The shift to hybrid and remote work models has shaped my professional growth. Flexibility and autonomy have enhanced work-life balance, fostering accountability and efficient project management. Operating remotely, I have collaborated effectively, delivering results from my home office. Hailing from Ratlam, a small town in Madhya Pradesh, I have successfully engaged with a Pune-based company and contributed to two US firms. This underscores remote work’s global impact, transcending geography. Remote work redefines success, turning the home office into a hub of productivity and innovation. This showcases adaptability and resilience in evolving work norms. Hybrid and remote work have been pivotal, cultivating versatility, efficiency, and broader horizons, regardless of geographic origin.

How do you retain customers and ensure long-term loyalty?

Our industry focuses more on building relationships than simply closing deals. Customer satisfaction and retention are key drivers in this pursuit. We prioritise listening to customer feedback and incorporating innovation into our products based on their needs.
We understand that customers are not just numbers but individuals and organisations with evolving goals. To ensure their success, we keep key members involved throughout the product development process. Our pricing is fair and competitive in the market, reflecting our commitment to providing value to our customers.
Our approach goes beyond transactions; we strive to build trust and contribute to our customers’ success. By understanding their personal teams and enterprises, we can better tailor our solutions to meet their specific requirements. Sustaining long-term partnerships and fostering mutual growth is at the core of our business philosophy.

How do you proactively anticipate customer needs and pain points, and how does this influence your product planning and innovation strategies?

Effective communication is at the heart of our approach. In today’s dynamic business world, constant innovation and listening to the market’s needs are paramount. We maintain active communication channels, continuously listening to customer feedback and evolving our solutions accordingly. Our flexibility in approaching problem statements gives us a competitive edge in the market. Customer satisfaction is a top priority in my day-to-day work. Even the smallest intuition or hunch from a customer becomes a matter of utmost importance. We align our roadmap with core product feedback and improvements, ensuring that our priorities are in line with customer needs. This customercentric approach drives our success and ensures we consistently deliver what our customers truly need.

How has Symbiosis helped you become a better leader?

Symbiosis has been instrumental in shaping my leadership journey. My transformative experience at SCMS, Pune commenced with a vibrant introduction to an array of clubs, departments, events, and student bodies. Over the course of three enriching years, I undertook seven internships, assuming pivotal roles in our college fest, placement cell, and contributing to the Research and Development cell and Enactus. This immersive exposure honed my street-smart acumen, fostering a profound understanding of business dynamics, refining my communication prowess, and fostering adept relationship management skills. Post-graduation, the unwavering support of Symbiosis International University (SIU) through SCAE provided an avenue to sustain meaningful connections with alumni spanning global locales. Our diverse paths post-SCMS, scattering to pursue advanced studies, enter family enterprises, initiate entrepreneurial ventures, and join esteemed corporates, culminated in a robust network, fortified by the alumni continuum. This expansive network has proven invaluable, offering dependable job referrals, trusted vendor collaborations for our entrepreneurial endeavours, and a steadfast community to reminisce cherished moments and extend support when sought. Presently, I remain an enthusiastic member of the Alumni community, maintaining active involvement with SCMS, Pune. This entails conducting insightful AMA sessions and delivering guest lectures, reinforcing the cycle of knowledge sharing and mentorship.