Nilesh Borgharkar

The Customer Support Excellence Aficionado

Nilesh Borgharkar

Sr VP Customer Support and Service ,

People Interactive

I n today’s interconnected world, where customers reign supreme, the significance of exceptional customer service cannot be overstated. It is the driving force behind customer satisfaction, loyalty, and business success. Amidst this pivotal landscape, one visionary leader stands at the forefront, of customer support and service, Nilesh Borgharkar, the Senior Vice President of Customer Support and Service at People Interactive.
Nilesh has made a significant impact in the industry, raising the bar for service delivery and customer satisfaction. His dedication and expertise have set new standards, making him a respected leader in the field of customer support. His profound understanding of customer needs, combined with an empathetic approach, has positioned him as a catalyst for change. Nilesh understands that exceptional customer service extends far beyond mere transactional interactions. It requires a deep understanding of customer pain points, proactive problemsolving, and personalised care. This customercentric philosophy has become the cornerstone of his leadership, driving his team towards unrivalled service levels.
At the heart of Nilesh’s success lies his ability to transform ideas into action. With a dynamic and agile mindset, he navigates the complexities of the customer service landscape with finesse. Through meticulous planning, strategic decision-making, and flawless execution, he turns visions into tangible realities, elevating customer experiences to extraordinary heights. But Nilesh’s impact transcends his role as a leader. He embodies the spirit of a mentor, inspiring and empowering those around him to reach their full potential.
Join TradeFlock as we discuss with Nilesh his transformative journey as he pushes boundaries, challenges the status quo, and unlocks the true potential of exceptional customer service. 

Customer support and service play a pivotal role in brand building and loyalty. How are you working towards achieving this? What are some top metrics you follow?

In today’s competitive landscape, customer support and service have emerged as crucial components in building a strong brand and fostering customer loyalty. With this understanding at the core, our relentless focus has been on delivering a superior customer experience. We leave no stone unturned to ensure that our customers receive the highest level of satisfaction. One of the key metrics we prioritise is Customer Satisfaction (Csat), which we track almost in real time. This allows us to stay attuned to the sentiment of our customers and address any concerns promptly. Additionally, we have a dedicated team that thoroughly analyses any instances of Dissatisfaction (Dsats) to ensure that we learn from them and avoid repeating similar issues in the future. Furthermore, we believe that customer retention and success stories are paramount indicators of our service excellence. When our customers are satisfied, it often translates into their success stories, showcasing the positive impact our services have had on their lives. We also recognise that their continued usage of our platform until they find a life partner is a testament to their satisfaction and trust in our services. By consistently focusing on enhancing the customer experience and leveraging these key metrics, we strive to maintain our commitment to excellence and ensure that our customers receive unparalleled support and service throughout their journey with us.

Can you share any achievement or milestone that you are particularly proud of, and how it has shaped your professional journey?

There is always a debate between delivering best-in-class CX and how to extract the best ROI associated with it. I am particularly proud of striking a balance between delivering an exceptional customer experience (CX) and optimising resources. Over the past two years, we focused on improving productivity through tech interventions without compromising CX. We successfully optimised resources by 35% and improved per-person productivity by 120%, all while maintaining Csat and increasing retention by 33%. Our efforts have been recognised with multiple awards, reinforcing the importance of this achievement in my professional journey. Moving forward, I remain committed to driving CX and productivity gains for our organisation.

What role do you believe AI will play in transforming customer support and service in the next five years? Are you strengthening yourself and the train to stay ahead of this curve?

In the next five years, AI will revolutionise the customer support and service landscape. As businesses strive to understand their customers better, data-driven tools will take centre stage. AI-powered automation, fueled by customer data, will enhance the overall customer experience and enable more delightful interactions. Technologies such as chatbots and sentiment analysis will empower support teams to streamline workflows, address customer requests promptly, and even proactively anticipate their needs. By leveraging AI, businesses can reimagine customer engagements, driving improved experiences, cost reductions, increased sales, and ultimately maximising customer lifetime value. To stay ahead of this transformative curve, I am dedicated to strengthening my skills and knowledge in AI. By continuously learning and adapting, I aim to lead my team in harnessing the power of AI to deliver exceptional customer support and service. Embracing AI-driven innovations will not only benefit our organisation but also ensure we remain at the forefront of the evolving customer support landscape.

What is your vision for creating a more elated customer service experience?

Our ultimate vision is to provide a personalised and sublime customer experience that surpasses expectations. To achieve this, we are committed to embracing new technological interventions that enable us to deliver lightning-fast response times, unparalleled accuracy, and enhanced personalization. By continuously learning and adopting innovative technologies, we strive to create a customer service experience that is truly exceptional and tailored to the individual needs and preferences of our valued customers.
















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