10 Best CXOs in India 2023

10 Best CXOs in India 2023
10 Best CXOs in India 2023


The advocates for customer-centricity in every division of an organisation, CXOs are strategic leaders who come to grips with what really matters for customers. A CXO ensures that the business delivers a pleasant experience to consumers, which plays a vital role in developing strategies for acquiring and keeping customers. They are information-driven, adept at communication and persuasion, remain calm in high-stress situations, are technically smart and creative, and encourage their teams to stay updated with the latest developments in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other related domains.

On its expedition to identify and recognise India’s leading and influential CXOs in India 2023, TradeFlock interviewed many customer experience officers to evaluate their traits, experience, professional journey, and achievements to feature them in its newest issue – 10 Best CXOs in India 2023.

Amzur Technologies

Ayush Goyal

Director of Customer Success


Director of Customer Success at Zooper, Ayush Goyal, has ample experience in research, new product development, customer satisfaction, pricing, communication, business processes and driving growth in start-ups.

Menrva Technologies

Ajith John

Head - Planning, Logistics and Customer Service​

General Mills

With 18+ years of decorated professional journey, Ajith has amassed a wealth of experience spanning multiple industries in sourcing and supply chain transformations and digitalisation in service of meeting customer needs.

AUK Computing

Anika Agarwal

Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer​

Orient Electric

Anika has a rich experience of more than two decades in marketing, digital transformation, and direct-to-consumer business across industries, including retail, telecom, and insurance. She has been instrumental in overseeing the overall brand management and marketing strategies.

Chropynska India

Aniket Bose

Chief Supply Chain Officer


A seasoned professional with 12+ years of experience, Aniket Bose is heading all backend operations, including manufacturing, quality, product development, warehousing, logistics and customer support.

Senior Director

Anuradha Laskar

Sr Manager Customer Experience

Merck India

Anuradha is a determined professional with 18+ years of experience driving and leading cross-functional teams with expertise in various fields like demand planning, inventory planning, forecasting, project management, customer service & HR.

Regional Sales Director

Henry Solomon

VP - Customer Success & Account Management

Seclore Technology

Henry Soloman is leveraging his extensive experience in delivering exceptional customer experiences and facilitating the achievement of business outcomes. His dedication to continuous learning and openness to feedback have been pivotal in his career growth.

Energy & Utilities,

Manish More

Sr Customer Success Manager Architect


With an experience of 15+ years in Information Technology, Manish is a technology architect and has architected solutions for industries including telecommunication, logistics, hospitality, E&U, public, banking, financial services and retail.

Head, Asia Pacificers

Nilesh Borgharkar

Sr VP Customer Support and Service

People Interactive

Nilesh’s dedication and expertise have set new standards, making him a respected leader in the field of customer support. His profound understanding of customer needs and empathetic approach have positioned him as a catalyst for change.
















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