Ranking The 10 Best Fashion Brands in India 2022: Styling Future

Top fashion brands not only focus on creating stand-out designs that are trendy as well as cost-effective but ensure that they are thriving all the time. Numerous brands that create exceptional designs and trends are more widespread compared to established brands that sell moderate products at higher costs. Therefore, despite the sales and cost, there are many things that make a premium brand collectively. 

We interviewed executives of leading fashion brands in India to determine the ideal characteristics of a top brand to curate our list of the 10 best fashion brands in India 2022. On the basis of those discussions, we have filtered the below-mentioned traits of the best fashion brands in India. 

High standard of craftsmanship

Quality materials and high hand-crafting standards that are difficult to replicate by machine are the essence of top fashion brands in India. This beauty, workmanship, and longevity appeal to buyers and set a brand distinctly. While picking up the 10 best fashion brands in India 2022, we look deeper to identify whether they follow high benchmarks of artisanship and craft. 

An element of being limited-edition 

The objective of a leading fashion brand is that it remains a limited-edition; hence top fashion brands in India limit the availability of their items. The concept of high-end brands accessing new audiences through collaboration with high-street stores, generating limited editions that buyers battle over for only a few weeks. At TradeFlock, we do the inclusion of fashion brands among the 10 best fashion brands in India 2022 on the basis of their quality of being limited-edition. 

Association of public figures 

Leading fashion brands in India rely on associating with carefully picked public figures who transmit their traits onto the brand – and generate attention and credibility. We evaluate brands’ association with popular personalities and how many public figures endorse them to shortlist the 10 best fashion brands in India 2022. 

Exceptional store experience 

Top fashion brands in India are typically dependent on exclusive and outstanding shopping experiences to establish a stronger relationship with customers and leave a good impression. This is why many people do not consider the idea of online buying and believe that it is less emotional. We include brands in our list of the 10 best fashion brands in India 2022 based on the store experience they offer. 

A smart money approach 

To be a successful brand, it is vital to understand how much money you need to operate. Brands cannot sell if they do not have the funds to manufacture. No one will know a brand exists if it doesn’t have the funds to create content and sell it. While choosing the 10 best fashion brands in India 2022, we assess their understanding of money and how they plan ahead of time, which is the key to long-term success.

Designs things that stand out

A fashion brand’s exceptional taste and understanding of what’s going on in the fashion world will benefit its products. Fashion brands should devote a significant amount of time to analysing trends in many countries and major fashion weeks. To be on the top and creating outstanding designs, it is crucial for them to keep an eye on local fashion as well. Therefore, it is a vital trait to fix a spot on the list of TradeFlock’s 10 best fashion brands in India 2022.

Promotes sustainability and ethical sourcing 

It is critical for the top brands in India to guarantee that their practices are ethical and that they follow environmental rules when producing the products. Fashion companies that harm the environment and use sweatshops fail after a few years. We choose the 10 best fashion brands in India in 2022 by evaluating how they promote sustainability and ethical sourcing in their operations and marketing. 

Allows shopping on multiple channels 

If the fashion brand has successfully developed a brand image through marketing and social media presence, and people are attempting to purchase products from the fashion brand, they should be available. As a result, even if the brand does not have its own chain of stores, it must work with strong supply units to ensure that its goods reach the stores. In the course of curating the list of 10 best fashion brands in India 2022, we examine whether they enable customers to shop their brand items through multiple channels. 

Sticks to a consistent brand image

A premium brand’s identity must represent its greatness as well as its own personality and attitude; thus, it is careful about aligning itself with a certain cause or viewpoint. TradeFlock picks its 10 best fashion brands in India 2022 by considering their robust and consistent brand image.

A connecting brand story

Studies have revealed that users are likely to connect more with a story instead of phrases or advertisements. A brand’s story that is engaging and appealing impacts the customer base considerably and helps create a unique bond between the brand and users. Therefore, Tradeflock considers brands with an engaging story while creating its list of the 10 best fashion brands in India 2022. 

These are the attributes we follow to do the assessment of fashion brands and pick the 10 best fashion brands in India 2022. 

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