10 Best Leaders From AI In India 2023


India’s rapid adoption and evolution of disruptive technologies will make the country the next global leader in AI. Many start-ups and businesses in India have developed or developed applications, systems and solutions that improve workplace efficiency by eliminating repetitive work and augmenting human tasks. Indian tech corporations are effectively and significantly making human life easier than ever, thanks to visionary AI leaders who have played a pivotal role in making AI the new normal. Our newest and exclusive edition, “10 Best Leaders From AI in India 2023”, acknowledges the endeavours and journeys of some of India’s inspiring AI leaders. All these achievers share a bunch of traits that make them stand apart from others.

Amzur Technologies

244x183px_Ganna (1)
Ganna Vadlamaani

President & CEO - Growth Markets

Amzur Technologies

A C-suite executive with 25+ years of experience with Global MNCs, he has worked in various international regions.

Menrva Technologies

Dr. AngShuMan Ghosh

Founder & CEO​

Menrva Technologies

He is an AI, and Business leader with over 15 years of experience leading Fortune 100 and Startup companies.

AUK Computing

Ashok Ramachandran


AUK Computing

With 2 decades of experience in the business world, Ashok is leading his respective industry with his unmatched acumen.

Chropynska India

Dinesh Jhakal

Head - Robotics & Simulation

Chropynska India

An experienced Industrial Robotic Engineer with expertise in the automotive industry, Dinesh has hard-core skills.

Senior Director

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Naushath Mohammed

Senior Director


A seasoned leader with 14+ years of expertise in the technology industry, he is a constant learner.

Regional Sales Director

Prashant Kaul

Regional Sales Director

Corsight AI

With 22+ years of working experience, he is a strategy and sales leader passionate about AI and IoT.

Energy & Utilities,

Satyajit Dwivedi

Regional Director, EMEAP, Energy & Utilities, Manufacturing & Public Sector, SAS


With 28+ years of experience in Digital Transformation, he is a seasoned professional who is passionate about driving positive change and sustainability.

Head, Asia Pacificers

Sudhakar Rao

Head, Asia Pacific Japan, GSI Partners


Sudhakar has extensive knowledge of Global sales, strategy, and transformation and 28+ years of experience.