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Ashok Ramachandran


AUK Computing

Every experience count, and for Ashok Ramachandran, his journey from a sales manager to now leading AUK Computing has been a challenging one. A seasoned professional with extensive experience in the IT industry, Ashok has been the Director of AUK Computing, a company that consults and builds bespoke servers, workstations, and storage solutions, since February 2019. He has been instrumental in leading the company to success in India’s AI landscape.
Ashok has served as the Country Head at and as the Head of Sales at Boston Limited, accruing over eight years of industry experience. His expertise extends to his tenure as a Business Development Manager at BOXX Technologies and as an Assistant Consultant at Tata Consultancy Services. With a proven track record in sales management, Ashok has excelled as a Sales Manager at Peremex Pvt. Ltd. and has consistently demonstrated the ability to drive growth and deliver results.
TradeFlock discussed with Ashok about his roles and responsibilities and how he leverages his experience to put AUK Computing at the forefront of delivering leading-edge technologies. 

Before becoming the Director of AUK Computing, what roles did you work in, and how did they influence your leadership style?

Throughout my professional journey, I have had the opportunity to work across diverse roles such as sales, marketing, and management before assuming the leadership role at AUK Computing. Each of these experiences has given me invaluable insights into the business world and taught me the nuances of running a successful enterprise. The skills and knowledge I gained from these frontline positions have helped shape my leadership style, which emphasises perseverance, conviction, and a clear vision. Working with organisations that foster growth has allowed me to pursue my passion and make thoughtful decisions. The success we have achieved at AUK Computing is a testament to it.

How do you ensure that your company stays updated with the latest advancements in server and storage technologies and maintains a competitive edge?

Our focus at AUK Computing is to consult, design, and deliver cutting-edge solutions across industries. We always strive to be at the forefront of server and storage technologies, ensuring that we deliver the latest technology solutions to our clients. Our unique approach involves customising solutions according to our customers’ specific needs rather than offering our predefined services. This tailored approach sets us apart from our competitors. We specialise in delivering bespoke servers that cater to unique customer requirements, and by partnering with esteemed organisations like IIT and TIFR, we continuously position ourselves as leaders in the market.

How do you approach personal and professional development to continue growing as a leader?

As both the head of an organisation and an individual, I believe in having a strong vision for everything I do. I firmly believe in the power of self-conviction and teamwork, as success follows when you trust in yourself and your team. Transparency plays a vital role in my leadership approach, as it fosters clarity and, ultimately, success. At AUK Computing, we value collaboration and encourage our team members to share perspectives. This collaborative environment has helped us create a great workspace. To summarise, my leadership philosophy revolves around vision, transparency, and collaboration.

How has the integration of AI enhanced your solutions and simplified things for your clients?

AI has made a significant impact, as its penetration can be seen across industries. At AUK Computing, we believe in leveraging the power of AI to offer a wide range of services and products that cater to diverse market segments, enabling businesses to deliver the best. With increased adoption of reality experiences like virtual, augmented, and mixed reality, we have partnered with NVIDIA and Intel, which have evolved the GPU into a computer brain at the exciting intersection of virtual reality, high-performance computing, and artificial intelligence. Our customised hardware and plug-and-play solutions with all the software and toolkits bundled have allowed us to collaborate with leading global chip manufacturers and establish data-centric labs with emerging technologies. We help our clients with innovative bundled solutions by leveraging advanced technologies such as AI, FPGA, Applied AI (Smart Mobility), IoT, 5G, Robotics, and cyber security.

What factors do you consider when recommending server and storage solutions to clients, and how do you determine the best fit for their needs?

At AUK Computing, we aim to take organisations one step ahead by combining leading-edge business consulting, IT solutions, and support services, driven by core values to bridge superior quality and affordable cost. There are many factors that we consider before recommending any solution to a customer. With a multi-faceted team, we ensure that we get an understanding of the customer’s application, code, or job, and then we run or execute it on various architectures and platforms. The insights gained from these activities enable customers to make informed decisions regarding their businesses. Additionally, we gather information from the customer about the intensity of their code or job in terms of CPU, memory, or network usage, as well as whether they have GPU-enabled codes. Through our well-defined process, we deliver tailored and optimised solutions that precisely meet our customers’ needs.
















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