10 Best Leaders from Construction & Infrastructure in India 2023


If a country wants to progress, it has to put immense emphasis on its infrastructure development. From schools, hospitals, and roads to bridges, tunnels, and even buildings, construction and infrastructure have a huge potential for growth. But if India needs to grow its economy faster, it needs to leverage technology and professional expertise to set things on track. With a large rural population moving to urban cities faster than ever, the industry is under immense pressure to use technologies like 3D printing, robotics, BIM, and others to ensure a quicker response to the growing need.

Despite so much potential and growth opportunities, the industry needs to be aware of the challenges surrounding this growth. Whether it is the shortage of labour or the skills to leverage the existing and modern technologies, the conundrums are multiple and require very local solutions through global experience. And the leaders in the industry are actively leveraging their expertise to get the innovation quotient right.
TradeFlock’s current edition dedicated to such experts, ‘10 Best Leaders from Construction and Infrastructure in India 2023’, features the journey, the struggle, expertise, learning, team building, and other specialties of a few industry leaders and features detailed conversations with each of them. The issue also tries to help the emerging professionals learn from the featured leaders and inculcate them in their professional ways of working.

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