Basil Issac

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Trailblazing Path to a Greener Future

Basil Issac

Vice President,

Eram Power Electronics

As green energy and energy conservation drive forces, Basil Issac, Vice President of Eram Power Electronics, emerges as a visionary leader. With a strong focus on sustainability and energy efficiency, Basil shapes Eram’s strategic vision. He optimises the product line, integrates renewable energy sources, and champions eco-friendly manufacturing practices.
With over two decades of experience in the electrical and electronics industries and a solid educational background in Electronics and Communication, including a master’s degree from the Illinois Institute of Technology, Basil brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. He has worked with multinational and Indian companies, specialising in power electronics R&D.
His strategic vision leaves a lasting impact on the industry. By inspiring innovation, collaboration, and sustainability, he has set an example for other companies to follow. Through his transformative products and initiatives, Basil drives positive change in both the Indian and global electrical and electronics sectors.
Leading the innovation centre, Basil fosters a culture of innovation and collaboration. His systematic approach, embracing disruptive innovation and cost-effective planning, ensures the delivery of high-quality solutions. Basil’s leadership positions Eram as an industry frontrunner, propelling us towards a sustainable future. Curious about Basil’s strategies? TradeFlock conducted an exclusive interview with him to unveil his strong moves towards this vision. 

What is your role at Eram Power Electronics?

Reporting directly to the CEO, Jacob Thomas who is based in Saudi Arabia, where we have our engineering and manufacturing plant, I am responsible for managing the R&D centre in Bangalore, aligning our strategies with market demands, and fostering a culture of innovation within the company. Working closely with my team, I drive innovation and strive to develop groundbreaking solutions in the power electronics industry.

How do you address cultural and geographical differences between India and Saudi Arabia in product design and development?

I understand the impact that cultural and geographical differences have on product design and development, especially in the power electronics industry. One of the key challenges is the difference in ambient working conditions, with Saudi Arabia experiencing much higher temperatures than India. To address this, my team and I focus on designing products specifically suited for the local environments, ensuring they can withstand the extreme temperatures and harsh conditions found in the GCC countries. We also work closely with customers, such as Aramco and the Saudi Electricity Board, who have stringent requirements, to create cost-effective and reliable solutions tailored to their needs. By embracing cultural diversity and collaborating effectively across borders, we ensure that our products meet the unique demands of different markets and deliver optimal performance in diverse environments.

How does your strategic vision align with the global green energy movement, and what are your plans to optimise the energy efficiency of your product lines?

We aim to reduce power consumption and promote sustainability in the electrical and electronics industry. To optimise energy efficiency in our existing product line, we are dedicated to continuous improvement. Through thorough R&D, we identify areas for enhancement and implement design modifications to minimise energy waste.

How do you develop a successful R&D strategy that fosters innovation and aligns with the future of the industry and consumer behaviour?

I take a systematic approach, emphasising disruptive innovation, meticulous planning, and cost-effectiveness. By identifying market needs, developing cost-effective solutions, and optimising efficiency, I aim to deliver high-quality products. I foster innovation by encouraging observation, promoting collaboration, and collecting diverse ideas. Additionally, I plan to align our R&D strategies with the future of the industry and consumer behaviour by focusing on ideation, collaboration, and simulation. This includes effective collaboration with research universities and academia, creating a common platform for multiple engineering disciplines, and staying at the forefront of technological advancements. Through these strategies, we accelerate product realisation and ensure our solutions meet the evolving needs of the industry and consumers.

What is your strategic vision for Eram Power Electronics' products in terms of sustainability and energy efficiency?

My strategic vision for Eram Power Electronics is to develop sustainable, cost effective and energy-efficient products over the next five years. I aim to optimise energy efficiency in our existing product line and explore new technologies and materials to enhance efficiency further. I also prioritise integrating renewable energy sources like solar power into our offerings. Additionally, I emphasise ecofriendly manufacturing practices to reduce our environmental impact. Through innovation, collaboration, and sustainability, I believe we can contribute significantly to a greener future.

How do you ensure cost-effectiveness and product quality?

I address the challenges of cost-effectiveness and product quality through strategic measures. This includes focusing on design for manufacturing and serviceability, reducing parts, and optimising designs for efficient production and easy maintenance. I prioritise selecting the right components and considering cost during product development. Additionally, I promote the interchangeability of components for flexibility and easier field maintenance. Thorough research and analysis help identify cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality. I aim to strike a balance between cost-effectiveness and maintaining high standards of product quality at Eram Power Electronics.

How do you envision the future of power electronics in terms of technological advancements and market needs?

I envision a future for power electronics driven by technological advancements and evolving market needs. The digital transformation and adoption of trends like Industrial IoT are crucial. Power electronics must keep pace with advancements in computing power, data processing, and communication. Integration of wide bandgap semiconductors, like silicon carbide, enhances efficiency and performance. Software development and algorithmic advancements improve overall product efficiency and quality. Aligning research and development with market demands ensures Eram Power Electronics remains at the forefront of technology, meeting evolving customer needs. Eram Power electronics Innovation centre is equally focusing to develop the products for in country for country to avail the power electronics for all. Eram Power electronics comes under the umbrella of Eram Group, managed by Dr. Siddeek Ahmed and the subdivisions are managed by Madhu Radhakrishnan.
















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