Kalpesh Kumar Shah

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From Humble Beginnings to Industry Luminary

Kalpesh Kumar Shah

Vice President,

Vilas Transcore Limited

I n a world where settling for less has become the norm, Kalpesh Kumar Shah, a visionary in the Power Sector and Transformer Industry, staunchly believes in a different mantra: “Never settle for anything less than you deserve. It’s not pride, it is selfrespect.” With a career spanning over three decades, Kalpesh’s journey began humbly in 1992, steadily ascending through the ranks and amassing a treasure trove of hands-on experience. But it was his transformative stint in the UK that shaped his perspective, infusing his work with a touch of modernity and imbuing his principles with the ethos of a different world.
Today, as the Vice President of Vilas Transcore Limited, Kalpesh seamlessly merges his wealth of knowledge with cutting-edge technology and the wizardry of data analysis. He orchestrates operational excellence, monitors market trends with an eagle eye, and crafts an unparalleled customer experience that leaves lasting impressions. However, his leadership prowess extends beyond mere numbers and spreadsheets. Kalpesh fosters an environment of psychological safety, a sanctuary where team members flourish, ideas blossom, and mistakes become steppingstones to growth. His unyielding commitment to nurturing future leaders has become the heartbeat of the organisation.
Kalpesh is guided by the belief that doing the right thing, even when no one is watching, is the true measure of success. His strategic acumen, boundless passion, and unbreakable spirit have not only shaped his own path but have indelibly impacted the power sector and transformer Industry at large. A lifelong learner, Kalpesh is continuously expanding his knowledge and expertise. Recently, he participated in the Management Development Programme: Certificate Course on Advanced Programme in Strategic Management for Business Excellence at IIM-Lucknow. Additionally, Kalpesh holds a degree in Marketing Management & Business Administration from M.S. University of Vadodara. TradeFlock indulged in a deep conversation with Kalpesh to learn more about his methods. 

Please tell us about your background and experience in the power sector.

I began my journey in the power sector in 1992, starting in an entry-level position. Over the years, I have worked my way up and gained valuable experience in various roles, including sales, marketing, operations, procurement, finance, banking, liaison with government bodies, administration, & management. I also had the privilege of working in the UK for two years, where I learned a systematic approach to work and projects as well as the modern work culture practised in Western countries. This experience, combined with my principles and ethics, inspired me to implement the same when I returned to my country. It added tremendous value to my capacity and helped me understand the intricacies of the Power Industry in India, allowing me to build a solid foundation.

What drives your passion for the power sector and transformer industry?

Having handled the principal raw materials for transformers for more than three decades, I have gained invaluable experience in understanding the behaviour and functioning of transformers under different parameters. This expertise empowers me to provide suggestions to the power sector and transformer industry for the standardisation of transformer designs. This standardisation helps in reducing manufacturing costs, simplifying sourcing patterns, rationalising different varieties of products, and making effective use of resources. I firmly believe that a business or manufacturing company is not just the result of ideas; it is built on people who are trained to produce desired results, ultimately establishing a well-known brand in the market. This passion drives me to continuously contribute to the growth and success of the power sector and transformer industry.

How do you approach leadership and team management?

As a leader, I believe in providing psychological safety in the workplace. This fosters an environment where team members feel comfortable expressing their ideas, concerns, and mistakes without fear of negative consequences. Such an approach enables opportunities for team members to grow and develop skills to become future leaders themselves. I also prioritise transparent and assertive communication, problem-solving attitudes, and effective decision-making. By inspiring team members and building true relationships with stakeholders, customers, service providers, and suppliers, I strive to create a positive and productive work environment.

What are some of the key skills and qualities you possess?

With over 30 years of extensive experience, I have honed my skills in strategic formulation and implementation, business development, operations management, and resource optimisation. I am passionate about the Power Sector -Transformer Industry and possess strong expertise in sourcing and procurement, customer relationship management, demand planning, relationship building, and vendor management. I excel at managing diverse teams, providing leadership, and handling multiple activities within given deadlines. My ability to perform complicated tasks in a simple manner and communicate ideas and conclusions effectively based on analytics sets me apart. Furthermore, I am recognised as a trustworthy and dedicated individual with positive energy, and the ability to multitask.

What are some notable achievements and contributions you have made in your current role?

I have facilitated smooth operations by leading functionally diverse teams. I am innately wired for strategic and tactical thinking, allowing me to formulate and execute corporate strategic plans, and tackle mission-critical challenges. In my role, I have played a key part in managing the process of CRGO Electrical Lamination for Power and Distribution Transformers and Toroidal Cores for LT/HT CTs, contributing to a turnover of Rs.350 crore. I have also been instrumental in identifying and evaluating potential demand, managing key accounts, and implementing effective sales strategies.
















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