Mukesh Tiwari

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Orchestrating Tomorrow's Connectivity

Mukesh Tiwari

Operations Head at Network Business,

Samsung Electronics

There are several who overlook the significance of small beginnings and the value of every task. But Mukesh Kumar Tiwari stands as a testament to the transformative power of embracing these foundational principles. For Mukesh, learning from humble origins and believing that no work is beneath notice has been the cornerstone of his remarkable journey in the technology and innovation space.
His professional journey began amidst a tangle of wires in a product development and manufacturing company nearly 26 years ago. From those early days, he embarked on a journey to gain knowledge and grow, navigating through the intricate layers of the tech industry. He transitioned from the complexities of test engineering to the challenges of network deployment, integrating base stations, and providing technical support as L1 and L2. Each phase brought its own set of hurdles, but Mukesh approached them with unyielding determination and a thirst for innovation.
He witnessed the evolution from 2G to the cutting-edge 5G, cloud, and virtual RAN (vRAN). In an industry where every detail matters, his proactive mindset and acute focus on emerging technologies set him apart. Now, as the Operations Head at Network Business, Samsung Electronics, Mukesh not only manages teams but nurtures them. His leadership style mirrors his foundational belief: every detail matters, and every effort counts. He instills in his colleagues the same philosophy that guided him through his career—a philosophy that every thread, no matter how small, contributes to the brilliance of the whole.
TradeFlock interviewed Mukesh as he exemplifies the spirit of constant evolution, proving that embracing small beginnings and recognising the value in every task can indeed lead to a legacy of innovation and inspiration. 

What are the significant challenges you encounter while managing operations at Samsung India Electronics Limited, and what strategies do you implement to address them?

I faced significant challenges when I first joined Samsung India Electronics Limited a decade ago. Initially, I was the sole member of the operations function, tasked with building everything from scratch—people, processes, and tools. Handling the latest LTE technology and collaborating with one of the world’s largest mobile operators added complexity. I successfully built a team of over 100 engineers, supporting functions like the Jio Project and establishing the Global Services Centre (GSC) in India to manage & support Network Operations for Samsung’s global customers. Implementing data-driven operations, we introduced robotic process automation (RPA) to automate mundane tasks, allowing engineers to focus on technical analysis and innovations. Creating operational tools to enhance efficiency and investing in the right technology and training were essential for achieving operational excellence. Post-pandemic, hiring skilled talent became challenging. I played a crucial role as a change agent, retaining and motivating existing talent while recruiting new experts. Working closely with internal stakeholders and HR, we addressed both the basic needs and professional growth of our team members. I attribute our success in the Samsung Network Business to the guidance and support of industry veterans and mentors within Samsung.

In today’s fast-paced electronics and telecom industry, disruptions are common. How do you proactively prepare your operations for unexpected challenges?

In the fast-paced electronics and telecom industry, disruptions are inevitable. To proactively prepare our operations for unexpected challenges, we heavily rely on automation, robotic tools, and AI to minimise human interventions. Implementing automated, self-driven processes has been pivotal. During the pandemic, our automation tools, remote network access, and welldefined processes enabled us to maintain uninterrupted network operations and ensure a positive customer experience.

What’s your leadership approach and success mantra?

My leadership approach centres on patience, persistence, and clear communication. My success mantra revolves around these principles, along with continuous learning. To succeed, one must stay focused, understand both customers and peers, have faith in your team, provide them with the necessary tools, and trust in their capabilities. Personally, I am a self-motivator and have unwavering belief in my abilities.

Innovation is a driving force in the electronics and telecom industry. How do you foster a culture of innovation and continuous improvement within your operations team?

Fostering a culture of innovation and continuous improvement within my operations team revolves around three key principles: ownership, continuous learning, and group discussions. Encouraging a sense of ownership, facilitating continuous learning through mentor-mentee programmes, and fostering informal discussions allow for innovative ideas to surface. We believe that ideas are not confined to anyone; open discussions lead to innovative solutions. Moreover, providing timely and continuous feedback to the R&D team for development requirements enables swift software development and testing, following the Continuous Improvement and Continuous Development (CICD) approach.

What are your future plans, and where do you see yourself five years down the line?

In the coming five years, my focus will be on sharing my extensive experiences and knowledge with upcoming leaders and organizations. I aspire to contribute by imparting the right set of technologies and processes at the opportune moment, facilitating the accelerated growth of organizations. Leveraging my expertise, I aim to play a pivotal role in fostering growth and innovation within the industry.