Ramesh Choudhary

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From Addiction to Ambition

Ramesh Choudhary

Founder, Surya Electronics


I n the early 2000s, amidst the ordinary lives of his peers, Ramesh Choudhary was silently scripting an extraordinary tale of resilience and determination. A young man who had battled the clutches of addiction in his youth, Ramesh found himself expelled to a hostel, his future hanging in the balance. It was in these testing times that he discovered the power of spirituality and education, propelling him towards a path of transformation.
In 2001, armed with newfound determination and nothing more than a basic education, Ramesh embarked on a daring venture. He founded Surya Electronics, a modest electronics store, with a clear mission in mind: to empower lives and create opportunities. With just two helpers and a humble 200 sq. ft. space, he laid the cornerstone of what would eventually become a flourishing electronics retail chain.
Ramesh’s vision for Surya Electronics was radical yet potent. Unlike conventional businesses driven solely by profit, his mission was to establish a nurturing environment where struggles were replaced by opportunities and lives were transformed. His philosophy was simple: empower his team, instill a sense of ownership, and foster growth. This unique approach sets Surya Electronics apart, elevating it from a mere business endeavour to a beacon of empowerment.
Against all odds and armed with sheer determination, Ramesh planted the seeds of his dream, a venture that would later blossom into a Rs. 300 crore empire employing over 300 people. Today, Surya Electronics stands as a testament to his unwavering spirit and entrepreneurial acumen. In a candid conversation with TradeFlock, Ramesh shared the compelling narrative of his journey—from the depths of addiction to the pinnacle of ambition—and his plans for the future. 

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I grew up in a village immersed in traditional farming, a lifestyle that instilled the values of hard work and resilience in me. However, between ages 9 and 14, I faced a significant challenge in the form of addiction to tobacco and alcohol. In response, my father, deeply concerned, made the decision to send me to a hostel, marking a pivotal moment of change in my life. During my stay in the hostel of a Jain school, I found solace and direction in spirituality. Despite my initial indifference towards education, I gradually embraced the opportunity to learn, ultimately triumphing over my addictions. This personal victory became the driving force behind my mission—to inspire the youth and nurture a responsible and enlightened generation. To further this vision, I established a school in my grandfather’s name, emphasising the transformative power of education.

What inspired the inception of Surya Electronics, and what was your vision for the company?

My vision for Surya Electronics was deeply rooted in my observations while working for small firms. Witnessing the challenges faced mere competition. Emphasising customer satisfaction and loyalty, I consider these platforms as opportunities to enhance our services. Learning from their strategies, we constantly refine our customer service, ensuring it remains unparalleled. Transparency is a fundamental principle for us; we believe that satisfied customers are not just patrons but our most powerful advocates, driving our commitment to excellence.

How do you retain employees and support their growth?

I don’t view employees as mere staff; rather, I inspire them and cultivate loyalty. By encouraging a sense of ownership, I empower them to achieve financial stability and personal growth. My commitment lies in creating wealth for my employees and facilitating lives of ease and prosperity. This approach fosters a profound sense of belonging and dedication within the Surya Electronics family, ensuring not just professional success but personal fulfilment for each team member.

What are the key learnings from your journey for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Commitment and finding joy in your work are paramount. Through my experiences, I’ve realised that embracing an ownership approach and deriving pleasure from your work make it a top priority, inevitably leading to growth. Continuous self-improvement, a selfless dedication to national progress, and a focus on health over wealth are essential principles. Leading by example as a business owner is crucial. By embodying the values you wish to see in your team, you cultivate a committed and dedicated workforce. Remember, success is not just about personal achievement but also about inspiring and empowering others to thrive in their journeys.

What are your future plans for Surya Electronics, considering its significant growth?

Our journey began with a modest 200 sq. ft. shop, and it took 15 years to lay a robust foundation. Currently, we operate 11 stores, and our focus is on steady, gradual by employees, I was inspired to create a workplace where individuals could not only work but thrive. Despite my limited formal education, I embarked on this journey with a singular goal: to empower as many people as possible. I initiated this venture in a modest 200 sq. ft. shop, where I worked closely with two employees, fostering an environment of mutual growth and respect. My approach was unconventional; I encouraged their personal and professional development and instilled in them a profound sense of ownership. This vision became the cornerstone of Surya Electronics, shaping it into more than just a business entity but a platform for transformation and empowerment. Today, it is spread over one lakh sq. ft. of shop floor.

What are your future plans for Surya Electronics, considering its significant growth?

I approach online stores and exclusive brand outlets as avenues for growth rather than expansion. We anticipate 20% annual growth in both our stores and inventory, aiming to broaden our reach nationally and transition from a state-level presence. This strategic expansion plan reflects our commitment to evolving and meeting the diverse needs of our customers on a larger scale.