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Sanjay Jain

Vice President, Manufacturing and Operations,


The ever-evolving landscape of global operations requires finding equilibrium between time-tested wisdom and cuttingedge innovation, which is akin to walking a tightrope. Especially when the operations management landscape has undergone a seismic shift from the predictable days of the 1990s and early 2000s to the dynamic, technology-driven environment of today. Leveraging his three decades of experience, Sanjay Jain, Vice President of Operations at Vertiv, has emerged as a guiding force, adept at navigating the complexities of this evolution.
In the past, operations management focused more on people, materials, and processes. Today, it involves navigating changing technologies, dynamic market demands, Lead Time, and the everevolving Digital Transformation, and integrating artificial intelligence. In this dynamic landscape, Sanjay excels. His journey, starting in the 1990s at Samtel & Mitsubishi Electric in Japan, spans seamlessly across roles in Quality, International marketing, and transformative digital projects. His strategic brilliance at LG and Emerson led to the establishment of robust Pan India Systems, export channels, cost-saving initiatives, and transformative projects, harmonising his extensive experience with emerging technologies, ensuring seamless implementations.
At Vertiv, Sanjay meticulously analyses data, working on Predictive analysis, lead times, costs, and advanced engineering to align operations with modern demands and ensure customer satisfaction. His leadership emphasises not just technical aspects but also the human factor. He encourages continuous learning, adaptation, and embracing innovations like AI. In Vertiv’s boardrooms, he stands as a bridge between the industry’s past and its future. Operations now involves managing technologies, volatile and Demanding Market, Fast decision Making through data and real time analytics, demanding a positive mindset and adaptability. Sanjay’s approach, guiding his team to embrace modern techniques and technologies, ensures operations align closely with new paradigms. Under his leadership, Vertiv thrives, showcasing the power of experience, innovation, and unwavering determination in the ever-evolving world of operations management to deliver Value and Satisfaction to Customer
TradeFlock interviewed Sanjay to understand more about his journey and professional philosophy. 

How do you handle the changing operational style?

In the dynamic landscape of operations, adaptability and swift decision-making driven by data are the linchpins of success. I promote a culture of continuous learning, trust, and innovation to ensure individuals and Teams take decisions at their own levels for faster resolution and speed. Encouraging risk-taking and an entrepreneurial spirit, I offer unwavering support even in the face of mistakes. Empowering my team is crucial; they confidently make complex decisions, knowing support is readily available. Embracing change defines our industry’s future, and fostering this adaptability is central to our success.

What are the key challenges and opportunities in the electrical and electronics industry in the next 5-10 years, and how do you plan to prepare for them?

The electrical and electronics manufacturing sector anticipates transformative shifts driven by AI technology and the demand for speed. Organizations are flattening hierarchies, leveraging operational data, and fostering datadriven decision-making. Training initiatives focus on enhancing skills and optimizing manufacturing processes, supported by the Vertiv Operating System (VOS), integrating automated systems and AI tools. Emphasizing sustainability and social responsibility, companies align operations with evolving consumer demands, addressing sourcing, production, packaging, and delivery concerns. Dedicated teams and regular training sessions underscore the industry’s commitment to responsible practices.

How do you ensure a safe working environment, particularly in industries prone to electrical hazards?

Safety is paramount in our operations. We adhere to rigorous global standards and actively involve employees in safety circles and plant committees for continuous monitoring. A significant portion of our annual budget is allocated to environmental, health, and safety (EHS) initiatives. We provide thorough safety training to all employees and enforce 100% Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) compliance. Regular safety audits and risk assessments are conducted, focusing on proactive measures and the swift closure of corrective actions. Employee efforts in maintaining a safe workplace are recognised through reward programmes, ensuring a secure work environment.

How do you mitigate supply chain risks in the global electronics industry, especially during the chip crisis?

Supply chain disruptions, notably during the pandemic, prompted innovative solutions. Oxygen shortages led us to adopt induction brazing technology, reducing dependency. Diversifying supply chains became crucial, enhancing adaptability and operational resilience. To mitigate risks in our supply chain, we’ve taken strategic initiatives. We work closely with our partners, enhancing visibility for long-term planning and implementing capacity reservation agreements for commodities facing supply constraints. Significant investments in advanced tools enable us to simulate and anticipate constraints, empowering our teams to respond effectively and proactively address challenges.

How do you see operations evolving in response to market demands and technological advancements in our company?

Enterprises will expect their supply chains to execute in near real time accurate and consistent decisions to deal with the increasingly volatile and fast-evolving nature of the markets. For this to happen, access to real-time data for analysis and decision making, and the capabilities to perform that analysis immediately, are imperative. Supply Chains will need to be agile, resilient with a passion for Continuous Improvement all backed by data driven Techniques and using digital tools like AI. In response to evolving market demands and technological advancements, our operations are adapting rapidly. Automation, AI tools, and cloud-based systems are driving transformative changes. Operations managers must develop digital literacy to effectively utilise data analysis, automation, and AI platforms. These skills are crucial in ensuring efficient operations amidst technological advancements.

Advice for aspiring leaders in the electrical and electronics industry?

My advice is unequivocal: commit to continuous learning, Improvement, trustbuilding, and fostering innovation. Embrace speed in decision-making, speed in execution, take risks, and adapt to change. These traits distinguish leaders and ensure enduring success.
















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