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The Visionary Behind Tessolve Semiconductor

Veerapan VV

Co Founder and President,


I ndia’s burgeoning presence in the global semiconductor industry owes much of its success to visionary leaders like Veerappan VV. Back in 2003, India’s semiconductor industry was in its nascent stages, with only a handful of semiconductor test engineers. The concept of a physical chip test company was virtually non-existent. This is when Veerappan’s semiconductor journey began, when he recognised the critical gap in the semiconductor landscape and understood that India held immense untapped potential. Veerappan, a visionary leader with over three decades of rich industry experience, foresaw the tremendous potential that lay ahead. It was this forward-thinking perspective that led him to co-found Tessolve Semiconductor along with Srini Chinamilli. Today, the company not only contributes to India’s burgeoning semiconductor prominence but also redefines industry standards.
Under Veerappan’s visionary leadership, Tessolve rapidly became a symbol of innovation and excellence. The company’s groundbreaking training programme, a testament to Veerappan’s insight, revolutionised the industry. This unique initiative empowered aspiring engineers to become semiconductor test experts within an astonishingly short period of six months. This innovation not only addressed a critical skills gap but also positioned Tessolve as an industry leader, setting the standards for excellence.
Prior to Tessolve, Veerappan cultivated his expertise and passion for the semiconductor industry during his tenure at Sterling Electronics. He further honed his skills as a territory manager at DCM Data Products, gaining valuable insights into nationwide sales and customer support operations. His journey towards excellence continued as he ventured into Wipro Technologies, where he managed nationwide sales and customer support operations. This experience broadened his horizons and deepened his commitment to the industry.
Veerappan’s illustrious career reached new heights when he assumed the role of GM of Operations at Motorola, overseeing a wide spectrum of critical functions, including MIS, facilities, HR, administration, PR, systems, and commercial operations. Veerappan also played a pivotal role at BPL Telecom, where he served as the Head of Operations and Business Development.
TradeFlock delved deeper into a conversation with Veerappan to understand how he emerged as a leader in the industry. 

What are the current challenges in the semiconductor field, and how do you address them?

In the semiconductor industry, we face notable challenges. One of the prominent challenges is the scarcity of skilled talent and retaining it amidst fierce competition. We prioritise employee motivation and engagement, resulting in consistently low attrition rates and a thriving work environment. Secondly, ensuring customer satisfaction is paramount due to the industry’s tight-knit nature. Hence, we’re dedicated to keeping all our clients happy and safeguarding our reputation. Last but not least, the everevolving technology landscape and the trend towards miniaturisation pose ongoing challenges. To stay ahead, we invest in training and cutting-edge equipment, ensuring we remain industry leaders.

How does Tessolve embrace technology in its operations and stay ahead of technological advancements?

Tessolve’s approach involves a dedicated training division to continuously update our engineers with the latest technology. Additionally, we make substantial investments in capital assets, particularly for physical chip testing, which cannot be replicated virtually. This unwavering commitment to technology and cutting-edge equipment ensures that we consistently lead the way in semiconductor testing capabilities.

Can you share instances of your mentorship and knowledge sharing efforts in supporting others' professional growth?

I co-founded the India Semiconductor Association (now IESA) in 2004, where I served as the founding treasurer. This platform has facilitated industry-wide growth. We’ve also partnered with universities and colleges to provide specialised semiconductor training programmes to students. Moreover, our support for startup companies through initiatives like startup hubs demonstrates our commitment to fostering growth within the Indian semiconductor industry.

What crucial lessons have you learned from your entrepreneurial journey, and what advice would you offer to aspiring entrepreneurs, especially in the semiconductor sector?

One pivotal lesson is the importance of resilience. In a challenging and novel industry, persistence is paramount; it took us seven years to turn profitable. Staying unwaveringly focused on your core objectives is critical, and sustaining a startup is just as vital as launching it. For aspiring entrepreneurs in the semiconductor field, I recommend being prepared for a substantial journey, maintaining relentless focus, and cultivating a robust support network within the industry and through affiliations like the India Electronics and Semiconductor Association (IESA).

What's your vision for India's semiconductor industry's future, given the entry of giants like Reliance, and how is Tessolve adapting?

India’s semiconductor industry looks promising, supported by government initiatives. While India excels in semiconductor design, there’s a push to establish fabrication (fabs) and testing facilities domestically. Tessolve Semiconductor is gearing up by exploring small-volume production opportunities and enhancing our embedded services division. We’re also open to strategic acquisitions to broaden our capabilities in line with industry advancements.

In an industry rife with mergers and acquisitions, what's next for Tessolve?

We’re actively expanding into embedded services and PCB layout through strategic acquisitions, all while maintaining our steadfast commitment to growth and adaptability. This is a promising era for India’s semiconductor industry, and we eagerly invite collaboration and investment from established leaders and startups alike. Together, we can propel the industry to new heights.
















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